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Hello Everybody!!!

Started by Garchimp1 of TwoPieRadian October 27th, 2019 7:16 AM
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Posted October 27th, 2019
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Hey Everyone! My name is Garchimp!!! My friend recommended me to this website to get to see the latest Pokemon Fan Games/Rom Hacks! I am a Streamer on Twitch in a group channel so I heard this was the best place to get to find the latest and greatest to stream! It will be a pleasure to get to know everybody on this website!!!! I am also SUPER excited for Sword/Shield. I will be getting playing through Sword first, as Sirfetched has won my heart over and will most likely be catching for my Sword Team. My favorite Gen would probably have to be Gen 4 because it features my favorite Pokemon in it!!!!! We are close to the arrival of Gen 8 that I am super excited!! If you guys have anymore questions about my Pokemon likes feel free to ask me! Glad to be here with you all!



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Posted October 31st, 2019
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Hey Garchimp, welcome to PokeCommunity! Are Fan Games and ROM hacks your thing? Do you have a favorite out of the ones you've played?

Taking a guess, but is your favorite Pokemon Garchomp?


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yas we certainly do have a lot of good fangames. Not just ROM hacks, there are others made with programs like RPG Maker too. Hope you will like those! Welcome Garchimp. \o/


Laverre City
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Posted 2 Hours Ago
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Hi there Garchomp! Sorry for such a delayed welcome! Did you end up getting your copy of Sword yet? How do you like it so far? :)

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