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The gods are fighting -- where is the carnage?

The pitch
I have grand plans, but only some of the skills and a bad case of writer's block. I'm not seeking anyone for a permanent "position," I'm not on any kind of a schedule, any contribution you'd like to make no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. This is a hobby, not a job.

In the Talak region (pictured in the screenshots section), your ten year old protagonist is concerned only with the League championship even as the world is crumbling around him, or so he is told, because of the sudden clash between the Fire God (Moltres) and Ice God (Articuno), who previously had kept the seasons in check. The player may fight his way through the League ranks, but even the League may soon collapse because of the war.
The gods' respective cult leaders have been replaced by Zoroark, who has turned the cults against each other so he can rule by fear and confusion.

Elements and characters
This hack, as I recall, is based on the FireRed 1040 ROM base. All Pokémon through gen 7 are included as well as a number of later moves. While megas are included, I don't intend to use them.

I expect to include some old, dead, long forgotten memes, from the old days of Unregistered Hypercam 2. I'm not sure how I'll work him in, but the Scatman is planned.

What needs done
As I say, any contribution you'd like to make would be wonderful. My expertise is in music hacking (I've gotten a number of tracks picked out, converted, and ready to go), and while I'm intimately familiar with A-Map and hex editing, and half competent at scripting, I'm not particularly creative, so I'd love a mapper anyway and some more story details.

As of right now (subject to improve), I've got a hometown mapped out complete with music and Mr. Incredible (pictured), as well as the second city containing an NPC who lives in a mud hut, and about a third of Route 1. I've got music selected for Route 3 as well, and several battle themes, but only the hometown music (Sycamore's theme from X/Y) has been added to the ROM. All but two cities still don't even have names.

How can I help? What's in it for me?
I've set up a Discord here. It'll basically serve as a repository for maps, sprites, etc., which either I will add to the ROM, or you will and post the IPS to the server.

Any help, small or great, will earn you a spot in the credits, which'll be in the game.

Screenshots (to prove I'm not full of it)

Talak region

Technology is incredible!

Well...he's supposed to say you can't tell him how to live, but I guess he's broken.