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Well, this has been a long time coming. My first Monocolor started basically when I started this thread way back in 2011 with White on Blue. Can't believe it's taken me 6 years to do this! It's been a great run and who knows I may even continue these someday! Enjoy the update!

Update on Ultimate Purple Monocolor Challenge.

Final Update (#5) on Black 2.
  • Started in Humilau City, then surfed down Route 21 to Seaside Cave, which I navigated to get to the Plasma Frigate.
  • After defeating all the Grunts and solving the puzzles, I took down Zinzolin alongside Hugh.
  • The Frigate flew off to the Giant Chasm, and I followed them with Hugh.
  • Got through more Grunts to defeat Zinzolin for the last time, then took down Colress as well.
  • After a speech by Ghetsis, I defeated the Shadow Triad easily, then followed Ghetsis into the caves.
  • Black Kyurem was fused but I defeated it to stop Ghetsis's plans. He didn't like that and challenged me.
  • My team was more than up to the task and we finally cleared Unova of the evil Team Plasma.
  • Next up was Victory Road and the Elite Four. Home stretch in sight!
  • We made our way through Victory Road while fighting every trainer, ending with Hugh at the top.
  • After some moveset editing, EV maxing/training, and a few Rare Candies got everyone to L61, we took on the Elite Four.
  • Surprisingly to me the most difficult one was also the first one we faced, Shanutal. He took down most of my team before Toxix was able to go on a streak to win.
  • The rest of the Elite Four were team efforts with good contributions from almost everyone, though Shaolina and RayRay stood out.
  • Finally Iris was up. She wasn't too much trouble after I got ahead of her team numbers-wise. Here's a video and play-by-play:



Elite Four:

Champion Iris:

Hall of Fame:

Team Indigo (Final):

Shaolina the Docile Mienshao, ♀ - L62 @ Muscle Band
Ability: Regenerator
Moves: Drain Punch, Rock Slide, Hi Jump Kick, U-turn
Final Stats: 181/205/96/136/93/168
Elite Four co-MVP

Stinger the Serious Drapion, ♂ - L62 @ Black Sludge
Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Crunch, Rock Slide, Cross Poison, Aqua Tail
Final Stats: 184/151/154/80/122/158
Iris MVP

Psyqueen the Bold Gothitelle, ♀ - L62 @ Leftovers
Ability: Frisk
Moves: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave
Final Stats: 209/74/155/151/167/110
Unova co-MVP

Zeppelin the Brave Drifblim, ♂ - L61 @ Electric Gem (poof!)
Ability: Unburden
Moves: Shadow Ball, Fly, Thunderbolt, Acrobatics
Final Stats: 266/156/72/142/88/100

Toxix the Adamant Muk, ♀ - L62 @ Black Sludge
Ability: Stench
Moves: Gunk Shot, Dig, Payback, Ice Punch
Final Stats: 225/189/115/77/144/85
Unova co-MVP, Elite Four co-MVP

RayRay the Timid Mantine, ♂ - L62 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Air Slash, Blizzard, Surf, Hydro Pump
Final Stats: 185/54/111/132/187/138
Elite Four co-MVP

Former Team Members and HM Slaves:

Whiskers the Quiet Liepard, ♀ - L42
Ability: Limber
Moves: Return, Fake Out, Snarl, Seed Bomb
Unova co-MVP

HM Slaves:

Snivy - Cut, Flash [boxed]

Ducklett - Fly, Surf [boxed]

We'll see if I ever get these past Gen V. See you all on the other side!
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Originally Posted by Halfcadence View Post
Ultimate Brown Monocolor Challenge (Moon) - Second and FINAL Update
Congratulations to HalfCadence for being the first to complete an Ultimate Challenge on all 7 generations!

Also, I have updated the Champions list.
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    Black 2 Blue Mono-Color - Update #5
    After beating Drayden, I entered his house, and he spoke of the story of Zekrom and Reshiram, and how they were once a single Pokémon, then Kyurem came into existence too. He spoke of the DNA Splicers. But while we were wondering what could possibly happen, we heard a boom — Team Plasma! They froze the city with their epic ship! Drayden tried to have his Haxorus use Dragon Tail, but why wouldn’t he use Altaria and burn it instead? Zinzolin tried to threaten us with another volley of ice, but Drayden didn’t want to have any of that!

    I decided to give Fake Love one last chance to impress me, and if this doesn’t do it, I’m kicking her off the team for good. She fought very well against the first grunt, JUST 2HKO’ing his Muk with Psychic, but the Watchog used Baton Pass after taking less than half from Air Slash, then I scored a critical hit on it. The second grunt she OHKO’d both her Pokémon with after one Calm Mind. I went for Circuit against the last grunt, though, and she fought alright and grew to Level 45, despite almost being finished off with a critical hit on Double Hit from his Weezing. Then we took on Zinzolin, and his first Cryogonal unfortunately did over half to Brimstone with Ice Beam, but I beat it with two hits of Rock Blast, then Weavile got an Attack boost from Metal Claw, but I thankfully hit with Rock Tomb. Then he finished me with Ice Shard. Dang! I brought in Sapphire, and he was still faster even after -1 (shows how slow my -Speed natured Lucario is), but I finished him with Force Palm and OHKO’d the second Cryogonal with no problems.

    Drayden then healed me, and brought out the DNA Splicers, but to the surprise of absolutely nobody, Team Plasma got their hands on them. Nice job jinxing it, old dude. I then fought a member of the Shadow Triad, he was okay. Drayden caught up to me, and after some talk with Hugh and Cheren, we knew that our next destination was Humilau City. Before headed there, though, I decided to spend my money like money ain’t **** and buy two weather TMs and a TON of Super Repels, because I knew we were about to come to an area with a new Move Tutor. I made my way through the Marine Tube, which is really darn cool, and then made our way into Humilau City. It wasn’t long before we found Marlon, and that got him back to his Gym. The Move Tutor was right near, and unfortunately I only had nine Yellow Shards, not quite enough for Drain Punch. I then decided it was time to use the Thunderstone on Circuit to evolve him into Eelektross. I could’ve waited for Level 54 for Coil, but that likely won’t be until after all the Team Plasma stuff so I don’t care.

    I then took to Route 22. Not many of the trainers here were much worth caring about. Afterwards, it was Gym time. Oddly, I decided to leave Sapphire behind, because he was getting rather high leveled and I didn’t think he’d be too necessary. At least Brimstone had Sturdy to basically guarantee a Stealth Rock or Rock Tomb, and Icecap can use Mirror Coat, which can be interesting. That being said, the very first trainer had a Floatzel that OHKO’d Circuit with a critical hit Aqua Tail. And his Mantine was annoying too, but he used Aqua Ring once I had Brimstone out and was beaten with two hits. And a later Ace Trainer’s Pelipper scored a critical hit Spit Up that did over 3/4 to Pesto. I was not amused. Right after that we had a Basculin that used Soak on Pesto, then used Double-Edge and scored a critical hit for almost 2/3 my health. Gosh darn it!!! Then the second one I switched in Ashigatana for, only for him to score ANOTHER critical hit for 3/4 my health!!! Then he finished me with Double-Edge and scored ANOTHER ****ING CRITICAL HIT!!!!!!! Completely unneeded, but it was obnoxious alright. I brought in Pesto, and easily survived a Double-Edge, then I scored the critical hit with Giga Drain from a little bit over half. I don’t know if that was taunting or throwing it back at him, because it definitely wasn’t needed. At least Fake Love did okay against the last Ace Trainer, barely 2HKO’ing both her Pokémon with Energy Ball (which did have the Miracle Seed backing). But then it was Gym Leader time!

    I began with Circuit against Wailord, and he used Scald for just under half, while my Thunderbolt OHKO’d.
    Then he brought in… Mantine? Why? He used Scald as well, but it got me into the red before I OHKO’d that with Spark.
    Carracosta came next, and I used Thunderbolt to get him to Sturdy, and his Sitrus Berry healed him out of healing range, then he finished me with Crunch. I brought in Fake Love and finished him with an Energy Ball.
    Jellicent was last up. I used Energy Ball, which scored a critical hit and did over half, but his Sitrus Berry got him around 5/8 or so before he OHKO’d me with Shadow Ball. With a very interesting idea in mind, I went to Icecap. He used Scald, which did JUST under half my health — getting me to 69 HP, no less — and I used Mirror Coat, which finished him. Very cool.

    So I got the Wave Badge and TM55 for Scald, and then Marlon swam off. The Electric-type definitely made a difference there, as it might have been a little tougher without it. That Jellicent I felt like could have been a problem, but I had a fun tactic for it. Anyway, Hugh was right outside the Gym, and Marlon was there and found out about Team Plasma. But he didn’t really get what was going on. Hugh headed north to Route 22, and I decided to leave Brimstone behind for right now, as we have a variety of types coming up that both Pesto and Fake Love will help against.

    I had to head north to Route 22. There, as I discovered Terrakion, I came across Colress, who talked about if I plan to confront Team Plasma. Uh, why are you asking that again? But he liked my plans, and gave me the Colress Machine. I then took on Terrakion, who was 2HKO'd by Sapphire's Force Palm after a Rock Slide miss and getting paralyzed. I taught Megahorn to Ashigatana, because I didn't need Giga Impact anymore (that was just a filler for Marlon in case).

    That being said, I went through Route 21. None of the trainers were worth any discussion, although the first Swimmer mentioned how the power of science is incredible seeing as Wailord is 47 feet long and can still fit inside a Poké Ball. I guess she's one of the nerds of this game, except she's gorgeous and all.

    But then it was time to enter the Seaside Cave. Just when I thought Fake Love was starting to redeem herself, she misses with Air Slash against the first Battle Girl's Heracross and is OHKO'd by Megahorn. My god. YOU HAD ONE ****ING JOB. Thankfully, Circuit survived a Megahorn with 1/4 and was able to paralyze it. We also had that Black Belt with four Roggenrola, but Sapphire cleaned through him easily. I explored the lower floors, and after a bunch of Strength puzzles made my way to TM06 for Toxic, which I probably won't use but is still nice to have. But then I decided to go back and swap Pesto for Brimstone after all, since the Grass-type will be pretty deadweight up ahead. I used it to take care of that roadblock Crustle, and next thing you know, we were back outside on Route 21. Marlon helped us get in there, and we entered! After a stuttering grunt, he grew to Level 48 and tried to learn Stone Edge, but I passed on that. Me and Hugh then fought two grunts in a slightly shaky double battle (why is Hugh using a Serperior against four Poison-types?!), then it was up to us to get through some switches!

    Down in the basement, we met with a guy who was ex-Team Plasma and spying on his old "friends". I found the healing room, thankfully. Now, I've gone on record as not being a fan of most villainous team bases (and I was on a flight on a plane for this first part), so I wanted to get through it as quickly as I could. But I did still run into some grunts, and they weren't tough, but there were maybe one or two annoyances. I even remember the informal that we were roughly 25 minutes from our destination while I was still looking for the switches. I eventually deactivated all the barriers, and proceeded into the area where Zinzolin was…and Kyurem was down below and trapped! Hugh joined me to take on him and another grunt. The first Cryogonal did ONE POINT short of a 2HKO on Brimstone with Ice Beam, but the fight went by pretty quickly. Brimstone beat all of Zinzolin's team members in one turn each, and Hugh's Serperior helped out a lot. After Hugh spoke of how he was longing for his sister's Purrloin, which was caught by his late grandfather, Zinzolin didn't exactly care, and had the Shadow Triad kick us off the boat yet again. Cheren was close behind though, and informed us that they were likely headed towards the Giant Chasm.

    On my second flight from Atlanta, I decided to do a bit of shard hunting, to make sure I would have at least ten Red, Blue and Yellow Shards in case I settled on moves I wanted. But it took me a whopping 65 Super Repels to get a measly four Red Shards (I had six before then), which was obscenely arduous. But I got them, so that's good. The rest of the game I played through while I was in Florida, so yeah.

    Anyway, I then entered the Giant Chasm. Hugh caught up to me, and so did the spy who was a former Team Plasma member. Once they were out of the way, I surfed across a pond and found TM13 for Ice Beam. Very nice! I wasted no time in teaching that to both Ashigatana and Icecap. There was a little bit more to find in the cave, but after all of that was taken care of, I went back to the Move Deleter and dropped Strength from Sapphire again. Then, with those shards in hand that I just acquired, I grappled on whether or not I wanted to teach a new move with them. Ashigatana I had dropped Revenge from for Ice Beam, because I had a Fighting-type and two other team members who could learn attacks of that type. One of them being Circuit, who I ultimately decided to teach Superpower, so I have at least some variety in his attacks. I juggled on whether or not to teach Drain Punch to Sapphire, but I didn't, because we had both Aura Sphere AND Close Combat right around the corner, even if the latter we won't be getting until Victory Road.

    So we got to the Crater Forest, and after Hugh gave a riling speech to the old Team Plasma, we had to battle a grunt. I do like this part of the game, honestly, but I find it funny when he says "As usual, take the other one!" Uh, don't we usually battle them together? But anyway, the grunt in question was no problem. Rood gave me some Max Revives, and he was ready to fight for justice! Hugh was then free to enter the frigate. And apparently, he has a silly looking Qwilfish hairstyle. We then had a double battle, and the only hard part about that was a Scrafty somehow using Hi Jump Kick on Sapphire when I switched him in for Pesto. What the heck.

    Then we were in the lowest depths of the Plasma Frigate! We had to deal with some password bull****, but before anything else I found the Doctor. His Leavanny was faster than my entire team, and it would've gone significantly worse if I hadn't brought Brimstone. We waded through grunts, eventually finding the one who gives the Plasma Card. Right before that one, though, we had a grunt who used a Scrafty that was knocked into the red with Icecap's Ice Beam (Icicle Plate boosted). Just goes to show how loose foes' stats in B2W2 Challenge Mode are. And it gave both Icecap and Ashigatana 1338 EXP. The password was Reshiram, if that matters at all. Zinzolin approached me, and his first Cryogonal missed Confuse Ray against Brimstone because I had the Lax Incense. But his Weavile unfortunately JUST BARELY 2HKO'd Circuit with Night Slash. Ashigatana, despite being just above half, managed to survive it with 1/7 HP and OHKO it with Megahorn. I let his second Cryogonal finish it off and Sapphire finished the job, reaching Level 51 and learning HUDOKEN - or Aura Sphere - upon doing so.

    Before taking on Colress, there was one last item I wanted to get. I went back to Route 19, and got a second Expert Belt that was up on a cliff. Can't believe I forgot to do this earlier. Then, we were back on the frigate. We entered Colress' office, and after some shenanigans on his goals, it was time for battle!

    I began with Pesto against Magneton, and he started off with a Flash Cannon for JUST over half. Bulldoze did a little over half and lowered his Speed. Alright, I guess that could be worse. I got the Quick Claw - which may or may not have mattered - and finished him with another Bulldoze.
    Magnezone came next, and he finished me with Flash Cannon. Sucks, but it happens. I went for Brimstone, and his Flash Cannon got me to Sturdy, and here's the funny part - here, I swore I clicked Rock Tomb, but I apparently used Rock Blast instead, but it hit five times for around 1/3 his health, maybe a bit more. Heh, I'll take it! Then he finished me with Discharge. I brought in Circuit, and unfortunately, this is not Generation VI, so he was able to use Thunder Wave and paralyze me. Didn't stop me from using Superpower and finishing him off, though (and getting Circuit to Level 51).
    Klinklang was next, and he had his Air Balloon. He used Shift Gear, which is very scary. Spark didn't do much at all because of my stats dropping, but I did paralyze him and pop his balloon. But he was still faster and used Giga Impact, which OHKO'd me. I brought in Sapphire, and Aura Sphere had the Fist Plate backing and was still 90 power before that, so it's no surprise that it finished him from 90% or so.
    Beheeyem was next though. Uh-oh! This thing is scary! I had an idea, but it was a weird one. I switched to Icecap, as he used Calm Mind, sure enough. He used it again, so my Mirror Coat unfortunately went to waste. I used Shadow Ball, but it only did around 1/4 or so. Then he used another Calm Mind. I used Shadow Ball and got him around 40% or so, then he used Psychic and OHKO'd me. Ashigatana finished the job with Megahorn, which had the Wide Lens backing it for good measures.
    Metang was last, and Surf OHKO'd him with a critical hit, ending the battle. Well alright then!

    Colress then talked about some stuff and told me to go to the room opposite side of his. The grunt blocking that path pretended to be strong, but doesn't even have any Pokémon, and fled. Before I went on, I decided to swap Brimstone for Fake Love, as I felt like Brimstone wouldn't be totally necessary for this fight. Anyway, Ghetsis was in his quarters, and he went on about how pissed he was with Colress putting his own needs before Team Plasma's. At least he was being honest about his goals this time… The Shadow Triad allowed Ghetsis to take his leave, and Hugh found his sister's Pokémon… Only for it to be fully evolved! Why?! But enough about that! Time to take on the Shadow Triad! I'm not going to waste time talking about them, because they were just as easy as you would expect a trio full of Pawniards and the like to be. As they left, Hugh said that it's my job to keep Team Plasma from doing whatever we want, lest there be more sad Pokémon! So I proceeded through to the deepest part of the cave…

    …And Ghetsis was there! (Also, side note: I can OHKO lots of things in this game that opposing trainers use that I feel like I shouldn't, yet a Swoobat can't OHKO a wild Basculin nine levels lower with Energy Ball? Seems legit.) You all know what happens here, Ghetsis almost has Kyurem freeze you solid, N saves you, but that was Ghetsis' plan and he fuses Kyurem with Zekrom to become Black Kyurem. This still remains a favorite plot point in any Pokémon game for me to this day. But enough about that. Now we had to take it for ourselves! Icecap 4HKO'd it, with Icy Wind followed by two Ice Beams leaving it at 1 HP, then finishing it off. It used Freeze Shock for less than half, but it did paralyze me although I still won. But then we had one very angry Ghetsis in front of us. Alright, freak show, now it's just me and you!

