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Hi, this is my first post on PokeComm, and i don't speak English, so.. Sorry for my writing.
In this post, i bring a compilation of patches by me, for Fire Red. This includes:

(I use "Pokemon Fire Red (U) (Squirrels)" as base game)

- Physical/Special Split (DoesntKnowHowToPlay Base patch)
I manually made all attacks, with "-Physical-" or "-Special-" in the description of attacks names, I did this in case you want to add this in a development hack.
(Although I recommend a backup just in case).

-Reusable MT (From YoY-X Post,
-Forget MO.
-Decapitalization for everything.
-Remove Flashbacks from intro.

-Changes in certain evolutions:
*Trade Evolutions (Machoke, Kadabra, Haunter, Graveler, Scyther, Onix ) evolves in Lvl 36.

*Poliwhirl > Politoed at Level 35.
*Slowpoke & Seadra > Water Stone

*Eevee evolve in Umbreon/Espeon, use Moon/Sun Stone Respectly.

All stones can be buy on Celadon City mart.

- A little change, Golduck is Water/psychic type now, and has a new moveset.

-New moves, replacing old ones.

*Fissure > Earth Power 90/100Acc -Ground Type
*Magnitude > Bulldoze 60/100Acc -Ground Type
*Horn Drill > Drill Run 80/85Acc -Ground Type.
*Guillotine > Liquidation 80/100Acc -Water Type.
*Sheer Cold > Ice Crash 85/100Acc -Ice Type.
*Dragonbreath replaced for Dragon Pulse.

(Updated list of pokemon that can learn the moves)

-The patch just modify technical stuffs, not graphical or mapping, so you can use can use in other hacks.

(only if the list is the same as the original one, otherwise, the pokemon and their moves will change)
Since if it has fakemons or the list has a different order, it will return to the original (I suppose)

If you find a bug or someting, let me know, I will gladly try to fix it. Also, give me your opinion of the patch!
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