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Hi everybody! I'm a long time lurker and aspiring rom hacker. I've been really considering using Pokemon Emerald for a hack, and would love to utilize a rom base to help me get started on it.

I've seen bases such as [EM] Dizzy's Hacked Engine and [EM] Battle Engine Upgrade, however both require usage of devkitpro, and python, and etc to successfully install. I've tried to take a good crack at using both, however the download links to devkitpro are different than they were at the time of the posts made which make finding the right version (specifically devkitpro r45) rather difficult. In short, I'm a big newbie and have trouble getting the currently findable Emerald Rom bases to successfully work.

Would there be any rom bases in the form of a patch that could provide a great starting ground for an Emerald rom hack? Or alternatively, is there any up-to-date and in-depth guides on getting either of the aforementioned rom hacks to work properly?