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Idea Dragon Ball Hack (?)

Started by Saten February 15th, 2018 3:06 AM
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Posted July 16th, 2019
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Hello my friends, I'm here to ask for help or something like that, I´m planning to make a Dragon Ball Hack, by now I'm doing (and collecting) the front sprites, so if somebody is interested let me know... (by now my biggest incognita is how to make custom attacks so any tips are welcome.)

Here are some previews of the types distributions:
Starters, Heroes(?)

Saiyans (?)

Frieza Soldiers

Red Ribbon Army


Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball Super

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Posted July 16th, 2019
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Hello People!
Im looking to recruit people to work with me in this hack rom.

The idea is to create a Dragon Ball rom with the variety of capturable creatures comparable with the actual full dex roms.
The first thing I have dedicated myself to do is to make as many frontsprites as I can. Right now I have planned 644 Fighters.

The first phase would be to simply replace the Pokémon, create new attacks and abilities.
Once complete we could begin to modify the history or maps of the rom.

My idea is to cover as many characters as possible from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super, including Dragon Ball GT and Heroes,
as well as other works by Toriyama or fanmangas.

As for the progress within the game I will just start with it, and I have two options to how to start, completily from scratch maybe using a rom base,
or with the permission of Z-Max (that I already have) to use Dragon Ball Team Training as a base.

I am currently looking for:
- People who can edit attacks, abilities and knows how to import sprites.
- A Person that could help me with the Fighters Balance.
- And with less priority if there is a spriter that is interested in this style, maybe you can help me with the backsprites.

Current Ideas
My idea for the rival and the gym leaders is to use the avatars from dragon ball heroes and to do thematic battles instead of battles by types.
And like in Team Traning Pilaf as the last Gym leader.

One of the problems I saw in the Z-max hack was the lack of water type fighters, so I made it a priority to add fighters that under my perspective could have this type.
If somebody has any suggestion of another character that could be a water type, please leave your suggestion on this post.

I gave the Ground type to most Saiyans to represent their weakness to the Ice type that Frieza and her father have.

I also gave the Grass type to the Namekians for the same reason.

As I say at the beggining I add some other characters from non-canon media Like Dragon Ball Multiverse,

And the Slime Line from Dragon Quest, To Farm Exp. like in his game.

Thanks For Reading!! and excuse me if something does not make sense, English is not my first language.


Programmer that likes Pokemon and Dragon Ball

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Posted August 5th, 2019
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Hi, I was thinking to do something similar... The main issue I see is that your sprite style is different from mine, but apart from that I think we can join forces for some parts.
I started doing some scripts, for example I did one that allows me to put people that make fusions.
To better clarify, it lets me to put a person that asks for 2 specific fighters, it lets you select them from the party and, if everything is correct, it removes them and gives you their fusion.

If you think you might need it I can share it without problems.
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