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Posted September 10th, 2019
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Hopefully I'm not asking for too much but I was just wondering if you could take a look at some of the movesets. If you want to stick to the most updated version that's fine but I just noticed that some of the pokemon get nerfed a bit because of the update to the most current movesets as oppose to sticking with the og gen4 movesets.
For example:
Heracross gets Brick Break at level 28 instead of 19 which means its not as good against Whitney (forced to use Rock smash instead) however earlier Megahorn is a valid tradeoff
Flaaffy gets discharge at level 38 instead of 31 which means it's stuck with thundershock unless something replaces electroball or you grind for Thunderbolt (easier to get though)
Quilava/Typhlosion gets lava plume at 42/43 instead of 35 which sucks when that's around the level you fight Jasmine iirc from when I played before (could grind for flamethrower) but earlier Eruption access is nice
I'm sure there's a few others but I just hope that this is something worth considering
Thanks for the work you've done however and I'm very excited to play especially because of the reusable TM's!