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Atomic Undead
Notice: This RP is rated T, enter at your own risk.

Years before this all happened (year 2225 to be exact), United States went to war with other countries. No country intended on using a nuke, but it was a mistake. One of the countries accidently hit the nuke button, atomic bombs racing through the skies and hitting in the United States. Filling the country with toxic gas, many forced to live underground. Sadly most couldn’t, and now live as an undead creature.
It is the year 2500, and the United States has been nuked. No one knows from what country because the U.S. is unlivable now. Except for a little town called Rejuvination, which was formally named as Washington D.C. The town looks completely different, half of it is clean of the undead, while other half has them swarming all over. There is a gate that is surrounding the town. Not many people are there. For the all the people who died from the atomic bomb, they started rising from the dead. Started attacking people, infecting them and turning them into zombies. Power still exists, but sadly not forever. Zombies will evolve and get worse. The atomic blast has turned people into half animal humans and other species, along with giving them powers.

Current Times:
Rejuvination use to be this great place, called that because they thought it was a place where humanity can come back to normal. Sadly that didn’t work out. They thought the wall could hold, it didn’t. Hordes of zombies broke in, killed many people. Now the leader is having a hard time staying alive. They rebuilt the wall, but they wonder how long it will last. They do have hopes, hopes of humanity rising over these undead, unnatural creatures. This place needs a new leader, new people to join. That is where you come in. Due to the chemicals of the nuke, the gas, what is left in the air. Caused people to mutate. People having extra limbs, new body parts, and many other things..

1. PC rules do apply
2. This is rated T, come on with the gore! (just kidding, some is alright, but don’t go too far with it)
3. Don’t be too rude in the rp, i don’t mind snobby survivors but if you try and be rude 24/7 it won’t end well
4. Have a post that’s at least 2 sentences long, this RP is laid back but we want something to go with not like "woah" or "you wont get me!" Add something to make it better, and if its bad or too short we will let you know and you can edit. (note, I added this rule because I know 100 words is insterestingly difficult for some folks, like me. I figured 2 sentences are the best, but don't make those two sentences short)
5. No OP characters, which includes no invincible characters, and if they should have died but didn’t, they will die.
6. Most importantly, have fun!

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Weapon(s) (if applicable):
Species (that does mean you can be hybrids or something other than human, certain creatures will be denied. I have no idea what they all are yet but if you submit one I will let you know):
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