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So I bought a copy of Leaf Green from a used games store a while back and I did a new game and I got the trainer id 00001, I swear I did not use any cheat or glitch or anything lol, is this even possible or do I have a broken copy? I did a new game to see if i got the same ID but i didnt, (I didnt save over the 00001 id file obviously) I showed my irl friend the other day and he doesnt believe me I didnt cheat aha! If pictures are wanted I can find a way to get them here.


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I'm pretty sure it's possible, just that the chances of getting any particular ID number are very small given the sheer number of combinations.

So I personally would not think that any cheating was involved or that you have a borked cartridge, just that it's a funny stroke of chance that you'd actually get an ID number like that.
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