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Map NPC Switching with player

Started by vh724 4 Weeks Ago 2:55 AM
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I am working on Emerald (nothing too serious as I have absolutely no scripting/hex editing experience whatsoever)
I am only making a few tweaks.

However, upon editing Tiana (Route 102, near Petalburg) and moving her to force the player to run into her (I am experimenting with making each route have a "boss"), it causes a pretty major bug.

Basically, if the player happens to encounter a pokemon, after the battle, the player switches places with Tiana with one of the following effects:
1. The player is invisible and so is Tiana. Walking into any building fixes this.
2. The player swaps places with Tiana and you see where your character is, but it is frozen. Walking into any building fixes this.
3. The player swaps places with Tiana, with several other graphical errors instead of just Tiana, and you see where your character is, but it is frozen. Walking into any building fixes this.

I feel like it has something to do with the view radius, but I matched her up with a previous version and now the errors went away. Can someone please explain to me what is happening so I can edit with peace of mind? Thanks :)


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The infamous "out of body experience." xD

Yeah, it's a common glitch. In AdvancedMap, if you create an NPC that has the movement type "Look Down," sometimes the player will swap with the NPC and you'll be able to start controlling the NPC instead of the player. Walking into doors fixes this, as you've stated. Simply change the "look down" to "no movement." If you need a trainer to actually look down for the view radius, then... well, I'm not sure. I don't allow my trainers to look down for a battle due to this glitch. Perhaps reorient your NPC to face another way.
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