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Crystal Pokémon CRYSTAL KAIZO: The Official Sequel to Blue Kaizo

Started by SinisterHoodedFigure August 27th, 2014 4:31 PM
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Posted August 15th, 2019
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8.6 Years
Pokémon Crystal Kaizo

Pokémon Crystal Kaizo Lunar IPS
This was taken down twice, even though it is just an ips, and not a rom. General consumers can't access or beat this non-profit ips, so it is moved to a safer, and stricter location.

Updating a previous Crystal Kaizo Ips.
Open the spoiler tag, and you'll find out, as well as a video:


How to update a older version of an ips rom:
1. Go to Pokecommunity
2. Click the link to the crystal kaizo ips.
3. Dowload the crystal kaizo ips.
4. Have lunar ips.
5. Have the currently patched rom you are using.
6. Open Lunar Ips
7. Apply the updated ips, by pressing apply ips...
8. ...Selecting the already patched rom you are using...
9. ...and applying the downloaded Crystal Kaizo ips patch.
Doing this will automatically apply the updated patch to the older patched drom. Remember to back up your roms.
Another longer, but safer method is this:
1. Or, you could copy the save state and save file.
2. Put a new folder.
3. Place save files and save states in the new folder.
4. Put the original rom in the folder with the save files.
5. Patch that rom with lunar ips.
6. Play the game. You should be playing the updated version now.
7. Remember to keep an eye out for updates if you haven't finished.

At long last, the sequel to Pokémon Blue Kaizo. Pokémon Crystal Kaizo's Story is the same as the original Crystal. You can catch 251 Pokémon in this hack, with starters available early on. However, this hack is significantly more difficult than the original. This hack was inspired by Pokémon Stadium and Firered Omega. All of this was accomplished with a hex editor, and numerous tools from skeetendo, as well as resources from Bulbapedia and Skeetendo.


The Odd Egg
The Odd Egg you recieve from the daycare man gives you nothing but a shiny Pokémon; which could be one of the starters, dratini, larvitar, magby, smoochum, elekid, eevee, or one of two tyrogues.

Map Redesigns

All of the maps have been redesigned. In each route, you will encounter a diverse variety of Wild Pokémon. Navigating dungeons will be a prominent ordeal throughout the game. There are also some areas that were not present in the original crystal, acting as easter eggs.

Major Bosses and Other Trainers
All bosses will have shiny pokémon in their rosters, and apart from a couple of rival fights, all of them have full teams of six, each with improved rosters and movepools from the original. In addition, many of them will have held items. Another thing to note is that there won't be duplicate Pokémon within the same boss roster, so many bosses will have some wildcards, which are capable of acting as counters to their specialty weakness, can use moves related to their specialty type, or even both. Including Team Rocket Executives and Elite Four Members and Champions

In addition, all other trainers have better pokémon, along with improved AI from the original, making every trainer in the game a bit more dangerous.

Don't forget about the Rival Superboss at the elite four on Mondays and Wednesdays; though he only appears after you beat the rival at Mt. Moon.


Note: The murkrow is level 14 now, Mantine is level 13, Gligar is still 12 because:
statwise, it is identical to gliscor
And that is why.

Note: Stantler is on Morty's team because of the Ghost type move confuse ray, due to the lack of diverse ghost types. Misdreavus and Gengar are there. Of course, this marks the beginning where bosses use more diverse teams yet follows some sort of theme or pattern, or counters.

Note: You can see Ursaring because Youtube's tag selection is awful. Also, stout powerhouse for a stout powerhouse Gym Leader. Like Morty, diverse team, the trainers act as extensions of the gym leader, using different fighting types.

251 Pokémon
You will encounter all 251 Pokémon, or if you face a secret boss, 252, throughout your adventure, though you will only be able to capture 251 Pokémon. It should be noted that certain pokémon will only be available when you have access to Mt. Silver, so that you can trade these pokémon for legendaries that weren't present in the original Pokémon Crystal.

Trade Evolutions
With the exception of Slowking, who evolves by a Water Stone, all trade evolutions evolve by level up.

Evolution Stones
In addition, you can purchase evolution stones very early on, in the goldenrod department store.
One thing to note is that eevee can evolve into espeon through the use of a sun stone, while umbreon evolves through the use of a moon stone. It appears that you are unable to evolve them as displayed in the images.

Bug Catching Contest
You can catch a much bigger variety of bug pokémon in the national park. If you look hard enough, you could find something special.

