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Sun & Moon Thought on the Tutorial

Started by PlatinumThoughts August 17th, 2019 5:28 PM
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Posted August 17th, 2019
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So I'm doing some research for a video on how to make a better tutorial for the series, and as part if that I want to hear some opinions on the tutorials in the series, with an emphasis on the Alola games.

Do you think the series does a good job of teaching the player the mechanics of the game? If not, what doesn't it teach that you think it should? Regarding Sun and Moon in particular, do you think the tutorial is too long? Overall, do you think the games are becoming too hand-holdy?

Any input is much appreciated.


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Soooo.... when people say that the first two islands or so feel like a tutorial, that's kind of where they lose me. The first island? Sure, I'll give them that. I mean, the player just started the same, so that's to be expected. But the second island? Kinda confused on how that feels tutorial-y in the slightest. Maybe I didn't get that same feel.

Regardless, I do agree that the general pace of the game can most definitely be improved. My general feeling is that the "tutorial" vibe should be skippable for more veteran players of the series if they so wish to, while newer players can go through with it. At least that way, everyone's happy.


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I'm not too bothered by the tutorials, but would like an option to skip them. :x As a kid I learned as I played and didn't struggle much at all. I think today's younger generation can easily manage the same, so there's no need for forced tutorials.

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It's pretty much the slow pace of the first act that makes people think that the game pretty much holds your hand until the end of the game. But in reality, it's pretty much the same as any other game, albeit with rather jarring pacing. However, I've noticed the whole complaints about forced tutorials have been around for quite a while, an option to skip them would actually be quite welcome starting here.

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I think the reason why people feel as though the entire game feels like a tutorial is because the way the routes on the islands are set up make it appear as though it's more "open world" but you're presented with roadblocks upon roadblocks that force you in a specific direction. The wording isn't correct, as that's not a tutorial at all, but it does continue the hand-holding that would be present during a tutorial.

That "false tutorial" aside, I definitely feel the tutorial portion of the game is way too long. The trainer school being such an important element of the first few hours of the game is a truly baffling decision. There was nothing of substance happening, narratively or mechanically. ShayMay's whopping 7-hour-long Omega Ruby review touches on an issue that all Pokémon games, not just ORAS or SM, face in regards to their tutorials as well, that is they do not actually explain anything. The tutorial that appears every game on "how to catch a Pokémon?" It doesn't go into detail on elements like how status ailments affect catch rate. SM has you going through the school for hours but never once properly explains what on earth triggers or continues SOS chains.

There is a lot of depth to the Pokémon games, but their tutorials barely scratch the surface... and yet they're un-skippable and last for hours. Might as well not have tutorials at all if the vast majority of mechanics need to be discovered by playing or external research.

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