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Hey hey Pokémon brigade it's ya boi xxPokeGod420 and I've got a great idea for a wintery-themed article for the Poké Dank Daily: it's the Top 10 Pokémon That Could Totally be Santa. I know what you're thinking: "xxPokeGod420 come on, we all know that Delibird is really Santa." That's exactly why Delibird will be excluded from this Top 10 List. This list will include 10 Pokémon that could absolutely be Santa for various reasons, including having a giving nature, being one with the cold of the North Pole, and having elite infiltration skills like the Real Saint Nick.

If you think an article in this style would be hella dank, make sure to hit that Like button, comment, subscribe, and share this thread with your friends, family, neighbors, pets, and the person who delivers your mail. Until next time, this is xxPokeGod420 signing out.


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lmaooo cute idea +1
+10 if you write the entire article in the style of this post


This is fine.

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Sure sounds fun and relevant to the season. Go for it!



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Lucario uses his aura powers to see if kids are on the good or bad list etc.

7.8/10 good article idea

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