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Have you ever been to a Pokémon event?

Started by Sheep September 9th, 2019 10:50 AM
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Whether it be small, fan-hosted tournaments in your area or big, official events like the Pokémon World Championships, have you ever been to an event? Would you go?

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YES!! :D Does anyone else remember the Pokemon Black & White promotional tour? The one that had the demos? I got to go to the one in Dallas! I was 11 at the time. I got plushies of all 3 starters and a black Oshawott T-shirt; I saw a bunch of cosplay; the hotel room I stayed in had a view of where the event's trailer with Reshiram and Zekrom on it was parked; and at the end I saw Zoroark: Master of Illusions with my bemused non-Pokefan family. It's a memory I cherish. <3 (The lines were brutal, though. x.x)

I also used to go to a Pokemon TCG league hosted at Burger King and the occasional tournament held at my local comic book shop, back when I still played the TCG.


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^That's awesome! Despite brutal lines (I can imagine...) that sounds like a lot of fun. :>

I've never been personally. Closest I've gotten was going to the Pokémon Center store when it was still physically around in NYC, but that's not really an event. Would love to go to a Pokémon GO fest or Safari Zone at some point. And PWC too!

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I've been to several Pokemon TCG tournaments and league days over the years, both official and unofficial ones. And I saw Mewtwo Strikes Back in theaters once - only Pokemon movie I've seen *in* theaters, actually.

Despite that, never actually been to any game prerelease event or any other big events like Worlds or Pokemon Go community day gatherings, and never been to a TCG tournament bigger than a States/League Cup.


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I was at the Pokemon World Championship when they held it here in Vancouver back in 2013. It was awesome seeing thousands of people there just for Pokemon, and there were people cosplaying, sitting around playing the TCG and games, taking pictures with mascots like Pikachu and the Unova starters, etc. And while I didn't meet him myself, I was standing about 10 feet away from Junichi Masuda before he was going up on stage to reveal some new Mega Evolutions (which were unfortunately leaked a day or two before that).

I wasn't really that interested in the actual TCG tournaments going on, but I'd definitely love to go to another WC again if I get the opportunity!


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Unfortunately not. ;__; I did have an opportunity when there were regionals the next city over, but I was too nervous to really go. Kinda regret that, tbh.
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