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6th Gen Batting Professor Sycamore

Started by Palamon October 29th, 2019 8:35 AM
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Professor Augustine Sycamore is the Kalos Professor. He will, instead of giving you a Kalos starter gives you a Kanto one, and he will challenge you to a Pokémon battle. He is the first professor who you are able to actually battle without exploits and glitches.

That being said, which Kanto starter did you pick, and what did you think of Professor Sycamore and being able to battle him?
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i absolutely detested the idea that pokemon professors are people who stuff themselves in a crummy old office all day and do research. like... i always thought that battling should at the very least be part of that research? and like... i would think that battling other trainers would expand their own perception and worldview and whatnot but nooo apparently that isn't a thing pre-gen 6, so...

anyway yeah i thought the sycamore battle was fun. i chose bulbasaur because it's my fav kanto starter (and in general one of my fav pokemon).
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I feel like because Sycamore and Kukui are younger (and the latter is a hothead), it makes sense that they'd be trainers and enjoy battles. I have played through X several times so I've picked all the starters.
I'm okay with Oak having a past as a trainer but having retired so to speak and professor Elm is a chill dude who doesnt do much in the story. Professor birch is comically unable to fend for himself so it makes sense that he doesn't battle lol. Juniper and the gen 4 one are more unremarkable so I don't think about them much lol
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