    Icecap was still up front, so he was first in line against Co***rigus. I used Ice Beam, which did less than half, but he missed with Toxic. No complaints there. "I was expecting exactly that kind of move!" No surprise that's one of the phrases that can be spawned from the fortune teller tent in Festival Plaza. Anyway, he did have Leftovers, just like me, and another Ice Beam got him to 1 HP, and then he hit that time, so I was now poisoned. He healed, and Ice Beam got him to half before Leftovers, but I started to take more poison damage. I juggled between whether to bank on him using Protect or not. I did - and I was right, he used Protect - but I used Rest to get rid of the poison, but I quickly second-guessed that decision. He tried to use Protect for some reason, which failed. As I continued to snooze, Shadow Ball did over 1/3, but lowered my Special Defense, which I wasn't wild about at first, but it did allow me to do something clever. Shadow Ball did half my health and got me into the red… But I woke up and used Mirror Coat, finishing him. So that's the second important battle that Icecap has managed to use Mirror Coat during. Very fun.
    Eelektross was next, as I figured. I used Icy Wind, which did a nice chunk of his health, before he finished me with Flamethrower. I realized this Eelektross will be very scary. I decided to go with Pesto, hoping to maybe stall him out a bit. Sleep Powder thankfully hit, and Giga Drain did enough for a kill next turn… But he woke up and used Flamethrower for over 2/3 my health. REALLY DUDE? At least another Giga Drain finished him.
    Then he used Seismitoad, which seems like the most unusual thing ever, but I had a feeling he was faster than me. He was, and Sludge Wave finished me off. I brought in Fake Love, hoping this would be a good chance for her to prove herself. I started with a Calm Mind for good measures, as he hit with Muddy Water, which even with +1 still did barely over half. Energy Ball OHKO'd thankfully, so that's good news.
    Toxicroak came next, which again seems insanely unusual, but he finished me with Sucker Punch. Feeling backed up, I brought in Ashigatana. He was unfortunately faster, and Poison Jab did over 1/3, and Surf…looked to do half right on the dot. I was really straddling it here. He used Poison Jab, which got me right near the red, and poisoned me. It wasn't until after I clicked Aqua Tail that I remembered Torrent, which would've allowed me to kill it anyway. Aqua Tail connected (had Wide Lens backing)…and scored the critical hit there. Really???
    Drapion came after, and immediately finished me with Poison Fang. I went to Circuit, and after spending over a minute contemplating whether to go for Spark or Thunderbolt, I opted for the latter. His Night Slash did over 1/3 my health, but Thunderbolt was looking at an easy 2HKO. Thankfully his next Night Slash didn't score a critical hit, allowing my Thunderbolt to finish him.
    Hydreigon was last, and finished me with Rock Slide, then took Life Orb recoil. The reason I didn't use Sapphire at all until this point was because I wanted him at full health for this thing, because even though I resist all his attacks, he has a Life Orb and can still hit pretty hard. He used Dragon Rush for less than half, and recoil got him to 80%. The interesting thing is that had that flinched me, Steadfast would've activated and made me faster than him. But Aura Sphere (still with Fist Plate) finished him off even with a five level disadvantage and got me the win. And Sapphire was at the tail-end to Level 52 then went over halfway through to 53.

    Anyway, Ghetsis then ranted some more, N tried to be sentimental and all, but Ghetsis didn't want any of that. The Shadow Triad took him off, and N thanked me for saving Zekrom and Kyurem, then said he knew what the world is about and suggested me go to the league. Hugh showed up a little too late, I answered No to his question, and he knew where our next destination was.

    Before heading that way, though, I decided to explore the ruins of the Crater Forest, where Rood and two other old Team Plasma members were, along with some items. I also found the Hidden Grotto, which had… A Potion? That's it? We just went through one heck of a battle with Ghetsis, and a Potion is all you have for me? Whatever. And that'll be it for right now.

    (M) “Ashigatana”, Level 51
    Nature: Hardy
    Stats: 174, 131, 99, 121, 77, 88
    Moves: Aqua Tail, Ice Beam, Megahorn, Surf

    (M) “Sapphire”, Level 52
    Ability: Steadfast
    Stats: 154, 143, 97, 132, 91, 100
    Moves: Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Ice Punch, Force Palm

    (F) “Fake Love”, Level 51
    Nature: Hardy
    Ability: Unaware
    Stats: 132, 77, 75, 92, 63, 137
    Moves: Air Slash, Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Psychic

    (M) “Icecap”, Level 52
    Stats: 148, 76, 145, 159, 117, 87
    Moves: Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Mirror Coat, Rest

    (M) “Circuit”, Level 51
    Nature: Serious
    Stats: 160, 135, 93, 126, 100, 74
    Moves: Crunch, Spark, Superpower, Thunderbolt

    (F) “Pesto”, Level 52
    Stats: 181, 122, 132, 128, 81, 63
    Moves: Bulldoze, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Tickle

    (M) “Brimstone”, Level 51

    Moon Blue Mono-Color - Update #2

    After finishing up with the first Grand Trial, I decided that now that I have Tauros, the first thing I should do is go to Ten Carat Hill to catch a Roggenrola. I did just that, and named it Echo. And while catching it, Cheery evolved into a Brionne, which is nice. With that taken care of, I made my way to the Marina, where we blasted out onto Akala Island and at Hea'hea City. Nebby got out of the bag and we met with two captains. And we had a new Pokédex expansion! After getting a geeky new pair of lens, we headed north to find Sina and Dexio, and the former challenged me. She had a Delibird, and I led with Echo, which would be perfect…except I didn’t have any Rock-type attacks. But her Present had her getting the short end of the stick, so Echo beat it pretty easily. As for her Glaceon, Mittens couldn't do much thanks to having her Speed lowered (though she was weird and used Quick Attack first), and Blaster lowered her Speed with String Shot then after a weak Quick Attack, lived her Icy Wind with 1 HP. Cheery was able to take it from there. Then they gave me the Zygarde Cube. I then met with Lillie at the Grand Song Hotel before progressing.

    On Route 4, Echo beat all the trainers there, including a chump with a Drifloon that used Minimize. I knew there was a Pokémon I could catch here, but I decided to worry about that later, so we progressed into Paniola Town, where we took on Hau. He wasn't too bad once I lowered his Torracat's Attack with Mittens' Growl. After checking out a bit of the town, we were in Paniola Ranch, where Stoutland was registered to the Ride Pager. I skipped the trainers for the time being and made my way to Route 5, where we came to Gladion (after a double battle that couldn’t be skipped). Zubat was easy for Echo, but Type: Null I lowered the accuracy of a bit before Blaster got a paralysis going. From there on he missed quite a few hits. Mittens got his Defense cut down to size with Screech, and that allowed Cheery to finish him. All four of my team members gained EXP from that. He stepped aside and allowed me to enter Brooklet Hill, after another double battle. Lana was at the entrance, but I wasn't here for the trial just yet. It was time for me to use Island Scan and go after a Marill. The first one I caught had an Impish nature… But it had Thick Fat. So I caught the next one, which had a Hasty nature, which wasn't overly exciting, but I went with it. (I do already have a Water/Fairy-type to be, anyway.) I also caught a lso caught a Psyduck named lolwut. If she becomes a Golduck though, I'll probably change that name.

    Then I went back to Paniola Ranch, and beat the three trainers there. I tried to not use anyone other than Dabble and lolwut against them, but that was not possible against any of them. It wasn't a huge deal per se, but I was trying to catch them up while also keeping my other team members from getting too high leveled. And Dabble reached Level 18, but I stopped her evolution for whatever reason. That annoyance followed into Route 5's other trainers, where we had a Morelull - something that's super-effective against my entire team except Blaster, which wasn't helped by its usage of Flash and Moonlight. But then we returned to Brooklet Hill, where Lana assigned me to go after the fish that are swarming the seas, and registered Lapras to my Ride Pager. The first Wishiwashi was easy thanks to Mittens' Screech. And along the way to the second Wishiwashi, we caught a Surskit named Glide, but its nature was trash (Brave), so I passed. We beat the second Wishiwashi and discovered rain going about. And why the heck is Lana obsessed with the hope of finding a Swimmer in need of saving?

    We made our way to the trial site. It was time for some action! As we came to the splash, thunder started pouring… And it was time to take on Totem Wishiwashi! In its Schooling form! The Totem Aura boosted its Defense, and it was raining too. I began with a Screech to lower its Defense, as it used… Soak? Okay, that means I'll resist your only attack, but whatever. It then called upon another Wishiwashi. I used Screech again, so now it was at -3. The small Wishiwashi used Aqua Ring, as the Totem used Growl. That could certainly be worse. I used another Screech to get it down to -5, but not without the little one using Helping Hand, so Water Gun did more than 1/3 despite resistance. The little one used Helping Hand, and I finally went in for Bite, but even then I still only did around 1/3 thanks to Growl, which it used again. I decided to switch to Dabble, as the little one used Helping Hand, so I took just over half from Water Gun. After another Helping Hand, my Brick Break got it to its Sitrus Berry, then it used Growl again. With another Helping Hand, I got it to non-Schooling range, but it used Water Gun and finished me despite resistance just before it stopped schooling. I brought in lolwut, the little one wasted time using Helping Hand, and I finished it with Brick Break. Then lolwut learned Disable, which could help. And Mittens grew to Level 20. The little one was easily 2HKO'd by Brick Break. I got the Waterium Z, so trial complete. And I got a Fishing Rod before Lana took me back to the Pokémon Center.

    I used the Waterium Z and got those Sudowoodo out of the way, so I was free to go to Route 6. We took on some trainers and made our way to the Battle Royale Dome. After beating a Dancer with an Oricorio, both Dabble and Blaster evolved into Azumarill and Charjabug respectively (the former after getting Aqua Tail). But we had to take on some Team Skull losers before the epic round, and that was where we first met with Hapu. We made way to the Battle Dome. I used lolwut, and managed to OHKO the professor's Rockruff. Then, Kiawe invited me to his trial. I checked out the Thrifty Megamart for a bit and went to Route 7, where I caught a Wishiwashi that I named Shrink. It was then time to take to the Wela Volcano Park. I beat the trainers there, got Shrink to Level 20 so he could become Schooling form, and it was trial time! The Marowak was slammed by its Brine, and so was the Hiker's Magmar. But then it was time for the Totem Salazzle!

    The Totem Aura boosted its Special Defense. In hindsight, I could have led with Dabble and maybe OHKO'd it with Aqua Tail, but I don't want this to be too boring. I began with Shrink, who had the Schooling going right off the bat. Salazzle used Torment, but I used Brine and did just under half. I was not thrilled about being stuck with Torment, so I switched to Blaster, got Toxic'd, and met with an unnecessary Poison Gas, before Salazzle used Venom Drench instead of killing me for some reason. Salandit used Venoshock, which I did live, and I got in a Spark but no paralysis. Then Salazzle finished me with Flame Burst. I brought in Shrink again, used Brine and got rid of Salazzle, but not without it using Toxic. And I scored a critical hit. Why couldn't I have had that first turn? The Salandit was simple too.

    So I got the Firium Z, and access to Charizard on my Ride Pager. Then I proceeded to Route 8, met with Colress and got a TM from him that I won't be able to use…then used Island Scan again so I could find Luxio here. I caught one, and named it Muchacha. Don't ask why. I decided to put Dabble away for it for right now, then beat the trainers on Route 8. There was an annoying Miltank that I took care of mostly thanks to Screech and paralysis. The last trainer was the girl with the Z-Powered Fearow. Blaster survived her Z-Move with 1/4. And before taking care of the trial, we beat the last of the trainers on Route 5, including a Sylveon that might've gotten rather annoying if I hadn't cut its Defense and paralyzed it.

    But then it was trial time! I entered the Lush Jungle, and at Mallow's helm, found the four items she was asking for. Then I prepared my team, and after we mixed some stuff up with Lana and Kiawe… The Totem Lurantis attacked!

    Its Totem Aura doubled its Speed, and I began with Echo in the hopes of lowering it with Rock Tomb. Which I did, after it used Razor Blade and wasted its Power Herb, getting me to 1 HP in the process then calling upon a Trumbeak. Then it readied the move again for whatever reason as Trumbeak killed me with Pluck. I got Muchacha in, and an Intimidate. Solar Blade did 4/5 with the Intimidate, and Trumbeak was faster and used Supersonic, which caused me to finish myself in confusion. I then brought in Shrink, and Lurantis prepared Solar Blade, while I used Brine on the Trumbeak, who missed with Supersonic, but it lived. Solar Blade hit…and I lived with 7 HP thanks to the Intimidate, and Trumbeak missed with Supersonic again, allowing me to finish it with another Brine before I stopped schooling. Then it readied Solar Blade… Why? That allowed me to use Tearful Look, so now it was at -2 Attack. Then it finished me. I then decided to have Cheery come in and use a Baby-Doll Eyes, and yet again it readied Solar Blade, allowing me to get in another usage of the move before it hit and did slightly over half. I used it once more as it readied Solar Blade again (what is your problem?!) and next turn got it to -6 before it finished me off. I brought in Mittens next, and used Screech before it used an X-Scissor for an insanely weak hit (thank you, -6 Attack and Fur Coat). This went on for two more turns. Then I switched to Blaster, and was hit with an X-Scissor for 6 damage. Then it scored a critical hit… Really dude??? It did not even half my total health, but still. That allowed me to finish it with a Bug Bite for the win.

    So I got the Grassium Z, and with that I had completed all of Akala Island's trials. Good stuff. After Kiawe and Lana were fled off from the extreme taste of the Mallow Special, I met with Kukui, and was informed that my next stop is the Dimensional Research Lab. But we'll head there later.

    (M) "Cheery", Level 23
    Stats: 62, 38, 41, 49, 43, 34
    Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Disarming Voice, Encore, Scald

    (M) "Blaster", Level 23
    Stats: 61, 49, 54, 36, 45, 25
    Moves: Bug Bite, Charge, Mud-Slap, Spark

    (F) "Mittens", Level 23
    Stats: 69, 36, 33, 45, 39, 64
    Ability: Fur Coat
    Moves: Bite, Fake Out, Screech, Swift

    (M) "Echo", Level 22
    Stats: 57, 39, 47, 23, 16, 10
    Ability: Sturdy
    Moves: Iron Defense, Mud-Slap, Rock Blast, Rock Tomb

    (M) "Shrink", Level 23
    Stats: 55, 20, 17, 19, 17, 28
    Moves: Aqua Ring, Brine, Feint Attack, Tearful Look

    (F) "Muchacha", Level 22
    Stats: 58, 44, 32, 31, 31, 33
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Bite, Charge, Eerie Impulse, Spark
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      Just finished the color White on Y.
      Got no screens cuz I'm lazy...


      Powder the Vivilian
      Lv. 66

      Nia the Pangoro
      Lv. 69

      Queen the Meowstic
      Lv. 67

      Luna the Absol
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      C'mon and slam
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      Black 2 Blue Mono-Color - Update #6 / Final Update
      Having bested Ghetsis in a harrowing fight and seeing to the end of Team Plasma, we headed to Route 23. Thankfully, an Ace Trainer in the house right at the front healed me. Thank goodness! We got into the trainers, and the few I had to battle actually had some strong stuff. Before getting too far into these trainers, I arrived at the Victory Road entrance, where N talked about his initial beliefs, then gave me HM05 for Waterfall, which is nice even if only Ashigatana and my other Water-types get it. I went through the Badge Check Gates, reminiscing on those battles…
      Basic Badge. You were tough, but I had to put the stop down by having my team look cute.
      Toxic Badge. You were pretty hard and I had to use the right things for you.
      Insect Badge. You were nothing, although admittedly I did get a little lucky with OHKO'ing that Leavanny with a critical hit.
      Bolt Badge. You should have been so much harder than you were, but it's telling that I only had two Pokémon left even after you were stupid and didn't use the right super-effective attacks on more than one occasion.
      Quake Badge. I would've had you first time if I hadn't mis-clicked. But you're still my favorite Unova Gym Leader, and you did put up a pretty solid fight.
      Jet Badge. You were extremely tough. I don't know how that would've went had that Swanna not been fully paralyzed against Circuit, but you were easily the hardest Gym Leader overall.
      Legend Badge. You were annoying the first two times, but not terribly difficult once I got around to actually winning.
      Wave Badge. You weren't much worth writing home about, but at least I got a chance to use Mirror Coat against a foe, so thanks for that.
      Then the gateway to Victory Road was open. Since I was at a Pokémon Center, I bought more Revives (since I was out of them), and decided to put Pesto away for now, as she was the first to reach Level 53, and Brimstone fell behind from not being used at all against the top Team Plasma fights. To think that only now I'm reaching Marlon's levels…

      I continued going through the trainers, most of which were admittedly pretty strong. We went into the Cut area, and I swapped Brimstone for Pesto for those trainers. There were some Fighting-type trainers, case in point. Then I went through that nasty Strength puzzle. And with Waterfall in hand, I went back to a few areas that I could battle some trainers in with it.