Crystal Kaizo Youtube Video

Here is the list of the main game's bosses. (Post game not included)

Gym Leaders in progression order (Note, memory is a bit faulty on the later bosses, the team is correct, its some ordering, held items, and some moves I forgot, sorry, let me know so that I can update. Also, the rival is excluded, since his team varies depending on which starter you chose.)

Falkner's Team

Bugsy's Team

Whitney's Team

Morty's Team

Warning, the Stantler seems to have brightpower instead of a Miracle Berry.

Eusine's Team

Chuck's Team

Rocket Executive Male

Rocket Executive Female

Pryce's Team

Jasmine's Team

Imposter Executive Team

Fortress Executive Team

Note: The Donphan has been replaced by a Shuckle, since Donphan is already fought, and Shuckle really fits the "Fortress" theme of bulky tanks and walls. Has the same moves as Bugsy's Shuckle, but don't underestimate it.

Female Executive Team

Final Executive Team

Note: The alakazam is now at level 92, like it should have before.

Clair's Team

Last Five Trainers:

Elite Four Will

Elite Four Koga

Elite Four Bruno

Elite Four Karen

Champion Lance

Due to the extreme difficulty with the elite four, and bruno being surprisingly difficult, I am going to sporadically post solutions:
1. Wobbuffet:
a. Self-Explanatory, it is literally the ultimate solution to any particular pokemon problem. Counter physical attackers, mirror coat special attackers, destiny bond the “problem” pokemon, and safeguard moves like thunder wave.
b. In the second portion of dark cave, you can find level 95 wobbuffets in the mornings, daytimes, and at nighttime. It can be a pain to level up admittedly, though taking it to elite four fights will certainly raise its levels. Just don’t give up, and have faith in wobbuffet, as many hits on wobbuffet will usually KO the enemy, even at level 95.
c. In Union Cave, where waterfall is required, go to the floor where lapras shows up on Fridays. At night time, it has a 1% appearance rate, but with the speedup button, you should be able to obtain it at lv.100, with no grinding at all.
d. Wobbuffet can be caught in the Team Rocket Hideout, though they are limited in numbers, so it is advisable to catch a lot of them.
e. Reccommended uses: If you are having trouble with elite four members or the champion, Wobbuffet can be an indespensible ally that can take out a problematic pokemon.
f. Wobbuffet can also be found at night in ice path, at the lowest level, with the lowest encounter rate.
2. Suicune:
a. The most accessible legendary in the entire game.
b. One thing to note is that if you haven’t beaten clair yet, you shouldn’t go after suicune just yet. The wise trio guarding the area are at level 100, and have well balanced teams.
c. The suicune is at level 90, but give it lucky eggs, and train it against the high leveled magikarp (they give max exp points), and it will reach level 100 in no time.
d. Its advantage over all other water types is that it can survive Lance’s aerodactyl, which is consistently his most dangerous pokemon, and it is a good wall to have for difficult parts.
3. Dragonite:
a. There are many options for dragonite. The shiny dratini you get from daycare comes with outrage, which handles the lategame kingdra the best (Lance’s kingdra, Misty’s Kingdra, Blue’s Kingdra) Not clair’s kingdra though, that will kill dragonite easily.
b. The Extremespeed Dragonite comes from extremespeed dratini in the Dragon’s den. Be warned, this is one of the most annoying to get, as you need a couple of things:
i. Free space in your party
ii. Answer the questions perfectly
iii. Be ready to train this thing for a while, its at level 10.
iv. If you get all of these things though, Extremespeed will help you, since it has 100 power, 100 accuracy, 10 PP, and dragonite has a good attack stat that will hit with the critical priority needed. Just for all the trouble you went into getting this, don’t delete it.
c. Light Screen Dragonite, which can be obtained from high leveled dragonairs in dragon’s den. It also comes with thunder wave. It’s a very good team player.
d. Good moves for Dragonite: Thunder Wave (it helps slow down enemies, and can give a free turn sometimes), Fly (ingame at least, and its good for machamp and especially heracross),
e. Dragonite is very bulky against everything that isn’t ice types or rock types.
4. Heracross:
a. The bug catching contest is the best place to catch a heracross. It gets Megahorn, submission, earthquake and rock slide, and it is a great move to have.
b. Megahorn can come in very handy against psychics, if you can outspeed them. Submission is fantastic for Dark types.
5. Shuckle:
a. This thing has unparalleled bulk compared to every pokemon in the game, and is pretty much essential for nuzlocking the elite four (if anyone makes it that far), but leveling this up is going to be long and painful. A solution is setting shuckle in daycare, since it won't learn any other moves (since its four moves are the best moves it can use), and using the speedup button, and running through the stairs below the pokemon center in Goldenrod. Just keep shuckle away from water types, rock types, and steel types, and it should stall out enemies really well, if you have the patience to get to level 100. You don't have to use this for the main game, but if you want a higher chance of success beating the elite four and champ in the nuzlocke, shuckle can preserve your party members for lance. Just bring lots of potions and status curing items. But if you are following a rule that stats that you can't use healing items, TM 44, rest, is still in the ice cave, IIRC, and Shuckle makes great use of it. It is possibly the most reliable counter to quick claw users, alongside wobbuffet.
6. Your mom. No really, your mother saving money can enable you to practice against the elite four (unless you are doing a nuzlocke). Just bring an amulet coin, try to find a pattern with the elite four, looking for anymore weaknesses, and when you feel ready, go home, ask your mom to give you the accumulated money, then buy ethers, status items, and lots of healing items, and if you aren't doing a nuzlocke, 20 revives maximum. You are only going to need 20 revives, since you can only lose 5 pokemon for each elite four member, and you basically won the moment you defeat lance, even if its your last pokemon.

