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Hi, I'm new here.

My name is Joshua, I'm 16 and I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I created this account because I'm very interested in rom hacking and I kindly, wanted you guys to help me out in my first ever rom hack, Pokemon DPS Edition, which I just uploaded (If you cannot find it, I believe it is in the moderation queue but there is no need to worry as it will be uploaded really soon). I would really appreciate if you can help me with the Professor's intro as it is sort of glitchy. I would be very really happy if you will cooperate and help me in developing this hack, since our leader stated that if we cannot fix the Professor's intro by Thursday 7th November, he might cancel this project. So, hopefully we might expect your help in fixing this intro amidst a few other stuff such as start screen and a new Professor Birch's sprite. I believe it will be fun!

Soaring Sid


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Hi Joshua, welcome to the community :) You can post your queries in the ROM Hacking Help forum. Not everyone here is a ROM hacker, so you might want to post this in the place where you'll get a Helping Hand.

All the best for the ROM hack of yours, by the way!

<~Trent (from this place) says the Wigglytuff circus above leads you to a nuzlockle run and credits Haychel for the avatar!
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Hi Joshua, and welcome to the PokéCommunity !
I can't help you with your ROM hack but I wish you to find someone who can.
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