      Then it was time to enter Victory Road, with a team that was a little under-leveled. But first, I went back to the Move Deleter and dropped both Cut and Strength from Ashigatana and Icecap respectively. Then, I ultimately decided to leave Fake Love behind, for good this time. Believe me, I wanted to keep her on the final team, but one of my seven members had to get the cut, and I realized that she is going to be completely deadweight against the Elite Four. It's sad, after everything, but ultimately she wasn't quite what we needed in the end. So, goodbye, Fake Love. You'll at least be missed.

      Well, we have to continue. Enter Victory Road! The trainers were big stuff as usual, including a Sigilyph that did hit relatively hard with Psychic, and a Lilligant that hit pretty darn hard with Petal Dance (bringing back bad memories of Lusamine), and I realized that I don't have a lot for Grass-types, really. I also had to teach Strength to Icecap to progress. Then there was a Doctor with a Clefable that had Minimize, but Circuit managed to hit Superpower and finish it before it could get any more annoying (although Sapphire had Aura Sphere, anyway). We also had a Sigilyph that swept Brimstone thanks to Hypnosis, a Galvantula that was somehow OHKO'd with Ashigatana's Surf without a critical hit or even the Mystic Water despite a five level disadvantage, and her friend who was handled by Sapphire. Then he reached Level 55 and learned Close Combat! I still wondered if this over Drain Punch would be pushing it, but for now I decided to drop Force Palm for it.

      After (healing), we came to the chump that killed *****. That Gigalith avoided a Power Whip and took three turns to beat, then his Skarmory… Ho boy. He set up +4 Attack but I got in Tickle twice, and even between that and sandstorm damage I managed to survive a hit in the red (did roughly 2/3 my total health) and put him to sleep. I brought in Brimstone again, as odd as it may seem. But he continued to snooze, and after -2 Defense, four hits of Rock Blast finished him. There you go. Revenge for *****.

      After making our way through a Backpacker with a Sawsbuck that Circuit OHKO'd with a critical hit, we came to those two Veterans. You know the ones. They honestly weren't that tough for Circuit and Brimstone. After them was a Psychic who Ashigatana handled. He lived his Co***rigus' Grass Knot at +1 from 5/6 HP and 3HKO'd. Cool. Soon after, we had an Ampharos that used Cotton Guard, and with Circuit burned by that dude's Swanna, I couldn't quite finish it with that. Sapphire had to finish him. After was a Darmanitan that used Rock Slide against Brimstone to get me to 3/4, survived two hits of Rock Blast…then used Superpower which I somehow lived with 8 HP.

      Then there was an area with Flash. Unfortunately, the two team members I had who can learn Flash both had nothing but level-up moves, so I didn't teach it. Making our way outside, we came to an Ace Trainer who put an emphasis on how serious she is, and used a Vanilluxe that tried to troll me with Acid Armor, but that's literally all it did. The first Veteran right at the very end Pesto and Circuit handled, and the second was swept by Sapphire thanks to OHKO'ing his Golurk with a critical hit Dark Pulse. I could've progressed ahead to fight Hugh, but Icecap was the last one who wasn’t Level 56, so I went to the path that leads to N's Castle and fought the Veteran there. His Fraxure and Flygon were both slammed by Icecap's Ice Beam, though the latter scored a critical hit Flamethrower that left me below 10%. For his Zweilous, I switched to Circuit and slammed that with Superpower. And on the way out, we also ran into an Ace Trainer with a Zweilous, but Circuit OHKO'd that with Superpower after Pesto put it to sleep. Then he used a mirror-match, and I lowered his Defense with Crunch, but then he did the same. I got him to 1/3, but he finished me with a critical hit that may or may not have mattered. Ashigatana took it from there. There was one more Pokemon Ranger I fought, who used two Fire-types. Brimstone handled the Magmar, but her Camerupt used Will-o-Wisp and did that in. Pesto finished her off.

      I pushed in the Strength boulder ahead of her, went back to the PWT and dropped Strength from Icecap, taught him Blizzard, and prepared myself… I had one thing on my mind here: REVENGE. There were two more trainers, both with Fighting-types, but I decided I might worry about them later.

      So… Remember how I said back in Undella Town that I was looking forward to Victory Road? This is why. As I was right near the exit, Hugh approached me, wanting to test me before I take on the league. He began with Unfezant, and I began with Brimstone. He used U-turn, which didn't do much at all, and went to Bouffalant, who took four hits of Rock Blast for just over half. Knowing an Earthquake was coming my way, I switched to Circuit, and sure enough, I was right, and I had Levitate, so his Earthquake failed. I was faster, surprisingly, and then slammed him with Superpower. Nice going, Circuit, thank you for avenging *******.
      Simisear came next. His Flamethrower did slightly under half… But it burned me. Darn it! My Thunderbolt did more than half, but thanks to burn, he finished me next turn. I brought in Ashigatana, and took just under 1/3 from Flamethrower… But he burned me again. REALLY DUDE? Even when I'm not doing a Nuzlocke this battle still wants to make my life miserable. Of course it happens when I click Waterfall, but at least it still finished him. Then I grew to Level 57 and got Swords Dance. It may not be in my best judgment, but for now I decided to drop Ice Beam. I might use it, you never know. (Spoiler: I don't.)
      Then… Serperior. Oh boy, it's time for some REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasted no time in switching to Icecap, and his Giga Drain did a little over 1/4. He used Coil, and I went for Blizzard, and it hit. The Ice Gem boosted its power for maximum overkill, and needless to say, it slammed him in one hit. Revenge is a dish best served cold, literally. Good riddance. You totally deserved that. Nice job, Icecap. Very well done having avenged *********. (And ***** as well.)
      Last was that Unfezant again, and he used Facade… Which scored a critical hit for almost half my health. REALLY?! I still had 1/4 my health left, but still. And I finished him with Ice Beam. We too fresh. Gotta blame it on Jesus, #Blessed, they ain't ready for me.

      There you have it, my revenge is complete. So he thanked me for saving his sister's Pokémon, and gave me TM24 for Thunderbolt, which I guess is okay if I decide during the league I want to drop or re-teach on Circuit. With him aside, it was time for me to become the Champion!

      I arrived at the Pokémon League and healed up. Remember how I said that I skipped those Fighting-type trainers? Well, my entire team except Ashigatana was right at the edge of Level 57, except Sapphire, so I went back to take them. Pesto OHKO'd the female's Throh with a critical hit Power Whip, then her Sawk I trolled by using Tickle and putting it to sleep, then Sapphire finished the job. The male had two Bug-types, including a Pinsir that I let Pesto succumb to, but I had the last laugh by getting it to half thanks to the Rocky Helmet and lowering its stats with Tickle. Circuit finished that off after taking 1/5 from Thrash. His Heracross did well over half of Circuit's total health with Close Combat, and wasn't finished off with Spark. Brimstone did him in with the Rocky Helmet, though. Both Circuit and Icecap were literally a hair away from Level 57, so I beat a wild Boldore to get them there. And I took care of two more wild Pokémon to get Sapphire to that point, too. With that, my entire team was Level 57, so the last thing I had to do was adjust my movesets.

      Once all my movesets were adjusted and finalized, I returned to the league, the Veteran blocking the entrance stepped aside, and it was time for me to take on some tough foes. I started with Grimsley, seeing as I had the most coverage for him. Let's go!

      I began with Brimstone against Liepard, and he used Fake Out, which triggered his Normal Gem - and Unburden, likewise - and caused Rocky Helmet damage, but I flinched. He used Night Slash for less than 1/4 my total health, but Rock Blast had to hit twice and not finish him off, because of course it did. He healed, but I took that as an opportunity to go for Stealth Rock. Then he used Attract…and of course I end up immobilized. He used another Night Slash, which got me to half but had him taking damage, and I was immobilized yet again. As if that wasn't infuriating enough, he scored a critical hit and left me at 3 HP… But I hit through Attract and used Rock Blast, but again it only hit twice and got him into the red. But it was enough for Rocky Helmet damage to finish him off. Okay, not the most ideal start, but at least I got off the Stealth Rock.
      I went into Icecap expecting Krookodile, but instead he went to Scrafty. That's not good! He did take a tiny bit of Stealth Rock damage. I wasn't sure what to do, because nothing on my team resists Fighting. After spending over a minute contemplating what to do, I stayed in and used Icy Wind, which did a little over 1/3, and his Brick Break did JUST under half. But he had Leftovers. He lived my Ice Beam with 1 HP, then used Rock Tomb. That did 36 HP while Brick Break did 80, heh. Ice Shard finished him.
      Krookodile was next, which would be perfect if I wasn't almost dead. He got off a pointless Intimidate and finished me with Earthquake. I brought in Ashigatana, and his Earthquake did barely under half, while I used Hydro Cannon and OHKO'd him.
      Absol was next, and he was faster and used Night Slash to get me into the red as I recharged. He finished me with another hit, but I was alright with that. I used Sapphire, and Aura Sphere slammed him with ease.
      Bisharp was last, and somehow faster than me (gosh darn -Speed nature), and Aerial Ace did over 1/4, but I OHKO'd with Aura Sphere for the win.

      After he said some stuff, I decided Shauntal would be next in line. This fight I was looking forward to. She was writing about N's story of his truths, and then got to me. Alright, let's get right to it!

      I began with Icecap against Co***rigus, and Ice Beam did well over half (had the Icicle Plate) and she missed Will-o-wisp. Alright, no complaints there! Next turn she was easily finished off.
      Chandelure was next, though. Oh, dear. I wanted to get Ashigatana in, but I wanted him fully healed because of how strong Chandelure is and how it has the Choice Scarf! After spending two minutes contemplating who I thought would be the least necessary for the rest of her team, I decided my answer to that question was Sapphire, who I switched in and was slammed with a Fire Blast. Then I let Brimstone in, and she used Fire Blast for almost 2/3 despite resistance…and of course Rock Blast only hit twice. Gosh darn it! And she hit with Fire Blast again and finished me. I had to bring in Ashigatana, who also took over half, and Aqua Tail thankfully connected (I was prepared to use Hydro Cannon if Rock Blast had missed). So yeah, I was definitely right to not switch him in there!
      Drifblim was next up, and Thunderbolt finished me, but that's alright. I brought in Circuit next, and she used Shadow Ball for 1/3 before Thunderbolt OHKO'd her.
      Golurk was next. I stayed in and went for Crunch, which did over half, while her Shadow Punch got me into the red. But another Crunch finished her off.
      Banette was last, and she was faster and finished me off with Psychic. I brought in Pesto, and she took a Shadow Claw for a little over 1/4 (and Rocky Helmet damage) before I used Giga Drain, which didn't even get her into the red, and healed me up along the way. She did use Sucker Punch for a bit of damage, but that was nothing in the face of the Rocky Helmet and Power Whip finishing the job (I used Power Whip in case she healed). That finished things here.

      She talked about how we all battled well (indeed), and then I progressed through. I decided to go for Caitlin next. She was still in her flower bed, but came out of it, even though she's not Lady Gaga. She was counting on me to show her superb strength. Let's see if I can give her that, shall we?

      I began with Pesto against Musharna. I hit with Sleep Powder, and she snoozed. Unfortunately, Power Whip did less than half, so not wanting to get her into healing range I used Giga Drain. It got her near 1/3, but she woke up and hit with Hypnosis. I switched in Circuit, which caused her Dream Eater to fail. Crunch finished her off.
      Reuniclus was next. I stayed in and opted for Crunch, which did over half, but so did her Psychic. But even Leftovers wasn't enough to save her from being finished next turn. And Circuit grew to Level 58.
      Metagross was after. Ho boy! She finished me with Zen Headbutt. Now it's time for us to get clever! I brought in Brimstone, and she MISSED with Hammer Arm… And I scored a critical hit Bulldoze, which got her to healing range. But Metagross has Clear Body, so that didn't lower her Speed. She healed, and I hit with Bulldoze for around 1/3 or so. She then hit with Hammer Arm, which got me right near 1/5, and she took Rocky Helmet damage AND Life Orb recoil… But even with that, she still had 1 HP left. She used Bullet Punch and finished me, but died to the Rocky Helmet (Life Orb would've finished her off anyway).
      I brought in Icecap, and she sent in Sigilyph, who that was perfect for. Psychic did a little less than half, and Ice Beam slammed her with a critical hit that definitely didn't matter. And Icecap grew to Level 58 as a result.
      Gothitelle was last. Unfortunately, both my prime physical attackers are out, so I had to hope for the best with this! She was faster, and used Calm Mind, so my Icy Wind was pretty weak, but it did slow her down a bit. Then, Ice Beam got her near 1/3 before her Psychic finished me. I brought in Pesto, hoping for her to get a bit more action, but she snoozed, and Psychic…didn't finish me off. But I snoozed, and she finished me with another hit. I then used Sapphire, and went for a Dark Pulse, which finished the job and won us the fight. And got Sapphire to Level 58.

      Well that was interesting alright! I proceeded out, and then it was time for the foe I had a feeling would be the hardest: Marshal. I adjusted my movesets once again, entered his arena, and I actually didn't encounter him on Twist Mountain, but he was quick to see my strength. Let me show it to you at full power, then!

      I began with Brimstone against Throh, as odd as it may seem, but I was ready to set the stage. He started with Payback, oddly, and took Rocky Helmet damage, while I used Stealth Rock just because. He had Leftovers, though… Then he used Payback again for some reason, and I still had 4/5 my health while he was taking damage. And with Bulldoze, he was near half. I then threw sand in his face, causing him to miss Bulldoze. I threw more sand in his face, but he hit next turn and got me near half. I skillfully avoided a Storm Throw, then Bulldoze got him near half before Leftovers. I decided it was time for Pesto to come in and do her thing. She avoided a Rock Tomb, and then I unfortunately missed with Sleep Powder, while he did not miss with Rock Tomb. I was still faster and hit next turn, though, and he snoozed but was back up to near 4/5. It was Tickle time next turn, though! I lowered his stats as he continued to snooze. Then a Power Whip did big damage, and Leftovers got him out of healing range, allowing me to finish him with another one.
      Mienshao was next. I knew this one was capable of hitting hard, so I was okay with letting someone else take one for the team. I switched in Icecap, as he used… Bounce? Well it did make sense since Pesto was weak to it, but I was surprised he didn't use Hi Jump Kick. He hit with Bounce, which scored a critical hit for half my health, then Ice Beam basically OHKO'd him without a crit (I say "basically" because he took Stealth Rock damage, and I had the Icicle Plate). And Pesto grew to Level 58.
      Conkeldurr was next. I went for an Icy Wind to lower his Speed, and get him near half, as he finished me with Stone Edge. The Flame Orb burned him, and that triggers Guts, which is pretty scary! He had a little over half his health left, so I brought in Ashigatana and finished him with Hydro Cannon.
      Lucario was afterwards. Oh dear. He set up a Calm Mind as I recharged. I had an idea, but it was pretty bold. I stayed in, and he used Calm Mind again. That was the right call, as I used Encore, which locked him into the move. Perfect opportunity to switch into Circuit, and as he continued to use Calm Mind, I slammed him with Superpower.
      Sawk was last up. Stealth Rock broke his Sturdy, and I stayed in. He used Brick Break, which did over 2/3 thanks to Superpower lowering my stats, which was scary. My Acrobatics didn't even get him into the red (he had slightly over 1/3 his health left). But then he used Payback for whatever reason, which still finished me. I had Ashigatana come in, and I took a Brick Break for less than half and finished him with Aqua Tail for the win. That got him 99 EXP from Level 59, which was kinda funny but whatever.

      Having recognized my strength, Marshal commended me, and knew that I had become the strongest trainer in this league. Then it was time for me to take on the Champion! I had to make sure everything was set. I checked over everyone's movesets, and got rid of stuff I knew would be unnecessary, had one last look at their items, and then proceeded. Down below the statue led me to a temple with a whole ton of stairs. Climbing up them led me to none other than the Champion, Iris.

      She said some stuff about how she had been waiting for this, and I tried to leave. I like her "Whaa?! Where are you going?" response. I think this is the only game where you can do something like that before the Champion fight. xP Anyway, after some talk, Iris declared that she was going to defeat me. We'll see about that! Here we go!

