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PMDe - A Mystery Dungeon editor

Started by SunakazeKun July 19th, 2018 3:41 AM
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SunakazeKun | Aurum

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Posted December 29th, 2018
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PMDe is an editor for Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, that allows you to edit most aspects of the game; a full list of features can be found below. It is programmed in Java and developed using the Netbeans IDE. PMDe uses ini4j to store important offsets in the ROM. Additional icons were taken from various Pretty Office Icons sets. Tileset previews were created by SilverDeoxys563. Also, huge thanks to BRNMan and Crocodile91! They have already documented a lot about the game's data and ROM structure.

More information, screenshots and download links can be found on the Github repo:

Current features
  • edit dungeon data (map positions, floors, layouts, Pokmon, traps, ...)
  • edit friend area data
  • edit general Pokmon data (types, stats, evolutions, ...)
  • edit general item data
  • view moves data
  • edit available starter and partner Pokmon
  • edit POK money factors
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Posted March 27th, 2019
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This is certainly a big advancement! The only need I can see here is the ability to add face icons for all the other Pokemon. It always bugged me that only certain Pokemon got face icons and the rest had none.
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Posted August 23rd, 2019
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The interesting thing is, the dungeon mapping data for the 3DS PMD games is quite similar to how the GBA/DS PMD games dungeon map layouts operate.

It's awesome how much progress has been made in regards to PMD hacking since 2010, PMDe handles the editing for the GBA data, while Sky Editor handles the DS and 3DS data.
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Compendia Synaisthima

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Posted September 9th, 2018
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I'm terribly sorry, I'm a complete newbie to this, but how do I make this work? Thanks in advance and sorry for the dumb question
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Compendia Synaisthima

Seen July 16th, 2019
Posted September 9th, 2018
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do you mean like opening it? just click on the Mystery2 jar file.
Ah, thank you. Turns out I'd downloaded the source code instead of the actual thing I was supposed to (I'm foolish sorry)

EDIT: Okay, so now I've had a look at it, it's really cool! Will there ever be a way to change the Pokemon's sprites?


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Posted August 18th, 2019
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I can't figure out how to run this? I download the folder and then there's no executable file anywhere that opens anything
Check out this.
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