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Old August 31st, 2010 (1:21 AM).
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    I decided to create another novelty team, since I had such fun playing with 6 castforms :p and I thought nobody ever uses rain dance in baby teams (probably for good reason) so hey, why not give it a go. by the way this team was designed for battle tower and for 3v3 singles on PBR, which is why there are only 2 Rain Dance users

    [email protected] Sash
    Hasty (+Spe/-Def)
    252 Spe/128 SpA/128 Atk
    ~Rain Dance

    Voltorb's very good at setting Rain up, although he does lose to taunt or anything faster than him. either way, his job is there, come in, use RD, get taken down to his sash, and Explode or thunder before he dies (whichever does more) even with the attack EVs his attack is still abysmal, but can score some OHKOs with Explosion occasionally (he OHKOed Palmer's Milotic on the first test) Taunt is a dodgy move here, since if I mispredict it Voltorb is gone, although there isn't much else I could have on him.

    [email protected] Rock
    Sassy (+SpD/-Spe)
    252 SpD/96 SpA/56 Atk/104 Def
    ~Sludge Bomb
    ~Rain Dance

    Almost an Identical set to Voltorbs, I spent an age breeding a perfect SpD IV onto Koffing, only to find that the fifth Sassy "somewhat vain" one I hatched had a 31 Atk IV as well :D. Max SpD Evs, 31 IV, and Sassy Nature gives Koffing enough Special bulk to take most unboosted neutral hits, and thankfully his only weakness is not a very common type, so usually he can get the Rain Dance up. Thunder's there since it can be abused in the Rain, and Sludge Bomb's for STAB. Explosion is usually the only Attack Koffing uses, if he uses anything after rain dance, he usually gets 2HKOed.

    [email protected] Specs/Life Orb
    Timid (+Spe/-Atk)
    252 Spe/176 SpA/80 Def
    ~Hydro Pump
    ~Ice beam
    ~Earth Power
    ~HP Fire

    The swift swimmer on the team had to be omanyte, it's SpA is almost good. I haven't decided between Specs and LO yet, both have their merits. Rain boosted Specs Hydro Pump really hurts, Earth Power's a nice coverage move, Ice Beam's for dragons, and HP fire's for general coverage and for lack of a fourth move. it'd between HP fire and Ancientpower so far, I haven't decided which I like best. Omanyte can also take a few physical hits for the team if the need arises.

    [email protected] Lens
    Jolly (+Spe/-SpA)
    252 Spe/252 Atk/4 HP
    ~Belly Drum

    Yep, belly drum poliwag. Max speed jolly makes him faster than people expect, and provided he lands the hypnosis, and the opponent isn't faster (I know, risky :p) he can usually set up OK. Rain Boosted STAB waterfall coming off +6 attack puts a serious dent in anything, and Return hits all the things Waterfall can't. only real issue with Poliwag is that if I miss hypnosis I'm one 'mon down since his defences are absolute cake.

    [email protected] Berry
    Jolly (+Spe/-SpA)
    252 Spe/176 SpD/80 Atk
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Aqua Tail
    ~X-Scissor/Aerial Ace

    SD Gligar can be pretty reliable, its stats are amazing for a NFE, and it has nice typing as well. like koffing, it can take most unboosted hits with the given EVs, but is x4 weak to ice, and its x2 water weakness is made more dangerous with the rain up. The berry helps me set SD up, and Ground-Water gives good coverage. I'm considering running X-scissor or Aerial Ace in the last slot to deal with grass types who threaten the team, and who Gligar can't hit. If he can get the SD off, he can usually pull off a sweep, although Aqua Tail has a tendency to miss at the worst of times. Moves are self explanatory, EQ for STAB, Swords Dance for the much needed attack boost, and Aqua Tail because it gets the Rain boost, becoming a 135 power move whilst it's raining.

    [email protected] Scarf
    Modest (+SpA/-Atk)
    252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP
    ~Water Spout
    ~Ice Beam
    ~HP Flying
    ~Surf/Hydro Pump

    This little guy is kinda like a baby version of the oh so popular scarf Kyogre, just without the massive SpD and general good stats, and lack of thunder. STAB Rain boosted water spout is a stupidly powerful move, and with the Scarf, Wailmer's free to abuse it as much as it likes. Ice Beam's for Dragons and grass types, HP flying 's filler, and helps with bugs and fighting types, and Surf/Hydro Pump (again, haven't decided) is for if Wailmer takes some damage before attacking (SR, Spikes etc) so I still have a powerful water move to abuse. Evs maximise Speed and SpA, leaving lv 50 wailmer with a still shoddy 130 SpA and 112 Spe, boosted to 168 with the scarf, lets it outspeed most things.

    Yeah, so that's the squad, I know they lose miserbly to anything with more than base 110 speed, but hey, I had fun making them, and they've had enough wins so far for them not to be a waste of time

    Please Rate and comment, tell me what you think!



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    Old August 31st, 2010 (8:18 AM).
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      Koffing is an inferior wall compared to Bronzor. Bronzor has way better defensive stats and benefits more from the Rain since it eliminates all of its weaknesses. Furthermore, Bronzor learns Stealth Rock which is a must-have for offensive teams like this.

      Bronzor @Damp Rock
      Sassy Nature
      220 HP / 8 Atk / 152 Def / 4 SpA / 68 SpDef / 12 Spd

      -Rain Dance
      -Stealth Rock

      Rain Dance and SR are pretty obvious choices. Psychic is for Gastly and Earthquake for Steel/Fire types.


      Why would you use HP Fire on a Rain Dance team? Replace with Hidden Power Electric for Mantyke and other Water types.


      Does not belong on this team at all. Gligar does not benefit from the rain as a sweeper. Replace with Horsea:

      Horsea @Life Orb
      Modest/Timid Nature
      Swift Swim
      36 Def / 200 SpA / 76 SpDef / 196 Spd

      -Hydro Pump
      -Ice Beam
      -Hidden Power Grass/Electric
      -Rain Dance

      Consider a Paras, preferably over Poliwag. Paras resists Grass and Electric, heals in the Rain due to Dry Skin, and lures Fire type attackers like Houndour and Magby for an easy switch-in.

      Paras @Oran Berry
      Impish Nature
      Dry Skin
      236 HP / 116 Atk / 156 Def

      -Seed Bomb


      Old August 31st, 2010 (10:21 PM).
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        I only just realised the HP fire is useles,, I never use it. and the reason I chose Koffing over bronzor was becasue Koffing could actually do some damage, bronzor's attacking stats are awful, and Paras' defencive stats are terrible. also, I designed this team to play against other Pokemon level 50 on the wifi or on PBR, so is it really worth putting Def EVs on Horsea? Thanks very much though
        Old August 31st, 2010 (10:33 PM).
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          wait what you're using a little cup team in proper battles.

          Brony represent.
          Old September 1st, 2010 (5:17 AM).
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            Yeah wtf? I thought you were playing Little Cup against other Lv. 5 unevolved Pokemon. Don't even bother trying to use unevolved Pokemon against fully evolved Pokemon.


            Old September 1st, 2010 (2:36 PM).
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              if your using Level 5s then Oran works better than sitrus berry, because iirc no pokemon oher than maybe happiny has 40HP. so Oran will mostly heal More health than a sitrus..
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              Old September 1st, 2010 (11:32 PM).
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                look, I'm doing it for a laugh. I know it doesn't work perfectly :p I just thought I'd abuse the fact that 50% of people on PBR/wifi are a bit underwhelming, and it's good fun to play with babies. I know it's not perfect

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