      I began with Circuit against Hydreigon. She used Dragon Pulse for over half, and with the Expert Belt, Superpower…left it with around 10%!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! But that wasn't all bad, because she used her Full Restore, so that's good to have out of the way, especially considering it gave me a chance to use Thunder Wave and paralyze her. I then used Superpower again, which…OHKO'd her with a critical hit! Very nice! Unfortunately, that left me at -2 Attack and Defense, which I wasn't thrilled about.
      Aggron was next, much to my disappointment. Anticipating me being slower, I used Thunder Wave, but I was in fact faster and paralyzed her, and she missed with Head Smash. I used Thunderbolt and had her around 40%, then she finished me with Head Smash, and scored a critical hit no less. I then brought in Brimstone. Seeing as she was paralyzed and there was no way she was getting me to Sturdy barring a critical hit, I knew I had time to use Stealth Rock, which I did. She then used Head Smash, which did slightly under 2/3 my health. Bulldoze then finished her.
      Druddigon was next, and she took Stealth Rock damage then finished me with Outrage, and took Life Orb recoil which got her below 4/5. After considering what to do, I brought in Pesto, despite her only having Grass-type attacks. But she was faster, and Outrage did 2/3 my health on the dot, but she took Rocky Helmet AND Life Orb damage which got her right above half, then she became confused due to fatigue. Then I used Tickle to cut her stats a bit. She hit herself in confusion for a noticeable amount of damage - clearly enough for Power Whip to finish her from a bit over 1/3 and -1 Defense despite resistance.
      Lapras was next, and even though she took Stealth Rock damage for 1/4 her health, she hit with Blizzard and finished me. I then brought in Sapphire and slammed her with Close Combat, but that did cut my defenses.
      Haxorus was next up, though, but Stealth Rock broke her Focus Sash, which is important. She then used Earthquake, which OHKO'd me, then I brought in Icecap. She used Dragon Dance, which normally would be scary… But I used Ice Beam and slammed her. I guess Stealth Rock wasn't completely necessary everything considered, because even if I had got her to her Focus Sash I would've just used Ice Shard to finish her off.
      Oh wait, scratch that, Archeops was last up! And she took 1/4 her health in Stealth Rock damage. I used Ice Shard which got her below half, activating her Defeatist ability, and her Stone Edge missed. Then she used it again, and it did JUST over half my health, meaning if it weren't for that she would've barely OHKO'd me. How ironic. Anyway, I used Mirror Coat, but it failed. Then she finished me with another Stone Edge, which then scored the critical hit on the unneeded turn. So yes, Stealth Rock was necessary to get her to Defeatist range. I only had Ashigatana left, and she used Stone Edge for 1/3. Honestly, there's a part of me that wanted her to get the critical hit right there, because that would've got me into Torrent range, which would have been perfect for dramatic effect. Regardless, I used Hydro Cannon, which finished her off, ending the battle and completing the challenge. THIS was why I brought that move - so I could have my very first Pokémon deal the final blow in the very last battle of the game with the very strongest attack it had. And, I succeeded. And it scored a critical hit. Definitely wouldn't have mattered even if she was at full health, but it does serve as the cherry on the sundae. Oh, and Ashigatana grew to Level 59, too (before that he was a hair away from that point).

      Iris thanked me for giving her such an intense battle that allowed us to know each other better than before, and then took me into the Hall of Fame, where my team were recognized as Champions.

      The Final Team!

      (M) “Ashigatana”, Level 59
      Nature: Hardy
      Stats: 201, 155, 114, 141, 89, 102
      Moves: Aqua Tail, Ice Beam, Hydro Cannon, Megahorn

      (M) “Sapphire”, Level 58
      Ability: Steadfast
      Stats: 171, 162, 110, 148, 101, 112
      Moves: Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Ice Punch, Rock Tomb

      (M) “Brimstone”, Level 58
      Nature: Hardy
      Stats: 178, 178, 169, 93, 94, 57
      Moves: Bulldoze, Rock Blast, Sand-Attack, Stealth Rock

      (M) “Icecap”, Level 58
      Stats: 165, 86, 162, 179, 130, 100
      Moves: Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Mirror Coat

      (M) “Circuit”, Level 58
      Nature: Serious
      Stats: 182, 158, 106, 144, 113, 85
      Moves: Acrobatics, Superpower, Thunderbolt, ThunderPunch

      (F) “Pesto”, Level 58
      Ability: Chlorophyll
      Stats: 201, 138, 147, 143, 90, 71
      Moves: Giga Drain, Power Whip, Sleep Powder, Tickle

      (F) “Fake Love”, Level 54
      Nature: Hardy
      Ability: Unaware
      Stats: 140, 83, 79, 97, 66, 145
      Moves: Air Slash, Calm Mind, Fly, Psychic (pretend Fly isn't there and replace it with Energy Ball)

      So that leaves three more games to finish before I'm the second to get all seven generations in one of them. And on that note...

      Moon Blue Mono-Color - Update #3
      After taking care of matters, we went to the Dimensional Research Lab, where we discovered more about the Ultra Wormhole. Then I saw the Ultra Wormhole for myself! We then explored Diglett's Cave, where we fought a few trainers, including Team Skull. And a Z-Powered Hariyama that with Intimidate and Fur Coat, Mittens survived his Z-Move with 1 HP. But that meant nothing as I missed with Screech anyway. Shrink handled it though. Anyway, we arrived in Konikoni City. There was where we discovered some exhibits, including getting Bluebird's hair done. We checked out Olivia's jewelry shop, where I was informed that I had to meet with Olivia at the Ruins of Life.

      On the way there, I went through Memorial Hill, where we battled a few annoying trainers, including a Comfey with Sweet Kiss and Wrap. Then we were stopped by Plumeria, but she was handled rather easily with Shrink and Dabble. Then we were at the Ruins of Life, where Lillie wondered what Nebby longs for, and it was time to take on Olivia.

      I began with Mittens against Nosepass, and started with a Fake Out just to break her Sturdy. I then switched in Shrink, and she used a pretty weak Rock Slide for 1/5 my health. I then used the Z-Move, Hydro Vortex, which slammed it. Mittens grew to Level 26.
      Boldore was next. I didn't want this to get too boring, so I switched to Muchacha and got an Intimidate in, as she used Headbutt for enough for a 4HKO even after that. I used Spark for a weak hit, but it did paralyze her, and she used Headbutt to get me a bit near 1/3… So I switched in Cheery as she used her Full Heal, which I saw coming. I then used Scald, which finished her off.
      Lycanroc was last. I switched in Muchacha to get off an Intimidate before she used Rock Throw, which finished me even there. I then used Dabble, and she used Rock Throw for over 1/4 even with Intimidate, as I OHKO'd her with Aqua Tail for the win. Cheery grew to Level 26 there.

      So I got the Rockium Z and the Grand Trial was complete. Then we met with Hau, who reminded us that we were invited to the Aether Foundation. I then swapped Muchacha for Blaster again, and beat the trainers at Hano Beach to get her EXP back up a bit. Then we came to the Hano Grand Resort, where we met with Hau and took the ferry to Aether Paradise. Not too much to say about that, we went through and met with Lusamine and discovered Nihilego, which I had Mittens use Screech against twice after switching out Blaster, then Dabble OHKO'd it with Aqua Jet.

      As we left, I got TM29 for Psychic, though I don't know if anything I'll get can learn it. We took the ferry to Ula'ula Island and Malie City, where Hau immediately challenged me. I led with Blaster against Raichu, but his Psychic unfortunately did more than half while Bug Bite didn't OHKO. I brought in Mittens, causing his Psychic to fail, and Fake Out didn't finish him. He was faster, and Electro Ball did one point above half before I finished him. Both Blaster and Mittens grew to Level 27. I used Screech against Leafeon twice before he beat me with two Giga Drains. I brought in Dabble, but he used Quick Attack for some reason, and even with -4, Play Rough didn't even get him into the red. He used it again for whatever reason, and Aqua Jet didn't finish him. Same thing next turn, then I did beat him and that got Dabble to Level 27. Torracat was last, and Cheery 2HKO'd that with Scald. With that done, I got a new Pokédex for the island.

      I then entered Malie Garden, where we dealt with some trainers - including a deceptive Raichu - and met with the professor, who we spoke of the Ultra Wormhole to. Anyone else like his reaction there? So we had to go to the library after we were all done there, and we did so, where we met with Acerola. After learning more of the legendary Pokémon of the region, I was free to do what I wanted. The first thing I did was go to Route 11, where there was a new one I could catch - Komala. I caught one and named it Snow White. To try her out, we helped a Janitor deal with his underling at the Recycling Plant. Afterwards, I beat the trainers on Routes 11 and 10, getting some EXP along the way. Then we came to the Team Skull grunts blocking the bus stop, and beat them. After they were out of the way, Kukui informed me of the bus that was headed our way. We took it up to the top of Mount Hokulani, and then we beat the trainers there as well. Some of them dealt a bit of damage, but there were some team efforts going around.

      Then we came to Molayne. For his Skarmory, I had Snow White put it to sleep with Yawn (after he got an Attack boost from Metal Claw), and I switched in Mittens for a weak Metal Claw, only for him to use a Full Heal before I used a few Snarls for weak hits, along with a pointless Screech that turned out to be so because I would switch in Cheery and (after another boost) use the Z-Move to kill him from a little over half. Then with Metang, I stayed in and got the burn with Scald despite not doing very much at all, and he missed Zen Headbutt. I don't remember exactly what happened after (was not at a computer when I did this fight), but I think I had both Snow White and Shrink in on him. And he missed a second Zen Headbutt along the way. Dugtrio also missed with Mud Bomb before I think Shrink OHKO'd it with Brine.

      Next up was the trial. I had Mittens in front so I could use Screech on the Vikavolt come that time, and after going through a Grubbin that Snow White OHKO'd with Acrobatics, then two Charjabug that I don't remember how those went, it was Totem time. Mittens opened with Screech, and I do know that I got in another Screech before it and the Charjabug beat Mittens, then I used a Z-Move from Echo, after getting paralyzed with Spark, to OHKO the Vikavolt. That's all you really need to know.

      I got the Electrium Z and Steelium Z, and discovered that the two are cousins. Then I got the Professor's Mask that I need to return to him. So I returned to Malie Garden, where Kukui was confronting two Team Skull grunts in a very comedic way. But that was when we were met with our boy Guzma. I started with Snow White and used Protect in the hopes to block a First Impression… But he used Swords Dance instead. My Acrobatics did less than half, and Razor Shell OHKO'd both Snow White and Blaster (the latter even with the Eviolite). Cheery I came in with and got him below half with Scald, forcing him out, and Ariados came out. I began with Baby-Doll Eyes before he used Fell Stinger for 1/5 my health. Then he used another for the same amount, but I used Scald for less than half and burning him. Afterwards he wasn't doing much at all, and two more Scalds finished him off. Golisopod was next and I brought in Shrink, who took almost 2/3 from First Impression, then after Razor Shell got me into the red, Brine finished him.

      After returning the professor's mask to him, I was free to explore. I met with Hapu on Route 12, and had Mudsdale registered to my Ride Pager. I beat all the trainers on Route 12 and Secluded Shore, and discovered that Mount Lanakila has a project going on there. Then we were at Tapu Village, and I caught my next team member, an Alolan Sandshrew. I named it Plowman. Meanwhile, I went back to Konikoni City and did that small subquest where I take on Lana. It was an alright bit, and it got Plowman some EXP. Then we made our way to Aether House, where after meeting with two of Acerola's fledglings, I was informed of the location of her next trial. After dealing with the same dumb Team Skull grunt who was harassing Lillie because of Cosmog jumping around in her bag, I made my way to Route 14 and the Abandoned Megamart, where Acerola was ready to have me enter her trial! I'm not going to talk about the three Ghost-types, as those were easy enough. But we eventually came to Totem Mimikyu! Here goes!

      I began with Echo, as it used Mimic but failed, as I used Mud-Slap to lower its accuracy and break its disguise. Then it called upon the ally Haunter, and as it missed with Play Rough, Haunter used Night Shade for less than 1/3 my health, while I used Rock Tomb on Mimikyu to lower its Speed and ensure that Mittens would be faster than it. I then got the Quick Claw, allowing me to use Rock Tomb on Haunter and almost kill it - good thing, too, because Mimikyu got me to 1 HP with Play Rough, but more importantly, Haunter used Hypnosis and put me to sleep. Mimikyu missed with Play Rough again, but it didn't matter because Haunter would finish me off with Night Shade. I used Blaster next, and Mimikyu failed with Mimic but Haunter was still faster and put me to sleep with Hypnosis, and I didn't get to do anything. Despite desperately not wanting to, I brought in Mittens, and Mimikyu was somehow still faster, but thankfully missed with Play Rough, so I finished off the Haunter with Bite. Mimikyu then used Play Rough…and OHKO'd me with a critical hit. That just sucks. Feeling backed up, I brought in Cheery and used Baby-Doll Eyes, which lowered its Attack, and Play Rough still did 2/3. I used another Baby-Doll Eyes, and it thankfully missed with Play Rough. Then I got it to -2, but it finished me off. I brought in Plowman, hoping he could come to the rescue, and it used Shadow Claw for a weak hit as I went for Swords Dance. I took another weak Shadow Claw, and Iron Head didn't finish it. Then it called upon Gengar. I was finished off. I only had Shrink left, so I went to it as Mimikyu used Mimic to no effect and Gengar mercifully missed with Hypnosis, allowing me to OHKO the Gengar with the Z-Move on base of Dive. It used Mimic again, which failed, allowing me to finish it with Brine. And god bless.

      So I got the Ghostium Z from Acerola, and was then suggested to go back to the Aether House so we can progress further. But we'll worry about that later, as this has been long-winded enough.

      (M) "Cheery", Level 31
      Stats: 80, 50, 55, 65, 56, 46
      Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Disarming Voice, Encore, Scald

      (M) "Blaster", Level 31
      Stats: 79, 65, 71, 47, 61, 32
      Moves: Charge, Crunch, Spark, X-Scissor

      (F) "Mittens", Level 31
      Stats: 90, 49, 43, 59, 52, 86
      Ability: Fur Coat
      Moves: Bite, Fake Out, Screech, Snarl

      (M) "Echo", Level 31
      Stats: 86, 73, 79, 46, 31, 17
      Ability: Sturdy
      Moves: Iron Defense, Mud-Slap, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb

      (M) "Shrink", Level 32
      Stats: 73, 27, 22, 26, 22, 38 (Schooling: 73, 112, 93, 100, 86, 32)
      Moves: Aqua Ring, Brine, Dive, Tearful Look

      (M) "Plowman", Level 30
      Stats: 73, 50, 60, 19, 36, 32
      Moves: Bulldoze, Gyro Ball, Iron Head, Swords Dance

      (F) "Muchacha", Level 24
      (F) "Dabble", Level 27
      (F) "Snow White", Level 31
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        I was fairly certain I had already written updates/notes for my playthrough of White on Y that I started over a year ago, but I proved myself wrong. No screenshots of gym leader victories or things of the like exist, either. Due to this, I don't recall many details, but I do know that I caught a Caterpie (which evolved into Butterfree) to help me early on, but it was later ditched in favor of other Pokémon that I wanted to use.

        Anyway, I'll continue this from where I left off...
        ...which was in Couriway Town after defeating Olympia and thwarting Team Flare's plans. From there, I made my way to Snowbelle City and challenged Wulfric after finding him in the Pokémon Village. Kills the Pangoro attempted a Power-Up Punch sweep with some success, but ultimately required team assistance in order to earn me the badge.

        With all 8 badges in hand, I continued to the Pokémon League through Victory Road. Side note: either my memory is failing me or I've progressively become worse at battling, but my oh my, my team wasn't as good as I remembered it. It did make for a pretty nice late-game challenge, though.

        In the Pokémon League, we first challenged Malva. Silly me thought Stefani the Swanna could sweep, but her Pyroar's Wild Charge shut down those plans real quick. I had to rely on the entire team to take her down.

        Next up was Wikstrom. Stefani avenged herself by defeating Klekfi, and then Kills went to town with Power-Up Punch. After that, Pop Electric the Pachirisu and Honeysuckle the Florges teamed up to take down Siebold.

        Finally, there was Drasna. Defeating Dragalge, Harajuku the Meowstic cleared the way for Honeysuckle to sweep with Calm Mind and Dazzling Gleam.

        Diantha saw each team member bringing down one of hers (except Fozzi the Furfrou, that poor dog. I tried to Toxic stall her Gardevoir, but it didn't quite work), earning me the title of Kalos champion. After her, I quickly defeated AZ, where Fozzi also managed to grab a KO on his Sigilyph.

        Feels good posting here again! Unfortunately, I have no idea when I'll start my next playthrough. As for color, I'm leaning towards gray or black, which will also be done on Y.


        Please forgive the horrific quality, but I figured it was better than nothing.


        Honeysuckle the Florges (♀), Lv 66
        Item: None
        Moves: Calm Mind, Magical Leaf, Dazzling Gleam, Petal Blizzard

        Kills the Pangoro (♀), Lv 65
        Item: Black Glasses
        Moves: Strength, Power-Up Punch, Hammer Arm, Crunch

        Fozzi the Furfrou (♂), Lv 65
        Item: King's Rock
        Moves: Return, Protect, Toxic, Cotton Guard

        Harajuku the Meowstic (♀), Lv 65
        Item: None
        Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Fake Out, Signal Beam

        Stefani the Swanna (♀), Lv 65
        Item: Sky Plate
        Moves: Surf, Fly, Ice Beam, Air Slash

        Pop Electric the Pachirisu (♀), Lv 65
        Item: Zap Plate
        Moves: Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Nuzzle, Super Fang
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          Will definitely try this challenge and post results soon!

