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    I have a gameboy color and am Im playing the Pikachu special edition
    Is there a way to evolve Kadabra without trading?
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    Unfortunately, no there isn't, another generation 1 game is required to obtain Alakazam. Have you considered getting another Psychic type? Perhaps Exeggutor or Mr.Mime? Kadabra is also pretty powerful on its own, with its solid 120 special & 100 speed.
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      I know that it's possible to bypass the need for evolution stones, but I don't know if a similar exploit exists for trade evolutions...
      There doesn't seem to be one currently, but you never do know with Gen I, hehe~
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        As far as I know, the answer is "no"...I can't remember which of the original 4 trade evolutions is available in an in-game trade in Yellow...
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          You can acquire an Alakazam via the Ditto Glitch but in terms of evolving a Kadabra into one, unfortunately you need another Gameboy with a Red/Blue/Yellow cartridge.

          To acquire Alakazam in Yellow via Ditto Glitch, be sure to have Fly, Dig and/or Teleport at your disposal and do the following steps.

          1) Find a "Glitch" Trainer. A Glitch Trainer is someone who activates from 4 steps away, meaning as soon as he comes into viewing range, they activate. The key is to press start to open the menu prior to the Trainer yielding "!" and initiating a Trainer battle. You will want to Fly or Teleport away. Fly is best because you can choose where to go and afterwards the menu will be unavailable so its best to go to a place where you can battle another trainer.

          2) Find a Trainer you haven't battled yet and then battle them by having them see you and having to walk at least 1 space to fight you. Defeat the trainer however you see fit.

          3) Fly to Cinnabar Island and go into the Basement. From there you will want to run into a Ditto. Withdraw or defeat all other Wild Pokemon until you do. When you do run into a Ditto, switch in a Pokemon who has a Special Stat of 149. Ditto will then transform and take on the stats of the Pokemon in question(notably the special stat of 149). Run from the battle after it transforms.

          4) Dig/Teleport out of the Mansion and proceed back to the area where you met the Trainer in Step 1. Upon doing so the menu will open automatically(this is good). Press B to initiate the battle against a level 7 Alakazam. Forget what moves it knows but it does know Teleport so be sure to have a Pokemon ready that can put it to sleep to prevent it from getting away.

          The downside to a Ditto Glitch Alakazam is that it wont have the moveset that one would have if evolved from Kadabra. However, this is the only way people with just 1 game can complete the Pokedex without the use of a second Gameboy.
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            Originally Posted by amoverelculo View Post
            I have a gameboy color and am Im playing the Pikachu special edition
            Is there a way to evolve Kadabra without trading?
            Only in the japanese Blue you get a Alakazam for a Graveler, or something


            Oh it's actually the other side around
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              i think you cannot
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                You can use the Mew Glitch as soon as you get to Cerulean City. Just instead of getting Mew, I'm pretty sure you can use it to get whatever Pokmon you want. In this case, Alakazam.
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                  What I do is I when I’m at my friends I trade it to them then when it’s evolved they trade it back to me. Make sure it’s one of your best friends that you trust tho, or they may not give it back. Make sure they also have no reason to get even with you.
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                    Originally Posted by amoverelculo View Post
                    I have a gameboy color and am I’m playing the Pikachu special edition
                    Is there a way to evolve Kadabra without trading?
                    I'm afraid there isn't.

                    However, Alakazam is not the only useful Psychic type in the game. There are other Psychic types with a lot of use like Exeggutor, who's a lot slower, but has a Special Attack on par with Alakazam and Hypno, who is way better than Alakazam defensively.
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                    Another alternative Psychic-type is Starmie, which evolves from Staryu with a Water Stone. It's as fast as Alakazam and gets good coverage from TM moves alone.
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                      Starmie is an awesome alternative - I've used one in both RBY and FR/LG because it has such a good amount of TM coverage. I believe the last time I used one in FR/LG the moveset it had was:
                      - Psychic
                      - Thunderbolt/Recover (Can't remember which)
                      - Ice Beam
                      - Water Pulse
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                        What do you mean? Like there's no other way to evolve Kadabra without trading but I wish that does happen though.
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                          Unfortunately you can't get Alakazam without trading. However, there are a lot of good Psychic types to use: Mr.Mime, Hypno(really nice special stat), Starmie, Slowbro(Psychic, Surf, Ice Beam and Amnesia, watch it destroy everything) and even Kadabra himself is amazing! I always use Kadabra in Crystal and Psychic+Elemental Punches is a really diverse and powerful moveset
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