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Crystal Pokemon Pyrite Page 13

Started by Crystal_ June 21st, 2015 1:08 PM
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Posted July 1st, 2018
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On that note, are there going to be any more updates?
There haven't been updates in the last couple of years and there won't be in the future, sorry. This hack has been complete for a while, as I'm not willing to dedicate more time and effort to it. As far as I'm aware, there are no known gamebreaking bugs that would need fixing either.

This took years to make back in the day, so I hope a lot of people that have played it had fun doing so and enjoyed the challenge. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I've received in this thread and in other places.

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After having clocked in roughly 80+ hours into this ROM Hack, I must say that this really exceeded my expectations. I've been a major sucker for Crystal version based ROM Hacks, and Pyrite definitely takes the cake (and the cream, lmao)
The amount of thought that went into the selection of wild Pokemon in each route, Grass patch, water body really had me rooted because if there was anything in a ROM Hack that dissuaded me from even progressing, it would have to be the limited selection of Pokemon available throughout the dang game.
The game honestly felt like the revamp or the "Third" version that original crystal; should have been. If anything, the game reminded me of the Key system that Black and White 2 had for the player to select difficulties., except it was taken to a whole new level in this hacks. While far more advanced crystal hacks using the Crystal disassembly are out, this hack holds a special place because of how it uses the charm of the original crystal without overdoing much. Thank you so much for contributing to the ROM hacking community.
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Posted September 14th, 2018
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Definitely my favorite Crystal hack so far. Btw, I noticed there's a "Fast version" of the romhack but is outdated, why? I already did some progress on that version, and I downloaded the last version from this post, but is really frustrating to lack from running, instant text and that :(
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Posted August 16th, 2019
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Hi, the hack looks great, but I can't get past route 31. There are two trees blocking my path were there shoudn't be any (south of the guy next to a berry tree).
Is this intentional or a bug? Did I miss an event or something? Please help :0
(if this can't be fixed, is there a cheat code for walking through walls? Don't wanna redo everything)


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Posted September 19th, 2019
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This seems like an interesting hack. I'll give it a try at some point soon! :) The fact you can't actually leave the gym until you've beaten it or blacked out is a bit discomfiting, though, I will admit...
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I know you don’t look at this but it seems you forgot to edit the Pokémon of one of those fisherman on that bridge early in the game where like all those fisherman have magikarps and an occasional goldeen. One of them, facing south, just has a bunch of low level magikarps. Just seemed unintentional; maybe not

ALSO IS DUNSPARCE STILL IN DARK CAVE? In the original it only has a 1% appearance rate. I saw you added Abra & Machop in there. So I’m afraid you messed with Dunsparce

Just went through 200+ encounters in there. Of course that’s not irrefutable proof that Dunsparce isn’t in the Violet City side of Dark Cave, but it would be oh so frustratingly ironic if you forgot about the most forgettable Pokémon. You said the Pokédex can be completed. Has anyone ever confirmed that? I imagine you had Pokémon like Celebi in mind when you said that

Is the shiny encounter rate way higher than in the originals? I ran into 2 shinies within a couple hours, which is statistically practically impossible

EDIT: Ran into a 3rd shiny the next day. I also caught a Dunsparce! So yeah, it still appears in the Dark Cave...I ran into one by chance as a kid on my 1st or 2nd encounter after walking in, which I now realize is a near-miracle
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