          Currently working on my Fire Red Rom Hack Pokémon Bismuth
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          Moon Blue Mono-Color - Update #4
          Having bested Acerola's trial, I went back to Route 14 to beat a couple trainers, then I dealt with Plumeria on Route 15. She wasn't tough; Echo took care of her without any problems. Then we were assigned to go to Po Town and save a Preschooler's Yungoos! I met with Grimsley on the beach, who gave me Sharpedo for my Ride Pager. And I left behind Mittens, as I had used Alolan Persian not too long ago. But I soon left behind Echo instead, knowing we had some Water-type trainers coming up. I beat the trainers in the surrounding routes, and some of them had some cumbersome stuff. After getting through all of them, I brought back Echo and then took on the trial guide on Route 16, who had a pretty annoying Klefki, and her Skarmory proved no easy matter either. She did tear a major hole into my team, but afterwards, Cheery evolved into a Primarina, which is pretty awesome. Afterwards we went through the Ula'Ula Meadow and beat the trainers there, as well, some of which had interesting stuff.

          Then we came to Route 17, where we waded through the rain and beat a bunch of Team Skull grunts. And I left Shrink behind for Echo again. Then, Nanu showed up and was able to get me into Po Town. When I'm here, I usually skip as many grunts as possible, but with how under-leveled I was thanks to never using the Exp. Share, I decided to take on as many as I could. And along the way, I found the Ice Stone, which I used to evolve Plowman into a Sandslash, which is good stuff. After beating all the grunts, I went back to the funny Pokémon Center, where the rapping grunts took my small fee and healed me up. Then I proved that I was a real Team Skull grunt, and entered Guzma's room. He wanted to see if I wasn't messed up, so I had to prove that I wasn't!

          I began with Snow White, and started with Protect, and he actually used First Impression this time. Acrobatics did less than half, but he only used Swords Dance, so it was all good. My next hit got him to a sliver of his health and caused him to switch to Ariados, who did almost half with Fell Stinger, and Acrobatics didn't OHKO, but I finished him next turn with Sucker Punch. Golisopod came in again, and I stayed in, used Protect to block his First Impression, then finished him with Acrobatics.

          Guzma had his freak attack, and let me take the Yungoos back. Once we were back outside, Nanu healed me up before Acerola caught up with us and thanked me. Nanu then decided to have the same mentality as Team Plasma, wondering if we like being confined in our little worlds. But then we returned to Aether House, where we discovered that Lillie was taken away by Team Skull. Gladion came in, furious, and challenged me! Plowman had no problem with his Golbat, and OHKO'd Sneasel with Iron Head, but then Type: Null came next and I was at 1/3. I switched in Mittens, only to take 1/3 and a Defense drop from Crush Claw. After a Fake Out, I missed with Screech, and his X-Scissor left me with 2 HP (thank you, Fur Coat). I hit next turn, but then he finished me. I brought in Echo, was brought to 69 HP with his X-Scissor, and then used the Z-Move, Continental Crush, which…didn't finish him off. I switched in Blaster, and Cheery, so they could both gain EXP as they took okay hits, and then I had Snow White come in, take a Crush Claw for over half, and finish him with Sucker Punch. She, Plowman and Cheery all grew to Level 36. Gladion then dragged us to the pier at Malie, and I prepared before we had to take on Nanu. I decided that the one who would get the cut for this fight would be Plowman… But that aside, let's get to it!

          I began with Echo against Sableye, and he used Fake Out for 3 damage, then Shadow Ball for over half my total health. Geez! Rock Tomb didn't do very much at all. I had to sacrifice Echo that turn to another Shadow Ball. I brought in Snow White, and used Yawn to make him drowsy before a Power Gem, which did 1/4 my health. I used Protect to block his Power Gem before he fell asleep. I used Acrobatics, which got him into healing range, unfortunately…or not? Another one finished him.
          Krokorok was next. I stayed in, but he was faster and finished me with Earthquake. I used Cheery next, and he went for Swagger… But I hit through it and slammed him with Sparkling Aria.
          Persian was last. Not sure what to do, I stayed in, but he used Fake Out. Power Gem did less than 1/3 my remaining health, and Sparkling Aria did over half his. Power Gem got me just out of Torrent range, and Sparkling Aria finished the job.

          So he healed me up, I got the Darkium Z, and next thing you know, we were at the Aether Foundation. Once there, the very first thing I did was fire up my main copy of Sun and finally trade with that so I could get Echo to evolve into a Gigalith. But once that was done with, I returned to Malie, because there was an item I could've sworn I got earlier and wanted to - the Expert Belt at Seaward Cave. And on that note, TM27 for Return, which I could now get from the malasada shop. I did that, returned to Malie, and decided that the one who would get left behind was Shrink. Then we were ready, for real this time.

          With that done, I beat all the Aether Foundation employees on the first floor, who had some interesting stuff. After I got TM06 for Toxic, I went to the next floor with Gladion and Hau, where we came to battling Faba. Echo handled his Hypno despite him hitting with Hypnosis first turn, as I woke up first turn and he missed twice. And now that I had access to a PC, I decided to leave Snow White behind for Shrink, at least for right now. Then we went down to the bottom where we discovered that their labs are Secret Lab A and B, but they were blocked by three Aether Foundation employees. I beat them, then progressed to Secret Lab B, where Hau and I fought two more. He did all the work as I switched my team members out for more EXP. I then learned more about Cosmog, and we knew that we had to head back up, but then we were met with MORE employees! Hau handled their Pelipper as I switched in Plowman, but their Mudsdale took care of his Raichu. He had a Leafeon, though, so I kept using that as an opportunity for more free EXP for my team members. Wicke approached us, healed us, and informed us of Lillie's whereabouts.

          Before progressing, I decided to leave Mittens behind and bring back Snow White. Then after we realized how much of an idiot Faba is, I battled alongside Gladion, and the employees weren't too bad (another free opportunity to switch for extra EXP). Faba was next. Once more, Hau did quite a bit of the work. We got through him and his associate, then we were free to be back outside. Then we did so, and Gladion surged through the Team Skull grunts and came to Guzma. I had to battle two grunts, then Gladion was defeated by Guzma. Then it was my turn to swoop in!

          I began with Snow White against Golisopod, and used Protect to block his First Impression, then used Acrobatics for less than half as he used Swords Dance, then another Acrobatics got him into the red and forced him out to Pinsir. Oh boy. I brought in Shrink, who took big damage from Brick Break, and was unfortunately finished with X-Scissor. Pinsir 2HKO'd Echo with Brick Break, but I did get in a Stealth Rock. I then used Blaster, and his X-Scissor did EXACTLY half, and Spark didn't do much at all but I paralyzed him. He was still faster, but I lived his X-Scissor with 3 HP and got him near half, then he finished me. I brought in Snow White again and slammed him with Acrobatics. Masquerain was next, and took half its health from Stealth Rock, but got off the Intimidate, so I switched to Plowman and took a Bug Buzz for more than enough for a 3HKO. He used it once more and got the pointless Special Defense drop, and two hits of Icicle Spear finished him. Golisopod immediately perished to Stealth Rock, and Ariados was last up. He finished me with Sucker Punch, and I brought in Snow White, and after a scare with Fell Stinger scoring a critical hit for 3/4 my health, I finished him from 3/4 with Acrobatics.

          He stepped aside, and after healing, I entered Lusamine's quarters, where she was bemoaning Lillie and then noticed me. After she used Cosmog's power to awaken the Ultra Beasts, we all were prepared to take action! And I had to step up for battle!

          I began with Plowman against Clefable, and I used Iron Head for over half, and she used Metronome and got Pain Split, which is rather coincidental and did around 1/4 my health. Another Iron Head finished her and got me to Level 40.
          Bewear was next. I stayed in and used Bulldoze for an extremely weak hit but it lowered her Speed, and she used Hammer Arm, which finished me but made her even slower. After wondering which of my two Water-types to go to, I decided to take Cheery, and use the Z-Move, Oceanic Operetta, which…didn't finish her. And she used Take Down, which left me at 7 HP without a critical hit. My god. But at least she died from recoil.
          Lilligant was next, and used…Teeter Dance? Okay, suit yourself… I hit with Sparkling Aria for a bit over 1/3, then she used Petal Dance and finished me. I brought in Blaster, and she used Petal Dance for less than half, as X-Scissor finished her.
          Mismagius was next, and I switched to Shrink. But she used Shadow Ball for almost 2/3, and Power Gem finished me next turn. I brought in Echo, as she used…Mystical Fire? It didn't do much, and Rock Slide did 2/3 her health. Then she used Shadow Ball, which I survived with 6 HP.
          Milotic came last, and finished me with Hydro Pump. I used Blaster next, and she used Safeguard for whatever reason, but Spark did less than half. She missed with Hydro Pump, but Spark left her with 1 HP!!! Gah! Almost there! She then used Flail for exactly half my remaining health, and another Spark finished her and got Blaster to Level 40. Whew!

          So you all know what happens here, Nihilego disappears but Lusamine does too, and Cosmog evolves into Cosmoem. With that in hand, we departed from Lusamine's quarters, and stayed the night in the building. Then we were free to go. Lillie was then in her Z-Powered form, and Gladion said some stuff before giving me a Master Ball. Hau was here even though he hasn't even finished Acerola's trial somehow, and we were ready to go on to Poni Island!

          Upon arrival, we received a new Pokédex for the island, which is good stuff. After meeting with the chief of the seafolk, I bought some TMs, and found out that Primarina doesn't get Calm Mind even though I could've sworn it did, which is bull****. And I swapped Blaster for Mittens again. Then we headed north to the Poni Wilds. After an extremely cumbersome Ace Trainer with two very high level Poison-types, I went back and swapped Plowman for Blaster again. I had to heal after every trainer here. And before the last Dancer with the four Oricorio, I swapped Shrink for Plowman again. She took a while for me to get through, but most of my team members gained some EXP. Then we went to Ancient Poni Path, where Lillie and I met with Hapu, and her old gran registered Machamp to my Ride Pager. We made way to the Poni Breaker Coast, beat a Sightseer with Kanto forms, and entered the Ruins of Hope. After having Machamp shove some boulders, we met with Hapu, who educated us on the Ultra Beasts and the kahuna of the island.

          Upon return to Seafolk Village, Lillie became overjoyed by Hapu's words, and we had to make way to Exeggutor Island. We dealt with an oversized palm tree, and Lillie started to ship tease. But then we found our way to the flute. Upon heading to Vast Poni Canyon, we met with five Team Skull grunts merged into one, and I got some EXP off of them before Plumeria said some stuff and gave me Poisonium Z, which I sadly probably won't get to use. Upon entering the Vast Poni Canyon, before doing anything else, I used a Rare Candy on Blaster to get him to evolve into a Vikavolt. Then I adjusted my moves, and decided it was time for me to take on the Grand Trial against Hapu. Alright, let's do this! (Also, while typing this I only then remembered that Blaster was male and not female.)

          I began with Shrink against Dugtrio, and she used Sandstorm first while I used Aqua Tail, which OHKO'd. Then I took a round of sandstorm damage.
          Mudsdale was next, and I brought in Snow White, as she used Counter for whatever reason. I used Yawn, as she then used the Z-Move, which OHKO'd me. I brought in Echo, and she used Earthquake to get me to Sturdy, while I used Rock Tomb for an extremely weak hit before she got a Stamina boost and fell asleep. I switched to Shrink, and as she snoozed, the sandstorm subsided. I then used the Z-Move, Hydro Vortex, on base of Scald, which slammed her and got Shrink to Level 42.
          Flygon came up next. She used Earth Power for well over half my remaining health and a Special Defense drop, while my Scald did under half, but it burned her. I switched in Echo, who was finished off with an Earth Power. Burn damage brought her to half. I then used Plowman, and she went for Earth Power, but I had the Shuca Berry, which allowed me to survive it with 1/3 my health. Two hits of Icicle Spear finished her.
          Lastly was Gastrodon. I switched into Blaster, causing her Mud Bomb to fail. I then brought in Shrink for a last bit of EXP, as she used Muddy Water…which killed me with a critical hit. I then brought in Cheery, and used Blizzard for a weak hit, but she missed with Mud Bomb, justly so. I then used Encore, locking her into Mud Bomb, and she hit for one point under 1/3 my health. I switched to Blaster, causing her Mud Bomb to fail. I then used Energy Ball, which finished her off for the win.

          So she gave me the Groundium Z, and with that I had completed the Grand Trial. Then we were free to progress into the Vast Poni Canyon. But we'll do that next time, which should also be the end of this adventure.

          (M) "Cheery", Level 42
          Stats: 123, 71, 79, 118, 101, 69
          Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Blizzard, Encore, Sparkling Aria

          (M) "Blaster", Level 43
          Stats: 124, 80, 94, 150, 84, 50
          Moves: Crunch, Discharge, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt

          (M) "Echo", Level 41
          Stats: 123, 122, 127, 68, 73, 27
          Ability: Sturdy
          Moves: Mud-Slap, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock

          (M) "Shrink", Level 43
          Stats: 96, 35, 29, 35, 29, 51 (Schooling: 96, 150, 124, 134, 114, 43)
          Moves: Aqua Tail, Brine, Scald, Tearful Look

          (M) "Plowman", Level 42
          Stats: 121, 91, 107, 38, 77, 66
          Moves: Bulldoze, Icicle Spear, Iron Head, Swords Dance

          (F) "Snow White", Level 41
          Stats: 111, 111, 63, 75, 92, 73
          Moves: Return, Sucker Punch, Wood Hammer, Yawn

          (F) "Muchacha", Level 24
          (F) "Dabble", Level 27
          (F) "Mittens", Level 42

          And likewise...

          Username: Swagroar (formerly Stargazer/Pendraflare)
          Color: Blue
          Game: Blue, Soul Silver, Alpha Sapphire, Platinum, Black 2, X, Moon (Disclaimer: I've already beaten the game in Moon, but will save that for the next post)
          Ultimate?: Yes

          So I started the game, chose the guy and named him Cyan. I did the opening stuff, and chose Totodile as my starter and named it Grinder. I got the Pokédex and then went through Route 29, and arrived in Cherrygrove City where the Guide Gent gave me the Running Shoe. I then progressed to Mr. Pokémon's house, and after some talk we discovered there was a disaster at the lab. On the way back, Passerby Boy challenged me with his Chikorita, but that became simple when I used Leer a bunch of times even as he used Growl. I returned to the lab and decided the guy's name was Orchid. Then after explaining of the Mystery Egg, I was then suggested to go after Gym badges.

          I had to make my way through, skipping as many trainers as I could (there was one I couldn’t skip) until I arrived in Violet City. From there I immediately went to Route 32 and caught a Hoppip named Windmill. Then come night I caught a Wooper named Sleazy. I then went back to beat the trainers on Routes 30 and 31. Along the way, I had to go through the Sprout Tower. Interesting note, I was able to have
          Windmill take on a few of the Bellsprout despite not having any attacks, due to them only having Vine Whip to damage with and me having Synthesis. We eventually reached the elder, and I don't remember exactly how that went but I did beat him. Thank you, Grass/Flying-type.

          Afterwards it was Gym time. I beat the trainers, but after wiping first time I ended up training a few more levels, particularly to get Windmill to learn PoisonPowder. Then I went back to take on Falkner.

          First was Pidgey. That took a few Water Guns from Sleazy before it was finished off.
          Then Pidgeotto came out and finished Sleazy. I then got Windmill in, and Gust did over half, but I hit with PoisonPowder before he finished me. After I got in Grinder, he used Gust for 1/4 my health, then I used Leer. And then…he used Roost as I used Leer again. This literally went on for the next four turns, he used Roost even though he was almost at full health. After -6, Scratch was doing enough for a 2HKO so once he attacked I knew we had it won.

          So I got the Zephyr Badge and TM51 (I think? Whichever one it is this generation) for Roost, and then went to the Mart to get the Egg from Elm's assistant. Afterwards we took to Route 32 again, and after wading through a couple trainers, I got the Old Rod in the Poke Mart and went back to Route 31, where I caught a Poliwag named Swirly. Then we went back through the route and beat all the trainers, getting EXP along the way. Then we went through Union Cave, and the trainers there had plenty of things weak to my team, so they were easy enough. I eventually arrived in Azalea Town, and after meeting with Kurt, I waited for nighttime, when I went into Ilex Forest and caught an Oddish named Adorabud. Then I went through the Slowpoke Well; the grunts there weren't too tough.

          After that was over with, I battled Orchid, and for his Bayleef, I brought in Windmill, and poisoned him…only for him to realize he had the EXACT SAME STRATEGY as me, in PoisonPowder + Synthesis. But thankfully he was dumb and wasted his Synthesis PP by doing nothing but using it immediately, much like Falkner with Roost before, or this could've gotten annoying. But we took care of him, then it was Gym time. The trainers were simple enough, except for one dick with a Paras that got Windmill paralyzed and avoided three PoisonPowders from him, and he even scored two critical hits in a row. And to taunt me, I scored the critical hit on it with Grinder on the unneeded turn. No cool, bro. No cool at all.

          As for Bugsy… This took several tries. I eventually decided to train up even further - including getting Adorabud to Level 15 - just because. Eventually, we had a run where everything clicked. Here's how it went.

