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Interest Check Pokémon Abstract ~ Faraway Myth ~

Started by Spi January 29th, 2019 6:20 AM
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Pokémon Abstract ~ Faraway Myth ~ [Interest Check]
* Pokemon Mystery Dungeon inspired RP.
* New RP that takes place in a region called 'Abstract', which is a region unknown to mankind, inhabited by only Pokemon who live in a civilized world.
* Pokemon existence here have government, housing, economics, education, and many other parts of life similar to how humans lives.
* No concrete premise or story yet; since I want the published IC topic to be based on character novelties, interaction, and development. It's just for our characters to intermingle with each other.
* Any questions, ask me. Perhaps easier through Discord.

Sample of my character, Ayumu the Meowstic:
Name: Ayumu
Pokémon: Meowstic
Gender: Female
Type: Psychic
Ability: Keen Eye
Personality: Dainty, charming, delicate, wonderful, bittersweet, femininely charismatic.
Moveset: Assist, Raspberry Heaven*
Font Color: Vermilion
Theme: “Raspberry Heaven” from Azumanga Daioh
Spirituality: Faith of Yveltal

When Ayumu was young, she was born in a family that didn’t had a religious affiliation with any Legendaries or Mythicals. She was the young child of two daughters, her dad being a Smeargle named ‘Kenshin’. As an Espurr, she had a different name that wasn’t originally Ayumu. But as she enrolled in ‘Little Cup Elementary’, she created a girl’s club that studied the theology of Abstract’s region. Then her theology research club found out that the Legendaries and Mythicals most mons praised weren’t exactly what they seem to be. They informed everyone in school, but what resulted was that the teachers kicked Ayumu and her friends out. The staff of the school thought Ayumu’s club was the work of something evil.

By that time later on, Ayumu was separated from her close friends and her family had trouble supporting her. She evolved, and named herself ‘Ayumu’ as her Meowstic’s future. She was bitter inside, knowing that people did not trust her resolve in her deep and elaborate studies. So one day, Ayumu was actually contacted by a Legendary in her dream--Yveltal. Yveltal gave her a life mission because she (Yveltal) saw how Ayumu’s future was all about the miracles and tragedies that unfold in her resolve. She chose Yveltal, and Yveltal chose her. Ayumu became the first ‘messenger’ of Yveltal in all of Abstract. Their mission? Confront future tragedies in the making and replace it with miracles. Yveltal warned Ayumu that her first tragedy will do something with her parents.

Word got out of her new faith in Yveltal, people knew and looked at Ayumu with hatred and shame. And her mom shamed Ayumu for her new religion of Yveltal, thinking that it’s crazy and toxic. Her mom did not trust Ayumu, even though Ayumu has told her many times that Yveltal isn’t what she thinks it is. However, her dad Kenshin and her older sister supported and watched out for Ayumu. It was until then her mom had enough and decided to leave Ayumu’s family. After a while, Ayumu’s best friend Chai was helping Ayumu establish her own church, dedicated to spreading the harbinging of Yveltal. She talked with Kenshin about it since they were about to part ways as she lives her new life with church. So, she was sad how Kenshin always forgiven her mother and still hanged in there to support his youngest daughter.

Kenshin, her father, was ready to travel to see the world and he wanted to talk with Ayumu one more time. She was at a graveyard with Kenshin as they talk about their distant futures after Ayumu’s mother left their family. Kenshin, saying as truthfully he could, he wanted Ayumu to be safe on her chosen lifestyle. He made a statement that he’ll return one day to help Ayumu. And he knew Ayumu had a future ahead of her with church. Kenshin couldn’t help but to tell Ayumu that he was so proud of her, and Ayumu started crying.

Ayumu had a future ahead of her. With Yveltal’s close watch on Ayumu’s path and dream, the frontiers they face in the future is to challenge the upcoming tragedies that will unfold in Abstract’s fate. After some time with the establishment, she gathered a group of unique Pokémon individuals who have their own beliefs, history, skills, and personality, all have their own dorm in church. The starting of a future where Ayumu’s church would perceive the future of tragedies and bring forth… miracles.

# Ayumu has a title that she refers to, she is known as ‘Yveltal’s Angel’ or ‘Yveltal’s Messenger’. Others may address her as ‘angel’ or ‘my angel’.
# Ayumu’s school club of friends were Suzuran the Dweeble, Sariel the Kanga Jr., Mato the Clauncher, and Kogasa the Brionne.
# She’s Modest nature, given apparent to her association with daintiness and charm.
# She doesn’t match other Meowstic-Females, since most Meowstic-Females are rich secretaries who invest a lot of money in their job. Ayumu is a unique Meowstic-Female because she doesn’t have a lot of money.
# ‘Raspberry Heaven’ is Ayumu’s secret move gifted from her last moment with her dad. It has a secret power, and is known to Ayumu as her gift of miracle.

~~~ Here's the outline of the character bios ~~~
Pokémon: (You can have Alters--they're like Deltas from Insurgence--types too.)
Type: (Holy-type is possible, if you're an Alter.)
Moveset: (Can have up to ten moves.)
Font Color:
Spirituality: (Make up your own.)


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