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Resource FR-Johto AddOn Base Page 3

Started by DarkPsychic February 14th, 2016 2:18 AM
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Posted February 9th, 2019
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Very glad to hear!
Honestly I have been really wanting to make another base or even add a few things to a updated version of this base,
but I also need to bring all I have learned together in to a demo for my hack.

It's something I have been working on and planning for sometime now and is something of a big project...
So at the moment all my focus is on that.
I'm figuring out how to go about making the thread for the hack and hopefully getting enough support behind the project
to get a team together.
Yo, is it gonna have Johto too?! Can't wait to play it, man! :P
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Posted July 5th, 2018
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Yo, is it gonna have Johto too?! Can't wait to play it, man! :P
Yes Johto, Kanto, Sevii Islands and the Orre Region (mock of it at least).
I will more than likely do a more open version of Johto and the other regions,
Similar to how Liquid Crystal did it.
That open world feel just can't be beat in my opinion.

What I have been thinking about though is trying to toss in some towns, landmarks and routes from the Anime.
As the Anime does have some quite interesting Anime Exclusive locations that I would like to see in game.
For at lest Johto and Kanto anyway...

I think I'm going to populate all of this with NPCs and signage, etc. I'll put them all in the correct places, but I don't think I plan on scripting it. Will at least make it a bit more complete.
I was going to do the same but the problem I have run into is trying to use free space others haven't used in their hacks...
This is why I didn't add new tiles or anything else...

I was going to add all NPCs, wild Pokemon tables, and even the Ruins of Alph Puzzle with also bit of light scripting for basic NPCs, Battle Tower, Safari zone, Daycare and gyms along with a few other filler things.

Not to mention if I add Scripts or tiles to each map, when the user of the base goes to add their own scripts to a map it will make them repoint every time...
Which would just result in wasted space...
This is why I leave it to the user of the base to do such things...


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I might use the Johto base for a hack I am planning on making...
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