          I began with Adorabud against Scyther. He started with Leer while I got in a Stun Spore. Then I switched to Swirly, who was met with a U-turn and lived with 5 HP. He went to Metapod, which I would then put to sleep with Hypnosis. Water Gun did less than half, but he snoozed more. Water Gun got him to healing range, but he woke up and Tackle left me with 1 HP. He healed, and Water Gun again did less than half. I hit with Hypnosis, only for him to get Shed Skin. But then I missed, and he finished me with Tackle. So I had to go to Adorabud, and Acid...left him with 1 HP. Then his Tackle scored a critical hit. Absorb finished him.
          Next was Scyther again. I switched out to Windmill, and he was almost OHKO'd with U-turn before he went to Kakuna. I used Sleep Powder, only for Shed Skin to activate. I hit once more, and he didn't wake up that turn. I decided to go for a Synthesis, and as he snoozed over the next two turns I healed to full health. Then I switched to Sleazy, and right after was when Shed Skin triggered. Then he used Poison Sting, and of course, poisoned me. Meanwhile, my Mud Shot didn't do that much at all. After three more turns, he was finished, and thanks to poison I was left at half.
          Lastly was Scyther again, and I went for Tail Whip before he finished me with U-turn. Then I brought in Windmill, and wasted time using Bullet Seed, which hit three times before he used Leer. Then I hit three times again before U-turn was an OHKO with a critical hit that definitely did not matter (and that was without Focus Energy). I then went to Adorabud, and Acid didn't do much at all before U-turn got me to 5 HP. Then he finished me with Quick Attack. I only had Grinder left, and Bite got him below half, but his Sitrus Berry activated and he used Leer. Then I used Bite, which scored a critical hit (!!!) and got him into the red as he used Focus Energy. I used Bite once more, and scored another critical hit to finish him off. Served as a nice psyduck you after how many tries it took (though at least one of them did matter barring a flinch or full para). And Grinder grew to Level 18. Whew!

          And right after the battle, Grinder evolved into a Croconaw, which is definitely good news. So I got the Hive Badge and TM89 for U-turn. Glad we got that taken care of! I healed up and left it off there.

          (M) "Grinder", Level 18
          Stats: 55, 36, 36, 29, 28, 26
          Moves: Bite, Leer, Scary Face, Water Gun

          (F) "Sleazy", Level 15
          Ability: Water Absorb
          Stats: 46, 20, 20, 13, 14, 12
          Moves: Mud Shot, Slam, Tail Whip, Water Gun

          (M) "Windmill", Level 17
          Ability: Leaf Guard
          Stats: 41, 21, 20, 21, 24, 26
          Moves: Bullet Seed, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder, Synthesis

          (M) "Swirly", Level 16
          Ability: Damp
          Stats: 42, 25, 18, 24, 18, 38
          Moves: Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Gun, Water Sport

          (F) "Adorabud", Level 15
          Stats: 41, 21, 22, 30, 25, 16
          Moves: Absorb, Acid, Poison Powder, Stun Spore
          Azurilland - (The Southern Island) | Twitter
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          Since it's been two weeks I can finally post the last part of this one.

          Moon Blue Mono-Color - Update #5 / Final Update
          Having bested Hapu, it was time for us to enter the Vast Poni Canyon! But before doing so, I went back and grabbed Mittens again in place of Shrink, which, spoilers, would end up being the last time we see Shrink. Anyway, we began with a Veteran who went on about freedom but used two Fire-types. We did come across more trainers, including an Ace Duo who used the two Ice-type Alolan forms. They weren't terribly tough, and they didn't do that much damage (especially since I was able to Encore the Ninetales into Hail), but they did take a little bit of time to beat. We waded through a few more trainers, including one with a Lilligant that had Quiver Dance and Synthesis that went on for way too long, not helping was that it kept using Quiver Dance when Mittens was almost dead. It literally did not attack Mittens once. I only died because I hit myself in confusion twice, and spammed Snarl until that point. I got her asleep with Snow White and eventually got Plowman to hit with Icicle Spear and OHKO her within four hits. At least after I finished off her Weavile, Cheery grew to Level 44 and learned Moonblast. I then progressed. Despite Lillie claiming that I was making this place seem like nothing at all, that was far from true. She decided to cross a bridge as her own trial. Alright then!

          Continuing to progress, as we beat a couple more trainers, we met with Mina and received the Fairium Z from her. Not bad. After one more trainer, we came to the final reach of the canyon, and used Machamp Shove to push the boulder near the entrance for a shortcut. I went back to grab some healing items, and then made our way through two strong Black Belts, and the final lane on the way to the altar. The trainers there did take a little while, but we eventually beat all of them and got some nice EXP along the way. Lillie met with me at the entrance of the trial site, healed me, and allowed me to progress.

          For the Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o, Snow White, despite being sleepy, rammed into them with her Z-Power. But for the Totem Kommo-o, I had to prepare, as I knew we were in for a strong opponent!

          As the Totem Aura boosted its stats, I began with Echo, who was knocked to Sturdy thanks to Sky Uppercut, but I used Mud-Slap to lower its accuracy before it called upon its ally. Hakamo-o used Bide, but Kommo-o finished him. I brought in Cheery, and used Baby-Doll Eyes on Kommo-o before it used Sky Uppercut for less than 1/3 my total health. I used it again, Hakamo-o failed to unleash anything, and Kommo-o used Sky Uppercut to get me near half. It then used Flash Cannon, which missed because of the accuracy drop from Mud-Slap, and I just went for Moonblast, which slammed it without a critical hit, even with the Sp Def boost. I'm not going to talk about the Hakamo-o, because you can guess how that turned out.

          So I got the Dragonium Z, and the trial was complete. We progressed from there, to the Altar of the Moone. Lillie and Hapu were right behind, and after some talk, we were ready to head to the top! As I approached the top of the altar, I prepared my team for the Lusamine fight up ahead, and then Lillie and I took our places for the flute performance that would summon Nebby to the altar…and get it to evolve into the legendary Pokémon of the region! It took us to Ultra Space, where we discovered that it was full of Nihilego, Guzma having finally felt what fear feels like, and one far gone Lusamine. As she fused with Nihilego to become the Mother Beast, it was time. Well, I'm as ready as I can be… Alright, now it's just me and you!

          I began with Plowman against Clefable. I opened the fight with a Swords Dance…which turned out to be a mistake, as she used Metronome, and got Force Palm, which did EXACTLY half (well, 68/135, you get my point). Iron Head OHKO'd, thankfully.
          Bewear was next up, unsurprisingly. I decided to stay in and use Iron Head…which scored a critical hit for over 1/3? Alright, I'll take it! She used Pain Split for god knows what reason, and got herself a bit below half. I used Iron Head again, getting her near 1/3, as she used Pain Split again. Why? I had a bit less than 2/3 after that. I used Iron Head once more, no flinch, but she missed with Hammer Arm. Alright then! Iron Head got her into the red, still no flinch, and she used Pain Split once more for some reason. I had just over 1/3 my health left. I continued to have at her, and she once again used Pain Split. She was in the red, and I had just over 1/5 my health. I used Iron Head, which finished her off.

          Just try to process that for a second: A Bewear, a Fighting-type, was defeated by a Sandslash, an Ice/Steel-type, that was three levels lower than it. If that doesn't define sad, I don't know what does. And on that note, Plowman grew to Level 48, which is nice.

          Mismagius was next. I stayed in, ready for a Mystical Fire, but instead she used Pain Split to get herself below 2/3 as I used Iron Head to bust her. Geez, Lusamine, step up your game here!
          Milotic was next up. She used Hydro Pump and killed me, with a critical hit that I highly doubt mattered. I brought in Mittens, used Fake Out for a light hit, and then she used Safeguard to block status while I went for Snarl for a pretty weak hit, but it did cut her Special Attack. Then she missed with Hydro Pump, and I got in another Snarl to get her near 2/3. She hit next turn, and even with -2, she still did just under 2/3 my health. I got in another Snarl, then she used Flail, but missed because of the Lax Incense, as I got in another Snarl. Unfortunately, she then used Recover. I got in another Snarl to cut her down even further, and her Safeguard was no more. I decided to switch in Blaster, as she used Safeguard again. She missed with Hydro Pump once again, as Thunderbolt finished her from 90% or so (I had the Expert Belt backing that).
          Lilligant was last up. She used Leech Seed, and my X-Scissor did well over half, but Leech Seed healed her above 1/3. Then she used Teeter Dance… But I hit through that and finished her with X-Scissor for the win.

          You all know what happens here, as Lusamine is about to deal her last stand, Lunala comes out and stops her. Then she realized that Lillie suddenly became beautiful. After we were out from Ultra Space, Hapu and Guzma took Lusamine off for treatment, and Lillie realized that Nebby wants me to be its trainer. I caught it, and after a heartfelt talk, Nanu was there and ready to take me to Mount Lanakila. And it was hailing there, which wasn't doing us any favors. Despite that, I adjusted my team a bit, and proceeded, as Gladion came down from the lift, ready for one last showdown with me. Alright, time to fire up that disco theme!

          He began with Crobat, as I opened with Echo. He used Cross Poison for a pretty weak hit while Rock Tomb did well over half, but hail chipped away at us both…
          But then he switched out to Lucario?!?! So my Rock Tomb was significantly weaker, but at least I lowered his Speed. I brought in Snow White, who was promptly slammed with an Aura Sphere. I then went to Blaster, and I got the Quick Claw, but that didn't matter as he still lived in the red and got off an Aura Sphere for just under 1/3 my health. Hail brought me to 2/3 though, and I used X-Scissor on the off-chance he would switch to Silvally… But I got the Quick Claw again and he was still finished off.
          Silvally was next up. I got a third Quick Claw in a row, but it didn't matter as X-Scissor did less than half, while his Crunch did a moderate amount and Hail brought me to 1/4. I switched to Mittens, as he used X-Scissor for over half. Hail was continuing to chip away at us, but I used Fake Out to further damage him. But he was faster - why wouldn't he be - and finished me with another X-Scissor. I brought in Plowman, despite not really wanting to, and he used Crunch but missed - thank you Snow Cloak - as I finished him with Icicle Spear. Blaster grew to Level 47.
          Weavile came after, and I decided to let Blaster get finished with a Night Slash. I then brought in Cheery, and after a weak Night Slash (by "weak" I mean "for just under 1/3"), I used the Z-Move, Twinkle Tackle, and finished him off.
          Last was Crobat again. I switched to Plowman, so his Cross Poison failed. After another round of Hail damage and a pretty weak Acrobatics, I finished him with one more Icicle Spear. All three of my remaining members leveled up after that one was out.

          Having been bested, Gladion was finally happy, and said some stuff about how he and Lillie consider me the best Pokémon trainer in the world, then gave me a Max Elixir. We parted ways, knowing we aren't enemies anymore, and hoped for me to win. Well, I'll have to do that! Anyway, you know how the scaling goes, I went up the mountain and got TM13 for Ice Beam along with the Icium Z. Not much more to it than that.

          Upon arrival at the top, I realized I had no Heart Scales, so I went back to Malie City and got eight essentially for free by dining with Nanu. I retaught some moves, then was met with Hau, who wanted to see if he was ready to take on the Pokémon League!

          I began with Mittens against his Raichu, but he had Focus Blast and OHKO'd me. I brought in Blaster and his Psychic did well over half, but Bug Buzz finished him.
          Incineroar was next. He wasted his Z-Move, Inferno Overdrive, for whatever reason, and finished me off. I brought in Cheery, and I was faster, and used my own Z-Move, Oceanic Operetta, which slammed him.
          Komala was next. I used Baby-Doll Eyes to cut him down a bit, as he went for Wood Hammer, which left me at 3 HP… But the hail finished me off. I brought in Echo, and he used Wood Hammer for a little over half, as he took recoil damage, and Rock Tomb got him low after hail damage. I switched to my mirror-match, and he used Wood Hammer for still over 2/3, but died from recoil.
          Leafeon was last up. I switched in Echo and let her be finished off with Leaf Blade. As he took hail damage, I brought in Plowman, and he used Baby-Doll Eyes, but missed because Snow Cloak - good timing, as I got in a Swords Dance to double my Attack. He missed again, with Leaf Blade this time, as I used Icicle Crash and slammed him for the win.

          Hau thanked me for my strength, and gave me a few Max Revives before heading off. After that was the first time I had to grind my Pokémon the entire game, to my recollection. I got my entire team to Level 51, adjusted my moves, and was ready.

          After meeting with Kukui outside, I entered the league building, and after he wished me the best once more, I decided Kahili would be first up.

          I began with Mittens against Skarmory, and started with Fake Out to break her Sturdy. Then I switched to Echo, as she used Steel Wing for JUST under half, but I had the Red Card to force her out to Oricorio. She used Air Slash for over half my remaining health, but I was still able to get in a Stealth Rock. She finished me off, but I brought in Cheery, avoided an Air Slash and used Sparkling Aria for the OHKO.
          Mandibuzz was next up, and took Stealth Rock damage. Anticipating a Toxic, I switched to Plowman, but instead she used Brave Bird, which was still pretty weak. She was faster and used Flatter, but I hit through confusion and used the Z-Move, Subzero Slammer, which looks ****ing badass and…didn't finish her off?!?! (She had like 7% or so left.) I was legitimately stumped as to how that did not kill her. She healed, but I thankfully snapped out of confusion and went for Icicle Spear, which only hit two times and did around 1/4. Needless to say, she used Flatter again, but I hit through once more and went with Icicle Spear, and hit three times to get her around 40%. She used Brave Bird again for another weak hit, and I hit through confusion and used Icicle Spear, with three hits - the first scoring a critical hit - thankfully finishing her off.
          Next was Skarmory again, who took Stealth Rock damage, so no Sturdy for you. I brought in Blaster, as she used Spikes. Then she used Slash for just over 1/4 before I slammed her with Thunderbolt.
          Toucannon came after, and that took Stealth Rock damage. Anticipating the Z-Move, I switched to Mittens, who took Spikes damage - and I was right, she used Supersonic Skystrike, which killed me then and there, even with Fur Coat. Ouch! I brought in Snow White, who took Spikes damage, and she started to heat up her beak, while Return got her low, and Beak Blast missed because of my Lax Incense. Haha, suck it! She heated up her beak again, but Return finished her off.
          Crobat was last up, and that took Stealth Rock damage. I stayed in, and she missed with Supersonic, and Return looked to do over half her total health. She healed, sure enough, and my Return did just over half. She used Air Slash for less than half my remaining health, and I finished her off with another Return.

          After leaving her room and healing up, I decided Olivia would be next, as I had the most coverage for her.

          I began with Blaster against Relicanth, as odd as it may seem to use a Bug-type here. She started with Ancient Power, which scored a critical hit for 3/4, which was scary, but I lived it. And I used Zap Cannon, which slammed her. Not often that Zap Cannon gets a lot of usage!
          Lycanroc was next, and she used Stone Edge to finish me off. I brought in Echo next, and she used Stone Edge for less than half while I decided to go for Stealth Rock for the two team members she has that have Sturdy. Then she used the Z-Move, which finished me. With the Z-Move out of the way, I brought in Cheery, and she used Stone Edge for over half, while my Sparkling Aria didn't OHKO her, even with the Expert Belt (left her with 10% or so). Not thinking, I switched in Snow White, forgetting that she would heal, which she did. She used Stone Edge, which missed, as I went for the Z-Move, Bloom Doom, which didn't even get her into the red. She used Rock Climb, which did EXACTLY half, and confused me. Yet I hit with Return and got her into the red. Feeling afraid to stay in, I switched to Mittens, as she used Rock Climb and confused me AGAIN! I hit myself in confusion as she used Rock Climb once more for half my remaining health. I hit myself in confusion again, then she used Rock Climb and finished me off. I brought in Snow White again, and used Sucker Punch, FINALLY finishing her off.
          Carbink came after. With a weird idea in mind, I switched in Cheery, as she used Reflect. That wasn't quite what I had in mind, but okay I guess? I used Sparkling Aria for what looked to be over half her total health before she used Moonblast and got me into the red - and likewise, triggered Torrent. I then brought in Plowman, as she used Moonblast for over 1/5 my health with a critical hit. Really??? With two more turns of Reflect on her end, I decided to go for Swords Dance before she hit me with Power Gem getting me right near half. Iron Head then finished her before Reflect wore off.
          Probopass was next up. She took Stealth Rock damage, but even with +2, Iron Head did less than half, and she used Thunder Wave. Then she used Earth Power and finished me. I brought in Cheery, despite him being almost dead, and finished her with Sparkling Aria. And Cheery grew to Level 52.
          Golem was last, and that took Stealth Rock damage too. Thankfully, Sparkling Aria took care of her. Whew!

          Have I ever mentioned that I ****ing hate battling Olivia? Because that was just obnoxious. Anyway, I knew Acerola would be next.

