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Me vs The World

Started by Ice May 29th, 2015 2:24 AM
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I love a good mix of both.
I think it does depend on the character though.
Some one like Achilles would be more inclined to stick to what he's familiar with, while Lorenzo does what he needs to do to get what he wants, nothing more, nothing less.
I'm hoping to have him interact with quite a few PCs

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You can't exactly but a binary answer system to this, I mean Anima plays out the story of his killing spree. But still he's in JPs, who'd of thunk it, of killing/torturing. My characters aren't really... sociable? The NPC I create are either made to react a particular way, this probably stems from my experience of writing fiction. In relation to using other people's NPCs I think it is interesting in theory, but I am kinda protective over certain aspects of characters, mainly because I'm planning leaps and bounds ahead of their current posistion. I assume that the other person has plans with it as well. All in all I actually don't get much chance to interact with other's NPCs.

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I like to include a mix when I RP. It's fun to develop a personal story for your characters but interactivity is also a pretty key aspect of what we do here. So it is also nice to have your character relate to the whole story in a way as well.



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It's not really a choice for me. Oftentimes I'll create NPCs that will evolve into PCs or legitimate side character and ultimately create this world that rarely mingles with others...unintentionally. SAO: Sanctuary is a great example of this, where we have two characters that were introduced as NPCs but eventually turned into full characters with large posts all their own. I love 'em, but it's the sign of a problem.

I realize this, though, and I try to go out of my to interact with others when this pops up or when my character's spending too much time alone or on their own plot. That said, I'd definitely have to say I'm in the former camp, for better or for worse.
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I do try and have a balance of both. I like my NPCs and . . . well I like my NPCs. Ask around. It's true. It happens. Shh. But I also do JPs to have my character interact with others whenever I can. Honestly, I don't post frequently enough anymore to have an established pattern, but I think it's a decent mix for me, though many of my current posts are joint posts.
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Posted July 18th, 2019
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It depends on how big the world is and my characters' occupations. In gunpowder I've JP'd about half of my posts there with Fox because it's not the biggest place and there's not a ton to do plus I've gotten all wrapped up in a couple of storylines involving the trio.

In Venice I see the Benedevici twins being more of a solo operation with mini jps within that don't really require to announce that its a jp.

And in Camelot there's probably going to be a lot more NPC interaction over JPs because it's just a lot bigger area to explore.
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