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Yellow Pokémon Yellow Advanced 2019

Started by ericgall23 April 26th, 2019 3:12 PM
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Pokémon Yellow Advanced (2019)

This hack is an update of my previously 2012 version of this hack (Pokémon Yellow Advanced). It is considered final! However, like before, your name will be NINTEN, while your rival name is SONY.

Here is the list of the majority of the changes that I did:

- Almost all Pokémon learns at least 1, 2 or 3 new moves at level 1! They are picked from their Egg moves list, or move tutor, up to Generation 7, even including Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.

- Geography has been enhanced! Routes are expanded a little, with some empty houses to make them habitable! (Just for decoration, you know)

- Gyms leaders, Rival battles and Elite 4 have changed significantly! They are all harder than before! Some have brand new Pokémon too!

- Your rival’s starter is a Dratini.

- You can now buy almost all TMs at various Marts through Kanto (Except useless ones like TM36 (Self-destruct) or TM04 (Whirlwind). For example, you can buy TM19 and TM48 at Pewter City’s Mart.

- Some attacks have been readjusted to future games. Like:
- Karate Chop is Fighting-type
- Gust is Flying-type
- Sand-Attack is Ground-type
- Mega Drain has a power of 75 and Absorb has a Power of 40 (That’s the same as LGP/LGE)
- Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick have power of 100 and 130 respectively (Like since Black/White!)
- Dig and Fly has power of 80 and 90 respectively (Like since Diamond/Pearl!)
- Other moves have been adjusted according to 7th Gen (Sun/Moon positives changes in Power only).

- You can get Mew via a In-game trade! (Cool!)

- The Snorlax on Route 16 is level 35 (The other at Route 12 is level 40), Zapdos is level 45, Moltres is still level 50, Articuno is level 74 and Mewtwo is level 80.

- Game corner prizes have changed: Meowth, Ekans and Koffing (Counter 1), Omanyte, Kabuto and Porygon (Counter 2), and PP UP, Moon Stone and Master Ball (Counter 3).

- Wild Pokémon have changed significantly in every routes, areas or caves, and even in the sea (See a joined Word Document for details). Also, each Pokémon is sure to appear in the wild in this game, but some are really very rare!

- Some dialogs have changed or have been improved!

- You can buy Rare Candies at Celadon Dept-Store (5F), which are sure to help you in the later part of the game. (Note you can still trade Pokémon by using TGB DUAL, and since traded Pokémon grow faster, it will sure help!)

*** Simple trainers battles hasn’t changed at all, and I am sincerely sorry, I wasn’t still able to do it…

Download the IPS file from this post (see attachament):

Patch this file using Lunar IPS to an original English Pokémon Yellow ROM.
Also, some pictures and documents about this hack are joined in this post. It includes full guides of the game, such as rivals battles, pokémon locations and more.

There is also the link of this hack's web site in one document, but it is also on now. I can't post the link of the hack's website on this post, coz I'm not allowed to do it...


Hope that you’ll have fun with my game!

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I appreciate your effort (especially with the Pokemon distribution), but some things bother me:

1. Are the player and rival's names fixed? I haven't downloaded the game yet, but that is what your post implies.
2. Both Lance and the rival have a Dragonite? They're consecutive battles.
3. There is a 20 level gap between Lorelei and the rival. Why not leave room for rematches instead of this? Are the regular trainers adjusted for this level curve?
4. There are some weird omissions in the rosters. I prefer LGPE's for the most part.

Personally, here are the things I'm looking for in a Yellow hack (please don't interpret this as me telling you what to do):

1. This is a big one, but following Pokemon across the board.
2. The physical/special split, and preferably two Special stats. Other mechanics aren't needed.
3. More essential moves. LGPE didn't quite nail this, but they could be used as a base.
4. Cross-generational relatives and even Alolan variants (they could be incorporated as separate species).
5. The LGPE rosters as a base with some improvements. Also rematches.
6. Being able to pick between Pikachu and Eevee would be nice, as would letting them evolve.
7. More anime characters and references. Brock and Misty could show up every now and then.
8. Story-wise, more about Mewtwo, Mew, Mr. Fuji and even Green (or alternatively Red if you play as Green). Cerulean Cave could have more powered-up clones reminiscent of the first movie. Silver, Archer and maybe Ariana would add substance to Giovanni's defeat.


Quiet Pokémon fan

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Hi there,

Just to let you know that I updated this hack to its final version (For real this time!).

- I managed to fully update all trainers. They are all harder than before! Many have brand new Pokémon too! (that was fully necessary of course in order to make the game "advanced"!)

- TM04 is now Gust instead of Whirlwind (They are similar moves, right? Since I couldn’t change TMs compatibilities, it’s the only new TM in this game!). Also Whirlwind is kind of useless in this game, coz it didn't work against trainers at all, like Roar! It's a shame, coz since Gen 2 it's so much more usefull!

- Many dialogs have changed or have been improved! You’ll mostly hear new dialogs about many things about friendship. (I hope that you’ll learn a couple of things, or if not, that you’ll remember important things about friendship, coz I really think that friendship is important for everyone, and we have to know it well in order to have great friends, and to be a great friend to them as well!)

- Made some adjustments with the wild Pokemon, especially Victory Road and Unknown Dungeon to make them stronger. Some other have been added as well to fit with Let's Go Pikachu-Eevee, and Lv 7 Mew (Very rare of course!) on Route 24, like a certain glitch in Pokémon Red near that area!)

- You can now name your player and your rival! (I fixed that, and it's great and fully working!!)


Download the IPS file from this link:

Patch this file using Lunar IPS to an original English Pokémon Yellow ROM.
Website of the hack:

Hope that you’ll have fun with my updated game (and final as well!) I'm so much more proud of it that before!

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