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Hello, I want to make a story driven rom hack a completely new story, I want to use emerald as a base. This rom hack will not be a like a tradition catch em' all kind of pokemon game you will have very limited access to the pokemon you can add on your team & your starter has to stay in your roster at all times. Im new to Rom hacking im not 100% sure of all the capabilities or how deep i can edit My questions are I want a new story and new scenes is that all editable in scripting side? How do I take out the old scene of do I just edit over them?
I want the starter to be a fakemon how do I add fakemon to a emerald rom?

Thank you for your time.

More info: I wanted to make a fan made game from scratch but im on Mac and you can't make RPG Maker games for Mac. So thats why I want to look into rom hacking