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Story Event: Reach for the Top is LIVE!

Started by Dragon September 3rd, 2019 2:50 AM
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Blue’s story event is now live! You can earn vouchers to exchange for some items, as well as a good number of gems for completing the missions! You can also pull for Blue in his Sync Pair Scout. I wish you all luck on this! How are you guys enjoying things?


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Haven't pulled Blue in the few scouts I've done so far, no surprise. Wish the event battles wouldn't force you into a premade team though, but I guess it would be too easy otherwise (and it's already easy bar the last battle, which I lost on my first and currently only attempt lol).

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haven't pulled Blue but I did pull Karen, so all in all it's not bad for me so far. :o crossing my fingers to get Blue eventually!


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I thought the event was ok, but in other communities I look at, the event has not been received very well at all. I think a lot of players are upset with the way the game is handled, even prior to Blue's event. I hope things turn around, since I had hoped Blue's event would have been many great things to come for the game. It might be hard to understand what I'm saying unless you've tried the Co-Op battles encountered well beyond the end of the main story.
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