Revives, Max Revives, and Revival Herbs are disabled during ingame battles

Now, during a trainer battle, this displays that you won't be able to use revives during battle, making important battles, like gym leaders, have actual consequences when you losing your pokemon, making the game more difficult, and truly "Kaizo".

Unlike nuzlockes, you can still use revives outside of battle, but only outside of it, so don't forget to heal and save. Slightly worried about the post game battles, which gets really difficult, so this update may be a brief one, depending on responses.

Below is the revive being used outside of battle.

As an added bonus, if you play this update, you will have access to a PC at the end of the Goldenrod Underground path.


Morty's Maze Solution Video.

Executives and Scientists Battle Music and Purchasable Ethers

The newest update has ethers sold in stores, starting from Goldenrod City. Use them wisely. You can also bike in the Goldenrod Underground, as well as Team Rocket's Hideout. Some minor errors have been fixed (though I don't understand why I see Leftovers acting like a really big berry in some videos; it never happens to me.) Finally, the Team Rocket Executives and Scientists have the Team Rocket Battle Music like they should have had in Gold, Silver, and ESPECIALLY Crystal (There's no excuse for Gamefreak there not to fix that).

All in all, it will be a challenging experience. I hope you enjoy.

Completed Playthroughs of Crystal Kaizo
Here are a list of completed playthroughs, including nuzlockes, of Pokemon Crystal Kaizo

75Chris5 playlist

Fireburn's Crystal Kaizo Nuzlocke





Feckpreston nuzlocke
Pokemon Kaizo Hacker



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Good to see a sequel to Blue Kaizo, which by the way was an awesome hack. I'll definitely be trying this one out too!


Unprofessional Unprofessional

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Did you make up the word "kaizo" to sound japanese? Don't be a weaboo, bro.
I'm gonna answer for the OP here.
1. Adding something Japanese doesn't mean that person is a 'weeaboo'
2. It is Japanese, it means remodeling or modifying.
3. It comes from Super Mario Kaizo, which was a hack of SMW that made it harder.
So this is like a homage.
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Big thanks especially to DestinedJagold, Xerneas_X, Elements1 and ~RNC~

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The Psycho Pokemon

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6.1 Years
Is there any moveset changes or any update to the pokemon moves??
Quite a lot actually. Paras learns Bod Slam as a level up, Ledyba has Psybeam at level 5 instead of an egg move, Totodile learns Crunch at level 8, all the baby pokemon learn present as a base-level attack in addition to whatever else they have for a base move (Except Togepi acks Growl and Charm upon hatching and has Metronome and Present instead), Hoothoot has Whirlind which makes tryng to catch one a pain, Bellsprout gets hidden power as a base move so one can use a DV calculator to figure out what the type is easier than having to wait almost the whole game to get TM10.



Seen February 6th, 2019
Posted June 30th, 2017
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5.8 Years
I've been playing this hack, just beat Lance in fact. I just wanted to give you praise for it, it's been a great experience.

One question I'd like to ask out of curiosity is, this secret boss, is he in a spot that we'd find without too much issue or do we really have to go out of our way to find them? I just wanted to know so I can prepare myself for that.



