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Pokemon Gen 4 Exam

Started by Shatter58 August 14th, 2019 10:39 PM
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Posted August 14th, 2019
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I made a exam to test your knowledge of the Gen 4 games.
All of the answers will be in a white font so you'll only see them if you highlight them and you can check your answers.
If you get 30 or more right you get my worthless seal of coolness and awesomeness. What a reward! ~~~
Put your score if you'd like.

Enjoy. Maybe.

Question 1: Name all of the cities in Sinnoh exluding the Battle Zone areas and the Pokemon League.

Question 2: Name all of the gym leaders in Sinnoh and their type specialization.

Question 3: Who is the leader of Team Galactic? Who are his 3 main commanders?

Question 4: Who is the main scientist in Team Galactic? What did he help make?

Question 5: What is Cyrus' plan for the world?

Question 6: Name all of the current elite four members in Sinnoh.

Question 7: Who do you fight after defeating all of the elite four members in Sinnoh?

Question 8: Where do you first meet Team Galactic and under what circumstances do you meet them?

Question 9: Where do you encounter Team Galactic for the last time pre elite four in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Question 10: What stopped Cyrus' plan in Pokemon Platinum from working?

Question 11: Who do you escort through Eterna Forest and why do they want you to escort them?

Question 12: Where do you get the old rod?

Question 13: Where can you sail to from Canalave City under normal circumstances? Who do you meet there and what do they give you?

Question 14: In which cities does Team Galactic have buildings?

Question 15: What building can't you enter normally in Snowpoint City?

Question 16: What device does Team Galactic test out in the Great Marsh?

Question 17: What does Team Galactic threaten to do in the ruins in Celestic Town?

Question 18: What event causes the earthquake you feel in Canalave Library?

Question 19: Each Galactic Commander was assigned one lake to extract legendary Pokemon from. Who was at which lake? Answer this for all x commanders (However many there are).

Question 20: Where can you catch a Gible?

Question 21: Where do you find Feebas?

Question 22: How do you encounter Cherubi?

Question 23: What Pokemon evolves into Vespiquen?

Question 24: How do you catch a Munchlax? What chance do you have of encountering a Munchlax using that method?

Question 25: Why is Volkner so unenthusiastic when you initially meet him in Sunnyshore City? What does flint tell you when you initially enter Sunnyshore City?

Question 26: Who do you meet at the northern tip of Sunnyshore City and what do they give you?

Question 27: Who arrives to congratulate you after you defeat Cynthia?

Question 28: What 3 Pokemon do you have to chose from at the beginning of the game?

Question 29: What does the parcel your rival's mom gives you contain?

Question 30: How do you encounter Spiritomb? Who has a Spiritomb on their team?

Question 31: What is Cynthia's signature Pokemon?

Question 32: Which gym(s) got remade in Pokemon Platinum?

Question 33: What is the only Pokemon you can encounter in the Solaceon Ruins?

Question 34: How do you get a Porygon? How do you get an Eevee?

Question 35: How do you get a Togekiss in Pokemon Platinum?

Question 1: Eterna, Twinleaf, Jubilife, Canalave, Floarmoa, Eterna, Oreburgh, Hearthome, Solaceon, Celestic, Veilstone, Snowpoint, Pastoria, Sunnyshore

Question 2: Roark - Rock, Gardenia - Grass, Maylene - Fighting, Crasher Wake - Water, Fantina - Ghost, Byron - Steel, Candice - Ice, Volkner - Electric

Question 3: Cyrus. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn.

Question 4: Charon. The red chain.

Question 5: To have Dialga and Palkia make a new world free of spirit only for him.

Question 6: Aaron, Bertha, Flint, Lucian

Question 7: Cynthia

Question 8: Jubilife city, while they're mugging Professor Rowan for research data

Question 9: Spear pillar

Question 10: Giratina interfered and dragged Cyrus into the distortion world.

Question 11: Cheryl. They're afraid to go through alone.

Question 12: To the left of Jubilife City from a fisherman in the route transition building

Question 13: Iron Island. Riley gives you the riolu egg.

Question 14: Eterna and Veilstone

Question 15: The snowpoint temple

Question 16: The galactic bomb

Question 17: Blow up a galactic bomb in them

Question 18: The explosion of a galactic bomb in lake valor

Question 19: Acuity - Jupiter, Valor - Saturn, Verity - Mars

Question 20: Wayward cave, when entering from the enterance under cycling road

Question 21: In the foggy room in mt. coronet on only a select few water tiles which change each day

Question 22: In sweet honey trees.

Question 23: Female combee

Question 24: By sweet honey trees, only a select few. 1 percent

Question 25: He hasn't had any challenging battles and just kept wining becauce the battle were so easy. He tells you to give Volkner a battle so good, it will re ignite his passion for battling.

Question 26: Jasmine, the HM for waterfall

Question 27: Professor Rowan

Question 28: Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup

Question 29: 2 Town maps

Question 30: By talking to 32 people underground and using an odd keystone on the hallowed tower. Cynthia.

Question 31: Garchomp.

Question 32: Eterna (Gardenia's) gym, Veilstone (Maylene's) Gym, Hearthome (Fantina's) Gym

Question 33: Unown

Question 34: A person in veilstone gives it to you. Bebe gives it to you in Hearthome city.

Question 35: Cynthia gives you an egg for togepi in eterna city.


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Hi there, Shatter!

This thread doesn't quite fit into our section, because there is no formula to keep it running beyond answering your set of questions. If you look at existing games you will see that each thread follows a pattern that allows players to post back and forth, which is vital for a game's longevity!

However, you might consider one alternative! You could host an event, similar to Who's That Pokémon, only instead of puzzles, you write up a questionnaire to test players' knowledge of the games! :) Without listing the answers, of course. It could be a weekly thing, where the answers are revealed by a certain date.

Just a thought. ^_^ I'd be happy to discuss it further via PM, if you want! But I'll be closing this thread for now.


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