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    I don't think Pokemon as a franchise will ever die, or decline for that matter. With each new game they release, there will ALWAYS be a new generation of people that play it. You just have to recognize that the 20-somethings that grew up playing FireRed are NOT the target audience, and haven't been for a long time now. Game Freak is targeting the new generation of kids that either haven't played Pokemon before or have just recently gotten into the series. That's why they can get away with recycling the same generic formula in every game they release (same goes for the anime).

    Which brings me to my main point; I think the majority of people that hack Gen III are the people that played it at some point in their life. Now that we're moving into a generation of people that grew up with Gen IV, we're naturally seeing less interest in Gen III content. I take myself as an example. I hardly played the Gen II games, and the thought of hacking them is entirely unappealing to me because I grew up with Gen III. I'm sure a good majority of people that grew up with Gen IV feel the same. Problem is, Gen IV and beyond have hardly been touched. I think that until the community moves forward and starts exploring later generation games, we're going to continue to see a lack of interest in rom-hacking.
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      I didn't think about it that way. My first Pokémon game was a Gen IV (My fav!) but I still played all the generations and maybe even some rom hacks from Gen III. Played every gen (Gen I and II on emulators though), It could also possibly be because kids these days act like hacking is ALL bad. And hacking games mean getting Infinite lives and stuff. To some people rom hacking is just editing a game and not hacking because the only thing they can think of to hacking is The C0mmunity or guessing a Facebook account password. We just need to teach our kids (or other kids) that there is much more to hacking than it being illegal
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