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Posted August 17th, 2019
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I currently have an idea for a rom hack that I would need some help with. I have very basic mapping skills and very little with scripting and spriting however i am more prolific with story and overall design. I am looking for several people who would like to form a team and work together to create this project. I have listed all of my ideas below beside the main plot of the story. Please let me know below if you are interested in working with me. Those with experience with mapping, scripting, and sprite work are suggested.

Project Code Name: Kanto Reborn
Rom: Fire Red or Leaf Green
-Complete re-design of all routes, cities, towns, caves, etc. to larger and more expansive
-All New Gym leaders, each with 6 pokemon.
-Difficulty increase (Wild pokemon level increase, Gym Leader Increase, trainer level increase)
-Pokemon migration change (re-do where wild pokemon can be found [ example: Meowth and Sentret on route 1 rather than pidgey and rattata])
-Gyms are Dual typed (Example: Gym 1 is Bug and Flying. 3 Bug, 3 Flying)
-All Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn pokemon will be available in-game
-Starter pokemon are changed to 3 non-evolving normal types
-"Reborn" Forms (Similar to Alolan and Galarian forms) for Johto and Hoenn pokemon who have migrated to Kanto.
-Much more coming soon
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