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super 3ds introductory cartridge on nintendo switch is possible

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Old July 20th, 2018 (3:15 PM).
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    Do you think that it is possible to switch super 3ds?
    I understand that we have a device called super gameboy in which we could put gameboy games in a special cartridge and then put on the super nintendo, which I would be very good idea or very bad idea that the Nintendo removed a special cartridge or special USB device that will connect to the Nintendo switch to play some Nintendo 3ds games and nds compatible with the nintendo switch or maybe all 3ds games and nds retrocompatible with the switch. In addition to the retro compatibility with 3ds and nds on the switch have some functions like graphics improvement, put play through the game the special cartridge putting things like resizing the 2 screens of the nds games and some of 3ds for things of lag , fps, graphics, etc. as what happens with nds emulators in windows, to be able to say the graphic quality, some method in pokemon games to transfer pokemon from pokemon diamond to ultra-sun and ultra-moon to pokemon games of nintendo switch. Use the ability of that cartridge to detect r4 or hacked content from a 3ds, anti-piracy methods, put playing 3ds online games on switch using that special cartridge in which you would put 3ds cartridges.
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    Old July 20th, 2018 (9:01 PM).
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    Possible, but unlikely? I mean, for one thing the 3DS is still going and despite all the naysaying and rattataing people have done about this - unnecessarily, might I add - it looks as though Nintendo is actually going to keep its word for a change and support it alongside the Switch, so rendering it obsolete by releasing something like that is counterproductive.

    Then there's the way it would actually work...I mean, it'd have to be either exclusively undocked or limited in capabilities, because the 3DS requires two screens and one of them needs to be a touch screen. The only way you'll get that from the Switch is if you play it vertically and have it split in half, or have it miserably split horizontally with barely any space to see what you're doing.

    So yeah. Nah. Don't count on this happening anytime soon. Seems about as likely as the Virtual Console at this point.
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    Old July 21st, 2018 (5:12 AM).
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      There would be no reason to. Because anyone with a switch most likely already has a 3ds, and therefore wouldn't be needed. are you one of the few? or do you just want your mons in the switch games.
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