Seen February 6th, 2019
Posted June 30th, 2017
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5.8 Years
So, I finished it, and while I enjoyed Kanto, there are two little grievances I have.

I felt it might've been better to have the Kanto levels gradually go up. Blue has a jump by 6 levels, which, a jump isn't bad; the bad part is that the first seven leaders have the same levels throughout, which is a bit puzzling considering you corralled Kanto in a way that allowed a level curve. I felt the difficulty tapered off a bit for the first seven Kanto badges just because your systems were used to the shock of fighting such high-leveled Pokémon.

The other grievance I have is the 252nd Pokémon. I won't spoil it in thread, not that I think it's worth keeping a secret due to my low opinion of it and because it almost feels like there's nothing to spoil, but it was just very, very, underwhelming. I suppose it was strong, but I expected something with more polish as opposed to what we were given. At the least, a proper sprite would've helped it out, though I'm unfamiliar with the actual limitations of hacking so for all I know that may be an impossibility to do with the four extra slots. But, even if it is, it feels rather unprofessional and not something to advertise in the OP.


Seen August 15th, 2019
Posted August 15th, 2019
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8.6 Years
At the point with the Kanto gym leaders, the reason why, apart from Blue, the levels are identical, is because of 4 reasons.

1. The difficulty of these boss fights are surprisingly dependent on what team a player has, even with some counters, which is the primary reason why the levels don't gradually go up. I'd still label Janine as the easiest despite not having a STAB supereffective move, despite her being in identical levels with the other gyms, and even the cheap strategy used by the counters.

2. The identical levels allow healing items to be shared, since it is very possible a 'main' highest leveled pokemon can be OHKO'd. (Just like Red's Pikachu in the original GSC; most people don't even know Red has healing items).

2. The levels themselves are the same level as Lance's highest leveled pokemon, to keep some consistency with Johto's Champion, being you know, a champion level threat, which was kinda iffy with the original game as well.

3. This one is going to be a rather long description, but its necessary. The levels Blue had in the original gsc had a six level-eight level jump with the next highest leveled trainer, which is actually more significant at the 50's level, as opposed to the lv 90s or higher level. The reason being is because of how the levels incorporate into the battle formula involving stats and especially attack power. The lower the levels, even a level 1 gap can make a huge world of difference. As the levels increase, the level jump effects in the formula diminishes slightly. So the six level jump with Blue in Crystal Kaizo is somewhat lessened in comparison with the 6-8 level jump in the original GSC.

As for the 252nd pokemon thing, its kind of a non-canon bonus boss fight. The 252nd pokemon cannot be edited in stats or movepools, so it was played around with, and it really was just for shock value with the sprite.

I do agree its somewhat unprofessional, but its really more of an Easter egg mythology thing, kind of like some other Easter eggs in Crystal Kaizo.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed most of Crystal Kaizo, and I do appreciate your feedback.
Pokemon Kaizo Hacker
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Posted October 20th, 2014
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5 Years
Hi everyone !
At first I would like to congratulate the author of this hack for his job and his creativity, I'm so nostalgic about old pokémon versions and this is a pure pleasure to meet this universe again and in a hardly way.

But I wanted to ask you a question, I took in my team jolteon, vaporeon and espeon and they are almost at level 20 and they didn't already learn any attacks. If my memories are good, they were supposed to learn their first type attack around level 16 ? Is that normal and how long will I shall wait?
Thank you for the answer and really sorry for my English but I'm French!


Seen August 15th, 2019
Posted August 15th, 2019
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8.6 Years
With the exception of vaporeon (who will get surf in ecruteak), the eeveelution evolutions will get their STAB move at level 20, which is the point they should evolve.

Also, now I have a new video of another gym leader in the spoilers in the above message.
Pokemon Kaizo Hacker


Seen August 15th, 2019
Posted August 15th, 2019
102 posts
8.6 Years
My Blastoise keeps trying to learn Seismic Toss. Is that supposed to happen?
Yeah, its supposed to happen, mostly due to editing movepools of all 251 pokemon, making sure all of them have the best movesets they can possibly have. (Due to custom movesets taking up bytes in the room, changing some gym leaders to have held items means I have to removes custom moveset styles, the gym leaders have to get great movesets somehow, and regular trainers and wild pokemon get great movesets as a result.)

And, two new videos are in the spoilers (mostly to save space), that and
Bugsy is a devious one with the evil Shuckle
Pokemon Kaizo Hacker
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