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Chapter 1: The Mischief Badge

Mahono Town

Mahono Town – an almost idyllic place tucked away from the rest of Kinyo. A soft breeze sifts through the air; you can smell the sea. The town rests on hills wedged between cliffs and mountains, perfect for the small-town life. Many scenic views on top of the hills allow you to catch a glimpse of the dazzling waters of the sea and are often fun just for picnics too. Amaranth plants can also be found throughout the town, giving Mahono its own unique colourful vibe. There used to be a path down to the beach, but it was shut down due to strong currents. Although you can’t go down there, you can often see Wingull flying at the shore.

However, most visitors from other regions don’t come for the scenery. The Mahono Trainer School, Kinyo’s oldest, is a well-regarded academy for aspiring trainers, but in recent years has fallen into decline. Your group is the last set of students at the school – and most of you aren’t even locals. Now, it’s graduation time. The final class ever.

At the ceremony, the region’s professor, Heather Wisteria, has come to give everyone an official Trainer License – essentially a permit for capturing and training Pokémon. Along with your stock standard supplies such as Pokéballs, you get your Pokédex, which, interestingly, is shaped like a small GoPro-like camera. To scan information about a Pokémon, you simply snap a picture of it, and the Pokédex churns out info through a hologram.

In addition, Wisteria gives you the latest invention from Sinnoh’s Pokétch Company: the Holotch. The Holotch is a small communication device shaped like a transparent phone that allows people to contact one another, but also scan an area for a certain Pokémon, increasing the likelihood that it can be found. There are some Pokémon that can only be found through the Holotch. Moreover, it increases the rate of encountering a shiny Pokémon, as well as finding a Pokémon with a Hidden Ability. However, this new technology is rather unreliable, so it can only be used once per area.

Notable People

Professor Wisteria:
While her lab isn’t located in Mahono Town, she’s come for the graduation ceremony. She’s your typical middle-aged woman with straight black hair. Since she’s out of the lab, she’s wearing white trousers and a brown shirt. Personality-wise, she’s quite chatty, but amicable overall. Her field of expertise is how different Pokémon thrive in different environments, particularly the contrast between Pokémon found in nature and those found in urban settings.

A mysterious woman who turned up to the ceremony as well, though normally she can be found wandering around town. She’s a Mahono local but has been away from home for a long time so she's decided to revisit Mahono for now. She has short ash brown hair and has the attire and build of a gymnast. Interestingly, she has a wristband with a symbol of a four-sided star on it. Her personality, unlike Wisteria, is rather serious.

Route 301

A short downhill route winding down from Mahono Town to Nashimity Town that follows the cliff-side. A spectacular view of the sea can be found wherever you are on the route. The route itself is fairly isolated and serene: not even a trainer can be found to battle here. The track is a simple dirt road surrounded by some tall grass. As a result, it’s the perfect way to settle into an adventure!
#1Pidgey2 - 4CommonTall Grass
#4Rattata2 - 4CommonTall Grass
#6Hoppip2 - 4UncommonTall Grass (☀️)
#9Hoothoot2 - 4UncommonTall Grass (🌘)
#11Munchlax2 - 4-Holotch



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Mahono Town
Flame Moore
Finally, Almost out of this stupid school I just have to make it through this graduation ceremony, I realized my aunt didn't show up eh who cares about her any way I need this to be over.

Professor Wisteria said some other boring stuff before giving us our Pokéballs, Pokédex, and a Holotch? What the heck is this than Professor Wisteria started telling the other kids and me here that it can attract pokemon with rare and unique abilities, features and pokemon that you generally can't find she also says its somewhat unreliable since it can only be used once per area.

After she was done, I started leaving the town and went into route 301 the other kids were still listening to Professor Wisteria perfect If I begin my journey first then I'll have a head start which means I'll always be better then the rest.

A mysterious lady came up to me and told me, "Hey kid; you better be careful your torchic is looking rough" what is she talking about... now that I take a closer look at Inflame he does look pretty rough I decided I'll give him lemonade that should help him Inflame moved around happily before drinking it after that the lady just disappeared "Huh weird where did she go."

Well time to see what this Holotch does I turned it on, and it just showed me what the area looked like how is this going to help me catch active pokemon I closed the Holotch and put it in my bag then went looking for my first pokemon.

"TORCHIC" what the heck did Inflame already get into a fight ugh fine I guess this is going to be the first pokemon that I catch.
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Guillo's P.O.V: Finally, after many years of studying and hard work, I had FINALLY graduated from The Mahono Town Trainer School and was able to begin my Pokemon adventure! I woke up in my bed, questioned for a second where my Charizard blanket was, only to realize that I had put it in my Trainers bag and slept without anything kind of blanket whatsoever last night. I silently laughed at my stupidity and woke up my Pichu, named Volts, who was silently sleeping in a old slipper that to this day, I still don't know how he's able to fit into, but who cares. I changed into my stylish Shiny Gyarados shirt, brushed my teeh, combed my hair, put on my signature sunglasses, ate breakfast, grabbed my bags and ran off to the academy, my Pichu barely able to catch up to my sheer speed.

I kicked open the doors to the school and went into Class 1, got into my graduation uniform and went backstage. Of course, the principal went on about how our class is the last class ever and they hope that we would become respectable Pokémon trainers, meanwhile I was talking to my friends, playing with my Pichu, listening to Tide Goes Out and looking out into the distance, seeing my adoptive parents, aunt, uncle and brother, not caring all too much about what Professor Wisteria is talking about. But eventually, after many hours, we finally get to go on stage and get our license, Pokeballs, Pokedex and some weird thing called a Holotch. After a few more rambles from Wisteria, the ceremony was over. We took off our graduation outfits, said our goodbyes to our relatives and left off.

I went into Route 301, enjoying the scenery when, all of a sudden, a wild Rattata popped out of nowhere! I scanned it, used one Thunder Shock at it, bringing it down to red health and threw a Pokeball. It shook a few times and I caught it. I had did it. I had finally caught my first wild Pokemon. I looked down, picked up to the Pokeball, high fived my Pichu and went on happily.
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