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Started by POKEDEXED August 12th, 2019 9:08 AM
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Posted August 12th, 2019
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Hi guys, I'm a new (old) pokemon player. Loved it ever since I was born (released the same year!) my mum even got me a Pikachu teddy before I was even in this world hahaha. So yeah serious guy out here!

Does anyone know the best place to buy legitimate packs and boxes online? A site that you're sure doesn't weigh or remap single boosters. I brought 8 Sun&Moon Base Card packs off Amazon (I already know what you're thinking) and yes threw all the cards away as I got repacks and I'm 65% sure the cards were fake! So I need a reliable, trusted place I'm sure you guys have a place you regularly go to that you trust! [Currently use TotalCards & ChaosCards]

Also, looking for people to add on GO and TCG Online, hmu!
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Posted August 12th, 2019
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Hi and Welcome!

Myself I buy all my Booster boxes from, at least that have worked out for me so far! :)
Just buy from people that have excellent and many ratings!
My newly started Pokemon TCG Opening channel on Youtube (MHB Pokemon):
Please check it out, hopefully you'll enjoy it and stick around for more! :)


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The reality is you're always taking a risk with boosters and boxes, no matter where you get them and how many you get. It's just the nature of the game, as you know! But, welcome to the community! I hope you decide to share some of your TCG pulls with us! :D



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Uhh I actually don't remember where I got my pokemon cards maybe Gamestop or something I don't remember but anyway welcome to the community
maybe you should go to GameStop?
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