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What unpopular opinions about the franchise do you have? Page 2

Started by LatchoDives23 March 1st, 2019 10:33 AM
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- The 3rd Generation of Pokemon was the worst in pokemon designs, story line, and game play. Fight me.

- Lucario is so overrated and the time they spent putting him into everything was incredibly boring.

- Z-moves, Ultra Beasts, and Mega Evolutions (even though I do honestly like many of the designs!) should not have happened and I fear will lead to the franchise's further escalation for player "power". Chess doesn't need more power or flare. Chess is chess and it's good as it is. Slamming the pieces down harder or more dramatically does not make your move more important or powerful.

- The anime does not need to be more grown up or adult.

- The Pokemon formula works.

- We do not need an Eevee evolution for every type.

- Pixel art brings charm to the games that 3D models never will.


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  • Gen 5 is best gen in practically every regard, not just its story and characters.
    • For people who don't train Pokémon competitively, BW's postgame is better than Emerald's and Platinum's, because you still have almost half the region to explore (and the Trainers' teams are strong). (Note: this does mean HGSS and B2W2 have the best post-games overall, but I highly doubt that qualifies as an unpopular opinion.)
    • Gen 5 has fantastic graphics even to this day, even considering the battle sprites. Despite 3D models being able to have unique animations when casting attacks, the default poses are almost completely static for most of them, whereas the gen 5 sprites are full of life and personality. Having to zoom in and out on the sprites isn't all that odd.
    • The linearity of Unova works to its advantage because by naturally progressing players forward they don't have to break immersion as frequently with literal roadblocks or nonsensical scenarios. Most of their roadblocks go unnoticed, with the more "notable" one being from B2W2 where the shape of the region was branched out.
    • Being forced to use a Pokémon you may not like to traverse terrain is no better than being forced to put an HM on a team member to traverse terrain. In this sense, gen 5's handling of HMs, in which not a single one is required and can be used without need of any given Badge, is the best in the series, only competing with Let's Go's implementation.
    • Focusing on polishing old mechanics is far more ideal than spending time crafting a new mechanic such as Mega Evolution or Z-Moves only to drop them entirely in the next set of games.
  • You can barely tell that Kanto is "watered-down" in HGSS.
  • In terms of the 3DS games, I think the chibi style of gen 6 is more appealing than the more realistic proportions of gen 7, mainly because gen 7's region felt rather empty visually because of it and the textures on the people were not too appealing.
  • I would consider gen 7 my least favorite gen if it wasn't for gen 1 aging so poorly.
    • Gen 3 is kind of getting there because of all the mechanical improvements put forth by gen 4, but is not completely invalidated by remakes due to Emerald's features not being implemented into ORAS.
  • Lillie is slightly more tolerable and Lusamine a slightly better villain in USUM than in SM.
    • That being said, the handling of Necrozma (narratively; mechanically in terms of Ultra Necrozma are a whole other can of problematic worms) ruined what positive potential USUM had built up.


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When I think a lot of people criticize Gen 7, they tear it apart limb from limb and don't give Game Freak the time of day for what they actually did right, which is actually a lot more than one would think. Granted, these are mostly QoL improvements (actually being recognized as Champion for one, berry growing isn't a pain in the ass anymore?? The Professor is actually more of a challenge than past ones? Shiny hunting isn't too bad, Game Freak went HARD on the Hawaiian theme pretty much everywhere), but really important ones that I think past generations were sorely lacking.

I certainly agree that Game Freak went wrong in some instances, but the implication that they crashed and burned hard here is really misleading.


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Pikachu losing to Snivy is plausible.
level argument doesn't work since it knew leaf tornado. if we even assume levels are in the anime, not to mention the mudkip being kept around and getting stronger as a result back in Hoenn.

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- I dislike Red, overrated character.
- I prefer B/W over B2/W2. (Though Route 19 - Fall in B2/W2 is the best Route Theme, along with Route 10 of B/W)
- Barry is the best rival though.
- My favorite anime series was Diamond & Pearl (I grew up watching it)
- I kind of dislike Mega Evolutions.

- The best generations are 4 and 5.
YES also this 10000%
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- All generations have their flaws but I (kind of) like them all. That being said, Gen 1 and 3 are my favourites by far. Pokémon design wise, straight winners.
Except for the initial design of the Pokémons I always found comparing the games kind of odd.

- I have no connection with the Gen 5 starters whatsoever.

- Don't like the Ultra Beasts concept at all.

- Even though I know why the difficulty is low, I wish it was harder when it comes to the core series. Unrealistic but that's how I feel.

- Whatever Pokémon core game it is, it's never tedious and always adicting.


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>Fairy type is honestly one of the best types in the game. (I know this isn't really that much of an unpopular opinion anymore but there are still people who refuse to go anywhere near Gens 6 or 7 because of the Fairy type.)

>Gen 4 is really hard to enjoy because it's so slow and also??? really hard????? for some reason????????

>The EXP Share becoming a key item that gives all your Pokemon EXP after a battle was really helpful.

That's all I have to say rn
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