          I began with Blaster against Sableye. She started with Confuse Ray, but that didn't stop me from OHKO'ing her with Thunderbolt without a critical hit despite a three level disadvantage (I had the Zap Plate). And I grew to Level 52.
          Froslass was next, though. I decided to stay in, but her Blizzard did 3/4 my health, while my Crunch did less than half but got a certainly welcome Defense drop. She hit with Blizzard again and finished me off. I decided to have Echo try to take it, but she used Confuse Ray, although I hit through it and finished her with Rock Tomb.
          Dhelmise was next. Not wanting to stick around for that, I brought in Mittens as she used Energy Ball for over half, sadly. And Dark Pulse did less than half before she finished me off. I brought in Plowman, and used Icicle Crash, which didn't finish her off, but it did cause her to flinch. She healed, and Icicle Crash sadly did less than half. I used Icicle Spear, which hit four times and finished her off and got Plowman to Level 52.
          Palossand was next up. I used Icicle Spear, which scored four hits - the first being a critical hit - to get her below half, but then she used Earth Power and OHKO'd me with a critical hit that I don't know if it mattered, but knowing this Elite Four, I don't think it did. I brought in Snow White, and used my Z-Move, Black Hole Eclipse, to finish her off, and that got me to Level 52.
          Drifblim was last up. I decided to stay in as she used Amnesia, but I got in a Yawn. Now I knew there was no point in trying to use Sucker Punch, as her only attacking move was Ominous Wind, so I switched to Echo. She used Focus Energy, but then fell asleep from Yawn. But she used the Full Heal, unfortunately. But that did buy me some time to use Rock Tomb, which did less than half but got in the Speed drop. I switched back to Snow White, which caused her Ominous Wind to fail. I used Yawn again, as she used Amnesia once more, then I went back to Echo as she used it once again to max out her Special Defense before she fell asleep. As she snoozed, I used Rock Slide to finish her off for the win.

          That was fun. But this next fight I was ready for the worst from, as my team was VERY weak to Fighting. Cheery is going to be carrying a LOT of weight in this fight. I slapped Toxic and Protect on a few of my team members for good measures, and was ready take on Hala. Well, here we go!

          I began with Cheery against Hariyama, and he used Fake Out before I could get in Baby-Doll Eyes, dealing 1/5 my health. That worried me that he was faster, but thankfully he wasn't, so I used the Z-Move, Twinkle Tackle, which slammed him. Also, anyone else find the pose for the Fairy-type Z-Move kind of adorable?
          Crabominable was next up. I decided to bring in Mittens, and he used Ice Hammer, which I barely lived, and his Speed was lowered. Then I accidentally mis-clicked and used Dark Pulse, which didn't do much at all, as he wasted his Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling, which finished me. I brought in Snow White, and used Yawn before he OHKO'd me with Close Combat. I brought in Plowman and used Protect to block another Close Combat before he fell asleep. I used Iron Head, which didn't kill him, but that was fine. Even better, he used his Full Restore, and Iron Head looked to just keep him out of healing range again as I finished him next turn.
          Primeape was next up. He used Cross Chop but missed, while my Iron Head did over half. He hit next turn though, and OHKO'd me. I brought in Cheery again, and he missed again, allowing me to slam him with another Moonblast. And that got me to Level 53. That first Cross Chop miss did not matter (Primeape is not bulky, so it would've been slammed even at full health), and you'll find out shortly that the second one didn't, either.
          Bewear was next up. I stayed in and used Moonblast, which OHKO'd him.
          Poliwrath was last up. I stayed in and went for Baby-Doll Eyes, which lowered his Attack as he used Submission for a weak hit and some recoil damage. I used another, then avoided a Submission. And another Attack drop and a weak Waterfall. I switched in Echo just so she could gain EXP, taking over 1/4 her health from Submission. Then he used Waterfall to get her below half as I used Mud-Slap for not much beyond an accuracy drop. Then I brought in Blaster, avoided a Submission, and took a Waterfall from 1/5 even at -3, unfortunately flinching after. I avoided a Waterfall, then hit with Zap Cannon and slammed him. And Echo grew to Level 52. Good day.

          With that, I had beaten the Elite Four! Yet there was but one more battle for me to take: the Champion. I was dreading this fight. But I had to try! I adjusted my moves yet again, hoping I'd be able to find a way through it. I made it to the chamber where Kukui discovered I had beat the Elite Four, and it was his turn.

          This took several tries. I knew this was going to be tough, but I didn't realize until it was too late just how little I had for quite a few of his team members, Magnezone and Snorlax in particular. There was one in particular that was so beyond infuriating (it started off pretty promising, but I only had Plowman left and he had Decidueye below half, I just had to hit the Icicle Crash to win, and I missed and then lost). I had to adjust my team several times until I found a strategy that finally worked in my favor. This thankfully came right after that run, because I wasn't sure how much more of it I could take.

          I began with Cheery against Lycanroc. He began with Stealth Rock, as I used Sparkling Aria for an OHKO.
          Magnezone was next. I decided to switch out to Snow White, and he used Thunder Wave, but that failed thanks to Comatose. I used Bulldoze for what looked like exactly half… And he used Thunder Wave again!!! Oh my god!!! I used Bulldoze… And that got him to 1 HP!!! AND HE USED THUNDER WAVE AGAIN!!! He healed up, and Bulldoze did less than half this time. I used it once more, and he was still hanging on, and he ONCE AGAIN used Thunder Wave. Geez, professor, I thought you were supposed to be top-notch on Pokémon knowledge here! I should be questioning this, but after so many BS runs, I'm not complaining. I used Brick Break (in case he switched to Braviary) and finished him. And Cheery grew to Level 54.
          Braviary was next. I switched to Mittens, took Stealth Rock damage, and he used Brave Bird for over half and some recoil damage. Then he used it again and finished me. I then brought in Blaster, and took some unwelcome Stealth Rock damage. He used Tailwind, but that's fine, as I used Thunderbolt and finished him.
          Decidueye was next up. YOU!!!!!!! TIME FOR SOME REVENGE!!!!!!! I went for Bug Buzz, but first he used Spirit Shackle, for well over half my health. And I did less than half of his. Then he finished me. Despite not wanting to just yet, I had little choice, so I brought in Plowman, and took Stealth Rock damage. He used Spirit Shackle for over half my health, and I hit with Icicle Crash to beat him. Then the Tailwind petered out, but it wouldn't have mattered as he was faster anyway.
          Snorlax was next. Feeling bold, I switched in Cheery, took Stealth Rock damage, and he used High Horsepower for not that much. I then used Reflect, and he used Body Slam for less than half my remaining health. Feeling I may actually have some time, I went for Sparkling Aria, which actually did a little better than I thought it would. But then he used Body Slam and scored a critical hit, finishing me off. I brought in Snow White and took Stealth Rock damage, then used Brick Break for less than half his remaining health. He used Heavy Slam for not that much, then I used the Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling, which finished him off.
          Ninetales was last. Could we do it this time?!?! He missed with Blizzard, allowing me to get in a Bulldoze for less than 1/4 but it did lower his Speed before my Reflect wore off. He then hit that turn, leaving me with just Echo and Plowman left. I went to the former and took Stealth Rock damage. Then he used Safeguard, which is completely fine with me, and I used Rock Tomb…which finished him!!! And it scored a critical hit just to rub it in his face even harder.

          So that was that, and I had finally been crowned Champion! Then during the festival, I battled Tapu Koko, and Cheery handled that - it survived an Electro Ball with less than 1/3, Moonblast did just under half, it used Agility and then I finished it with a Torrent boosted Sparkling Aria. And there you have it!

          The Final Team!
          (M) "Cheery", Level 54
          Stats: 156, 93, 112, 152, 130, 92
          Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Moonblast, Reflect, Sparkling Aria

          (M) "Blaster", Level 52
          Stats: 149, 98, 117, 182, 101, 63
          Moves: Bug Buzz, Crunch, Light Screen, Thunderbolt

          (M) "Echo", Level 52
          Stats: 155, 158, 162, 86, 92, 35
          Ability: Sturdy
          Moves: Mud-Slap, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock, Toxic

          (F) "Mittens", Level 51
          Stats: 144, 80, 74, 97, 83, 145
          Ability: Fur Coat
          Moves: Dark Pulse, Fake Out, Nasty Plot, Thunder

          (M) "Plowman", Level 52 (less than 800 EXP from Level 53)
          Stats: 149, 116, 135, 47, 94, 81
          Moves: Brick Break, Icicle Crash, Iron Head, Swords Dance

          (F) "Snow White", Level 52 (less than 250 EXP from Level 53)
          Stats: 140, 145, 83, 94, 116, 95
          Moves: Brick Break, Bulldoze, Sucker Punch, Yawn

          Other team members of note:
          (F) "Muchacha", Level 24
          (F) "Dabble", Level 27
          (M) "Shrink", Level 43

          That leaves two games left. And on that note...

          Soul Silver Blue Mono-Color - Update #2
          With the Hive Badge in hand, I decided to catch a Rattata and name it Servant. Then I found the Farfetch'd in the Ilex Forest and got HM01 for Cut, teaching that to Servant. Then I went through the forest and taught Headbutt to a handful of my team members, and once I was on Route 34, avoided all the trainers so I could save them for when I had some new team members. I arrived in Goldenrod City.

          After I was all settled in, I got myself a Bicycle. Then I returned to Azalea Town and eventually caught myself a good Heracross that I named Dwayne. Afterwards, upon return to Goldenrod City, I played some Voltorb Flip. And by that, I mean I played A LOT of Voltorb Flip. There were quite a few rewards I picked up, including a Wide Lens, a TM for Swords Dance, and an Abra that I can use Synchronize with. And a Dratini that I named Purity. I then finally got around to battling trainers on Route 34 and the underground to get Dwayne some EXP along the way. Then I met with Whitney at the Radio Tower and got her to return to the Gym. I took on the trainers there. Dwayne did all the work in that regard. Then I took on the Gym Leader!

          I began with Dwayne against Clefairy, and used Swords Dance as she used DoubleSlap, which got three pretty weak hits. Then I used another Swords Dance, as she used Mimic and learned that off of me. Then I used Rock Smash and OHKO'd her.
          Then we had Miltank. I stayed in, and she used Attract, so I couldn't get in a hit. She used Stomp for 1/3 my remaining health, and once again I couldn't hit her. Same thing next turn. Then she finished me. I brought in Windmill, but she used Attract again and my move failed. Stomp did almost half, and I flinched. I lived another Stomp, and used Sleep Powder, but she had the Lum Berry. Then she finished me. I brought in Adorabud, and Stomp did over half, but I got in Stun Spore and paralyzed her. I used Acid for a pretty weak hit, and she got fully paralyzed. Then I used another Acid before she finished me. I then brought in Purity, and used Dragon Rage to get her into the red… But she used Attract. I switched out to Swirly as she healed, and I went for Headbutt, which was pretty weak while Stomp did well over half. I used Headbutt again, but no flinch or paralysis, and she used Rollout. I went back to Purity, and used Dragon Rage to get her into the red… And she was fully paralyzed! She used another Super Potion, but that meant nothing, as two more Dragon Rages finished her off. And that got Purity to Level 16.

          After Whitney got sad, she gave me the Plain Badge and TM45 for Attract. Then I played MORE Voltorb Flip! I got a couple more Synchronizers and another Wide Lens, and a TM for Thunderbolt, then caught a NidoranF on Route 35 named Marie, which I used said TM on. Before returning, I got some healing items at the Department Store and even the TM for Blizzard. We went through the rest of the trainers on Route 35, and she evolved into a Nidorina. After finishing up there, we had trainers in National Park to take on. They weren't tough, but Dwayne was faster than a Raichu of the same level, which was pretty interesting. After forgetting to get the Watering Can, I did so, after beating two simple enough trainers. I then did a bit of Rock Smashing at Ruins of Alph, but realized this wasn't where I can get Star Pieces. But I digress! I went through the trainers on Route 37, including those Beauties who I thankfully had Dwayne to make easier than they could have been, and then an extremely annoying Drowzee that managed to beat Windmill by me staying asleep the maximum amount of turns.

          But I arrived in Ecruteak City, and met with Bill at the center. Then I went to the Burned Tower, where I met with Eusine…and Orchid. Grinder took care of Gastly (after being confused and cursed), Purity 2HKO'd Bayleef with Dragon Rage, and then Zubat despite being left with 1 HP thanks to confusion, and Marie was looking to 2HKO with Double Kick…but then paralysis, and SonicBoom, and full paralysis kicked in. Purity finished him off. After he was out of the way, I discovered the legendary beast trio in the basement, and Eusine talked about Suicune. Once I was done there, I picked up TM65 for Shadow Claw on Route 42, then got HM04 for Strength from a Hiker. Before getting too far ahead, I actually took to the Day-Care and dropped Dwayne in there for a few steps, just so he would reach Level 19 and have Rock Smash erased for Brick Break.

          Then there was Route 38, where I beat the trainers there, they weren't very tough. And on Route 39 we met with Baoba, registered him, and took on the trainers. They weren't anything hard either, except a jerk Poliwhirl that used DoubleSlap and scored three critical hits in a row (on three turns). At least after beating him, Sleazy evolved into a Quagsire, which is a plus. Then it was the time I was certainly not looking forward to…training time. But at least I didn't have TOO much to do, and afterwards I actually went through Mt. Mortar into Mahogany Town, beating trainers on Route 42 and 43 (and one in the cave) to get some EXP. In that area, there was a Slowbro that looked a lot more menacing than it actually was, and a strong Gyarados. Once that was said and done, I decided to head for the Gym and at least take on the trainers there for right now. The second one used Curse at one point and the third one I had two team members share the credit between. The last one Purity handled with Dragon Rage spam and her being stupid.

          After picking up a few Protect TMs… I did EVEN MORE Voltorb Flip!!!!!!! With the earnings, I was at over 25,000 again, so I got a Zoom Lens and decided to hold onto the rest in case I feel like I want another Swords Dance TM along the road. Afterwards, I decided to take on the Gym, just to see how well it would go. I slapped Shadow Claw on Dwayne in case, and thought, well, let's go for it!

          I began with Grinder against Gastly, and he used Mean Look, but that was just fine, as Bite OHKO'd.
          Gengar was next. He used Mean Look as well, and I used Scary Face...but missed. Then he used Hypnosis, but that missed too, and I hit with Scary Face. I used Bite for less than half, but he flinched. I used it again and got him into the red, but his Sitrus Berry healed him up, then Shadow Ball got me to 7 HP. I used Bite...and he didn't go for Sucker Punch, which was interesting, and I barely finished him off. Grinder grew to Level 24 and tried to learn Flail, which I passed on.
          Next was the Level 21 Haunter, which put me to sleep with Hypnosis for whatever reason. Then he finished me with Dream Eater. I brought in Windmill, and got in a Sleep Powder. I then switched to Marie as he continued to snooze. He still snoozed as I used Thunderbolt, but even with the Magnet it still did less than half. Then he woke up and missed with Hypnosis, as I got him into the red with another Thunderbolt. He healed, and I used another Thunderbolt for less than half. I switched Purity into a Hypnosis, as he used Dream Eater for exactly half and healing him up. Shed Skin activated though, and he missed with Hypnosis and that allowed me to get in a Thunder Wave. I then used Dragon Rage, which left him with 1 HP as he used Hypnosis again but hit this time...only for Shed Skin to activate again. He didn't heal, so Dragon Rage finished him.
          Lastly was the Level 23 Haunter. I stayed in, as he used Mean Look, but I used Thunder Wave to paralyze him. I used Dragon Rage for well over half, as he got fully paralyzed. Another Dragon Rage finished him. Not bad.

          So I got the Fog Badge and TM30 for Shadow Ball, which I would definitely consider a success. After buying a few items, I knew what the first thing I wanted to do was. That would be going to the Ruins of Alph and accessing a Surf area then using Flash to get a Moon Stone, which I used on Marie to get her to become a Nidoqueen. Then I went to Dark Cave, where I was able to get to the back area and catch a Wobbuffet, which I named Test Dummy. Then I went to Olivine City, where Orchid was lurking about, and got the Old Rod. Then I scaled the Lighthouse. Not many of the trainers there really did anything. I met with Jasmine at the top, and she sent me to Cianwood to retrieve medicine for Amphy. So I went to Route 40, and beat all four of the trainers there. As for Route 41, I skipped the trainers there for the time being to make my way into Cianwood City. I got the SecretPotion, and then saw Suicune up front and that was when Eusine wanted to challenge me. He wasn't that tough, but his Haunter was definitely annoying to a degree.

          With the SecretPotion in hand, I made my way back to Olivine, and gave it to Jasmine. She returned to the Gym. Afterwards I decided to head to the Lake of Rage, but before taking on the Red Gyarados, I found the Choice Specs, which I gave to Marie. But even with that and Poison Point, it wasn't finished off within one turn. I got the Red Scale from it, and met with Lance afterwards, who wanted me to check out the potential Team Rocket hideout. I met with Lance there, and he found the entrance. Before going in, however, I went back to get the Exp. Share from Mr. Pokémon. Along the way, I caught a Golduck on Route 35 named Kappa. Once I was back, I went through the Rocket Hideout, beating a lot of grunts along the way, until I came to Petrel, who wasn't tough. Then once Murkrow unlocked the transmitter room, we came to Ariana and another grunt. I'm not going to talk about them, because they were pretty easy. I then beat the Electrodes thanks to Leech Seed. Lance thanked me and gave me HM05 for Whirlpool. I left, healed up, and decided that's where I'll leave this off.

