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Posted June 6th, 2019
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Hi, I was just wondering. It this may sound dumb but, let's say I want to use a whole new tileset and color palette to the trees, grass, flowers. Pretty much everything outside. What do you suggest I do? I am a bit confused because tutorials always show what to do for 1 or 2 things. Not a whole tileset.
So what I usually do is I like to find all the tiles I want to use for a tileset. Then I'll separate them into groups. So since you can use Palettes 6-12 for new Tileset 1 tilesets, that gives you 7 palettes to work with. So I'll separate them into similar colors (i.e. I'll group a tree I want in with a bush from a different image and maybe a green car or something). Then go into irfanView and reduce the color to 16 colors, including the transparency color. Then just insert it via the tutorial. If you used this palette and inserted it as Pal6, then you just change it to Pal7 and load the new palette for a different color (i.e. your red color group) and then save the Tileset image and then copy over your new graphics.

Does that help at all?
Retired. Thank you guys for a wonderful five years.


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I got a question.
What if I wanna change each and every tile in the rom (replace the existing tiles).
So can i put new tiles in tileset 1?

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