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Showcase (Accepting) Taking on Art Requests

Started by AceTrainerGecx February 13th, 2019 10:36 PM
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Hey Community, recently i've hit a wall with my drawing as i'm not sure what to draw, Because of such, I've decided that I want to try and take on Drawing Requests, drop a request down below if your interested you can see my artwork here if your not sure:
A.K.A BlackCatOfMisfortune, Project Director for Pokemon Labyrinth.
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Wooo, coolio! Checked your DA and your art is pretty cool :D.
Would you be so kind as to draw one of my OCs?

Unfortunately, I haven't name her yet. Thinking about her name still hah. If you want to draw her with a Pokemon, I think she'd probably go well with a Chingling, holding it in her arms. Mmm now thinking about it, she'd probably also have a Dedenne and Heliolisk, gotta think more about her character, she's been a bit left out hah. Anyways, thanks for the opportunity! And I hope you have fun drawing her :D.
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