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Thoughts and Opinions on my team please.

Started by Turboturtle22 June 30th, 2019 12:51 AM
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Posted June 30th, 2019
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First time play through of Ultra Moon. My buddy and I always do opposite versions of the same generation and battle throughout the play through to see who had better team. So I’d like opinions on PVP focused team, not necessarily the gameclear aspect.

Current team is going to be:
- Primarina
- Charizard
- Tyranitar
- Magnezone
- Zoroark
- Sylveon

I recently obtained a Beldum and I know how strong Metagross is due to using him repeatedly in Alpha Sapphire. I’m just not sure who I should replace. Was thinking of benching Primarina. Sylveon covers the fairy part and I don’t see water being very useful. If I run into fire problem I’ll have tyranitar. Thoughts and opinions please? Also taking any change suggestions as I’m new to this generation of Pokémon.


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To be honest, if you box Primarina, you'll leave yourself defenseless against Ground types. Replace Zoroark or Sylveon instead. If you really don't want a Water type, go for a Grass type instead. How about Lurantis, Tsareena, or Dhelmise? If you're gonna box both Primarina and Sylveon, Shiinotic is also an option.
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if you're deciding between boxing primarina and sylveon, i say box sylveon. you're going to get better overall coverage with primarina than what sylveon can give you. plus like feraligatrmaster said, you're leaving yourself very open to ground. charizard obviously resists ground, but a lot of ground types will come packing with rock moves too so that still leaves charizard vulnerable for that. i would suggest boxing sylveon and getting something else to resist ground and fighting, since half the team is also weak to that (two of which by x4). dhelmise makes an excellent option -- grass to keep the ground types at bay and ghost to straight up resist fighting pokemon and give you a better option there in case primarina isn't available. or if you don't mind more starters on your team, could always go the decidueye route. same typing and probably less of a pain to try to catch, cause dhelmise is kinda weird/rare iirc. rowlet isn't a hard find off the gts if you just breed a popplio and put it up for a rowlet.
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