          (M) "Grinder", Level 26
          Stats: 75, 50 , 51, 40, 39, 36
          Moves: Bite, Ice Fang, Scary Face, Surf

          (F) "Sleazy", Level 25
          Ability: Water Absorb
          Stats: 91, 51, 55, 39, 41, 29
          Moves: Headbutt, Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Surf

          (M) "Windmill", Level 26
          Ability: Leaf Guard
          Stats: 69, 35, 34, 35, 40, 54
          Moves: Bullet Seed, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Synthesis

          (F) "Marie", Level 26
          Ability: Poison Point
          Stats: 83, 54, 56, 51, 51, 51
          Moves: Bite, Blizzard, Body Slam, Thunderbolt

          (M) "Dwayne", Level 26
          Ability: Guts
          Stats: 87, 81, 52, 29, 60, 60
          Moves: Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance

          (M) "Test Dummy", Level 26
          Stats: 142, 26, 41, 21, 41, 27
          Moves: Counter, Destiny Bond, Mirror Coat, Safeguard
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            I'm planning my teams for future Monocolor runs (hopefully starting soon), and I have a question about what color(s) Minior counts as. Before its ability activates, it counts as a brown Pokémon, but its cores vary in color. Would it be eligible for a brown monocolor run (regardless of its core) as well as a purple monocolor run, for instance? Provided that the core is purple, obviously.

            I guess it's a similar situation to the Cherrim case from the link in the OP, but I just wanted to be sure.
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              Originally Posted by Chevitile View Post
              I think you've got the right of it. You can use it for a brown run or for whatever run matches its core according to the Bulbapedia page.

              Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
              I've decided that when playing Sun and Moon, the in-game Pokedex color is what you use to guide your team, especially when in comes to Alolan Forms.
              Jd made that decision when the games were pretty new and before the Color page on Bulbapedia was updated, but after I personally pushed them a bit they updated it :)

              From my understanding of it, the Alolan dex is actually quite dynamic in that there's only one entry for each pokemon, but if you've seen different variants it will show up in different searches (color, height, etc.)
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              Soul Silver Blue Mono-Color - Update #3

              Having dealt with Team Rocket in Mahogany, I discovered Suicine on Route 42, and then decided just to see how Jasmine would go even with my levels.

              I began with Sleazy against her first Magnemite. She used SonicBoom, but I hit with a Choice Specs boosted Mud Bomb to OHKO her, and Sleazy grew to Level 26.
              Steelix was next. She missed with Screech, while I used Mud Bomb for less than half. I switched in Windmill as she used Sandstorm, so I took damage. I hit with Sleep Powder, and as she snoozed, I used Leech Seed next turn. She continued to snooze, and Leech Seed got her to her Sitrus Berry. I switched back to Sleazy as she continued to snooze. After another round of Leech Seed, she woke up, but missed with Iron Tail, and Surf finished her before the sandstorm subsided.
              Last was her second Magnemite. I switched in Windmill as she used Supersonic but missed. Then I accidentally mis-clicked and used Leech Seed, and she used Thunder Wave to paralyze me. Then she hit with Supersonic, which is why I didn't switch to Sleazy right away. Needless to say, I hit myself in confusion again. I brought in Sleazy again, as she used Thunderbolt, which failed. She hit with Supersonic again, and I hit myself once more. She was at half health, though. She used SonicBoom, and I hit myself again. I switched in Windmill once more as she used SonicBoom then was brought to 1/4. I switched in Sleazy again as her Thunderbolt failed. Leech Seed got her to healing range, so she healed, and I used Mud Shot, allowing me to finish her off. And Windmill grew to Level 27…

              …And evolved into a Jumpluff! Very nice. So I got the Mineral Badge and TM23 for Iron Tail. Then we started to take on trainers on Route 41. They weren't tough, but some did take a little while. Then I made my way back to Cianwood City and took on the Gym trainers, two of which had annoying stuff. Then it was Gym Leader time!

              I began with Sleazy against Primeape, and got in a Quick Claw, so Mud Shot lowered his Speed before he used…Rock Slide??? Are you serious, bro? Well, whatever. He tightened his focus, but I used Surf, so his Focus Punch failed. Same thing next turn. He healed, so I used Mud Shot again to lower his Speed once more. He used Leer, as I hit with Surf once again. Then he readied Focus Punch, only to be brought to 1 HP with Surf yet again. He didn't heal, but I finished him with Mud Bomb.
              Poliwrath was next. I decided to stay in, and the Quick Claw triggered, so I got in another Mud Shot to lower his Speed before he used Surf, which failed because of Water Absorb. Then he readied Focus Punch, and I used Mud Bomb…only to miss, and be left with 4 HP. He readied Focus Punch again…and I missed with Mud Bomb again, so he finished me. I brought in Windmill, and managed to get in a Sleep Powder, so he snoozed. I then got in a Leech Seed, which started to sap away at him. Bullet Seed only hit twice, but he snoozed more. Then I hit four times, the first hit activating his Sitrus Berry, before he woke up and used Surf for less than 1/4. I wasted no time in using Sleep Powder again, and he was sapped. Bullet Seed then hit three times, and he snoozed, then Leech Seed…left him with 1 HP?!?!?!?! So he healed, and I hit three times, then he was at 3/4 or so. I then hit three more times, and he woke up and used Body Slam, which did enough for a 3HKO before Leech Seed. He used Surf for a weak hit, then I used Synthesis to heal to full. After another sapping, I took a weak Surf, then used Synthesis again. Body Slam did big, and I got fully paralyzed, but then he was at 3 HP. He used another Body Slam, but I used Synthesis and then he was finished with Leech Seed. Windmill grew to Level 28 and learned Mega Drain, which I dropped Bullet Seed for. Geez, this would've been great just five minutes ago! But I'll take it.

              So I got the Storm Badge and TM01 for Focus Punch, which isn't very exciting. I left the Gym and received HM02 from Chuck's wife. Then we went through the Cliff Edge Gate and ended up on Route 47. I beat the trainers there, but the two double battles were quite annoying. Then I went to the Safari Zone and caught a Geodude for the Owner, then a Farfetch'd that I named Servant, just for Cut and Fly. That allowed me to return to Mahogany Town, where it was Gym time. I took on the trainers, and then I was left with the Gym Leader.

              I began with Windmill against Seel, and started by missing with Sleep Powder, but he missed with Icy Wind in return. I hit next turn, and then used Leech Seed just because. Mega Drain got him to half, then he continued to snooze before being sapped again. Mega Drain finished him with a critical hit. Okay, I'll take that!
              Dewgong was after, though. I decided to switch into Grinder, who took an extremely weak Ice Shard. Then he was faster and used Aurora Beam for noticeably more. He used Aurora Beam again to get me to half, as I then used Scary Face. Bite still wasn't doing a lot, while his Aurora Beam lowered my Attack. Not wanting any of that, I brought in Dwayne, as he used Aurora Beam for 1/4 my health. Brick Break finished him and got Grinder to Level 30, which allowed him to learn Crunch.
              Piloswine was last. I decided to stay in and use Swords Dance, as his Blizzard did over half my remaining health. I OHKO'd him with a critical hit that definitely didn't matter, and Dwayne grew to Level 29.

              After that, Grinder evolved into a Feraligatr, which is pretty awesome. Then I got the Glacier Badge and TM07 for Hail. Then I left the Gym to have Professor Elm call about the Radio Tower and Team Rocket.

              With that, it was time to go through the Radio Tower. After the funny bit where Orchid rips off my disguise, I stormed through a marathon of Rocket Grunts who weren't very tough. Petrel wasn't that difficult either. I got the Basement Key from him, then went to the Underground Tunnel. There, I took on Orchid in a very not fun fight. Going through the basement, I beat the grunts there and found my way to the director, who gave me the Card Key. (I was away from my computer for everything in this paragraph before this point.) Then I beat Proton in a slightly annoying fight, and Ariana was a little worse but still doable.

              Lastly was Archer. Sleazy handled his Houndour after a critical hit Faint Attack did 2/5 my health, then for Houndoom, I got the Quick Claw on the turn I used Mud Shot, which did around 1/3 before his Faint Attack did over half my remaining health… Then I got the Quick Claw again! Mud Shot got him lower and down to -2 before he finished me. Grinder finished that and the Koffing with ease and grew to Level 33.

              After Archer had left, I received the Silver Wing from the Director. I then made my way out and it was time to ready myself for Blackthorn City. Right as I was about to end this update, I received the Choice Scarf from Mom's savings, so that was good.

              (M) "Grinder", Level 33
              Stats: 106, 80, 78, 64, 62, 59
              Moves: Crunch, Ice Fang, Scary Face, Surf

              (F) "Sleazy", Level 31
              Ability: Water Absorb
              Stats: 111, 62, 67, 48, 50, 36
              Moves: Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Surf, Yawn

              (M) "Windmill", Level 30
              Ability: Leaf Guard
              Stats: 90, 46, 51, 46, 58, 81
              Moves: Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Sleep Powder, Synthesis

              (F) "Marie", Level 32
              Ability: Poison Point
              Stats: 100, 67, 69, 62, 61, 63
              Moves: Bite, Blizzard, Body Slam, Thunderbolt

              (M) "Dwayne", Level 31
              Ability: Guts
              Stats: 103, 97, 61, 35, 72, 71
              Moves: Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance

              (M) "Test Dummy", Level 31
              Stats: 168, 30, 51, 25, 50, 32
              Moves: Counter, Destiny Bond, Mirror Coat, Safeguard

              (I have other stuff in storage but don't feel like listing them at the moment)
              Azurilland - (The Southern Island) | Twitter
              Wedlocke Challenge | Wonderlocke Challenge | Generation V Fan Club
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              Feeling like I'm the only one who still cares about this )=

              Soul Silver Blue Mono-Color - Update #4 - Final Johto Update

              After taking care of Team Rocket, we made our way to Route 44, where there were some trainers to deal with. I beat them (some of them gave Windmill a good chance to fight) and went through the Ice Path. Along the way, I got HM07 for Waterfall, and eventually came to Blackthorn City. I didn't waste much time before going into the Gym to at least take on the trainers for right now. They mostly had annoying stuff. Then I decided to see how the Gym Leader would go.

              I began with Marie against Gyarados, and she got off a pointless Intimidate. She used Dragon Rage, then I used Thunderbolt, which didn't OHKO her. She used her Hyper Potion, and Thunderbolt was once again the same deal. She used Dragon Rage again, leaving me with 23 HP, and I finished her with another Thunderbolt.
              Kingdra was up next. Ho boy! I decided to sack off Marie to a Dragon Pulse, and it was then time to bring in Test Dummy. She used Hydro Pump for over half, and I OHKO'd with Mirror Coat. How's that for you.
              She then used her first Dragonair. I stayed in, but she used Thunder Wave, so my Mirror Coat failed. Then she used Dragon Pulse, which I lived with 15 HP, but ended up fully paralyzed, so she finished me next turn with a critical hit to really rub it in my face. I brought in Sleazy, and took a Dragon Pulse for slightly over half before I used Yawn. She finished me off, but then fell asleep. I brought in Dwayne and used Swords Dance as she snoozed. I then wondered whether to go for another Swords Dance and risk her waking up and paralyzing me, or go straight for the Brick Break… And I went with the latter, which turned out to be the right choice as it OHKO'd her.
              Lastly was her second Dragonair. I stayed in, and Brick Break…left her with 1 HP as she used Thunder Wave. She used her Full Restore, and I got fully paralyzed. She used Dragon Pulse, which did less than half, and Brick Break thankfully OHKO'd this time, winning us the fight despite my entire team being Level 32/33.

              Afterwards, Clair wanted me to prove I didn't have lazy ideals, so I was sent to the Dragon's Den. I went there, leaving Test Dummy behind for Kappa, the Golduck I caught not long after getting Surf, and taught it Whirlpool. After beating a few easy trainers, I came to the altar and took the test, then Clair was amazed at my success and gave me the Rising Badge. Later, I got TM59 for Dragon Pulse, which I probably won't use. Professor Elm then called and said he had something for me. I stopped by his lab and got the Master Ball! Then I was informed that I have to make do with the Kimono Girls. I returned to Ecruteak City, and watched Orchid lose to them. But I felt like I was NOT prepared, as there were a few moves I could get with a bit more training. For one, I got the Black Belt from Wesley since I was playing on a Wednesday. Then I went to Route 29 and took on the trainers there for some extra EXP. But it wasn't long before I went back and decided to have my shot.

              First was Umbreon. I began with Windmill, and started with a Sleep Powder, which hit. I wasted no time in switching to Dwayne as she continued to snooze. Brick Break did over half, and she woke up and used Confuse Ray. I hit myself first turn, and she used a weak Dark Pulse, but then I hit and finished her.
              Then we came to Espeon. I still had Windmill in front, and she used Psychic for over 2/3 my health and a Special Defense drop, but I got in Sleep Powder. As she snoozed, I got in a Leech Seed, allowing me to regain a bit of health. She continued to snooze, and I got in a Synthesis before Leech Seed healed me to full. I then switched in Test Dummy as she was still snoozing, then she fell to 5/8. She snoozed more, so my Mirror Coat had no effect. She woke up and used Swift for not much at all, as Mirror Coat finished her off.
              Afterwards was Flareon. I switched out Windmill for Grinder as she missed with Fire Blast. I had the Choice Scarf, although that might not have mattered either way, but Waterfall…left her with 1 HP!!! And she burned me with Will-o-Wisp. Nevertheless, I finished her off.
              Following that was Jolteon. She started off with Double Team, but I hit through that with Leech Seed (thank you Wide Lens) and that began to sap away at her. I switched in Marie as she used Double Team once more then was sapped down to 3/4. Despite a third usage of Double Team, I hit through it with Body Slam and then after Leech Seed she was below 1/3. After another Double Team, I finally missed, but then she was in the red. And she used it again. And I missed again but she was right on the edge. And she used Double Team once more, but it didn't matter, because Leech Seed finished her off. And Marie grew to Level 35.
              Finally was Vaporeon. I started off with Sleep Powder, but missed. And Aurora Beam OHKO'd without a critical hit. I brought in Dwayne, and Brick Break did a little less than half as she used Surf for over half my remaining health. I then got her down very low before she finished me off. I brought in Grinder and finished her with Crunch, and Grinder grew to Level 35.

              After that, they commended my strength and gave me the Clear Bell, then their little sister informed them that Lugia is abound. I healed up, and got the Focus Sash from Mom's earnings. It wasn't long before I made my way to the Whirl Islands and the Kimono Girls, who did their dance to summon Lugia. Then it was time! I began with Windmill, and as it opened with Rain Dance I started by getting in a Leech Seed. It then hit with Aeroblast, however, OHKO'ing me. I brought in Sleazy, and as it used Rain Dance and failed, I got in a Yawn before it dropped to 3/4. Then it used Rain Dance again, and I used Waterfall for a light hit. Leech Seed dropped it below half before it fell asleep, then I switched in Dwayne as it snoozed before the rain stopped. As it snoozed, I finished it off with Shadow Claw followed by Leech Seed. So there you have it! I used an Escape Rope to get out of there, and made my way back to New Bark Town.

              So I went to Route 27, and I was in Kanto! After finding a Rare Candy, I went through Tohjo Falls and was back outside. Some of the trainers had some pretty annoying stuff, but we made it through them. My team was pretty dead upon making it to Route 28, but mostly Sleazy handled the ones there. There was an Espeon that came about but Grinder OHKO'd it with Crunch while holding the Choice Scarf despite being one level lower. We went through more trainers, with the very last one having a Flaaffy that paralyzed Windmill and literally had me hitting through paralysis two out of eight turns while I desperately tried to keep up using Synthesis. What on earth. In fact, she was the first time to my recollection that I have ever refused a trainer's number in this game. I was pissed off.

              But I digress! We went through Victory Road, and at the end, Orchid was there. Dwayne took care of Sneasel, then Marie did just over half to Golbat with Thunderbolt and Grinder finished it. I tried to have Dwayne take on Meganium, but he scored a critical hit Petal Dance…and thankfully he hit himself in confusion, allowing my Aerial Ace to 3HKO him. Kadabra finished off Dwayne, but Grinder slammed him with Crunch. Sleazy took care of Magneton, even despite him surviving Mud Shot with 1 HP. Haunter did over half my remaining health, though, so I switched in Grinder and finished him off (taunting me with the unneeded critical hit, at that).

              He said a bit of stuff and then left, leaving me free to come to the Pokémon League! I had reached the Indigo Plateau, leaving only the final battles left. After some training, of course. Once I had returned to Johto for preparations, I decided to do something I don't usually do: I put Test Dummy in the Day-Care. Since he has no attacks and can't really fight wild Pokémon reliably, I didn't have many qualms with it. Afterwards, I did a bit of Rock Smash stuff, traded some shards for berries, and then biked across the Day-Care and Goldenrod for an extended time. With all of that, I was able to get Test Dummy to Level 44, which I decided would be the level I would want to get everyone to.

              The next day, I decided to catch a Lapras in Dark Cave, since it was Friday, just on the off-chance so I can potentially have something to keep around when I'm not in important battles and Wobbuffet won't be that great. I named it Oceania. Marie was the next to get to Level 44. I did do a bit of Exp. Share training for Oceania, then let her fight on her own for a bit as well. Afterwards, I trained my remaining four to Level 40, then for Dwayne and Grinder, I battled Hiker Anthony MANY times to get them up fast (1946 EXP per fight). That left just Windmill and Sleazy left, and after getting the former to Level 42, I completely forgot that the waterfall area on Route 47 was a thing. So I went there. That allowed me to get Windmill to Level 44, even with my patience being tested by wild Pokémon always waking up after one turn. Finally was Sleazy, and for her I just stuck to battling Hiker Anthony again until she reached that point. Then, my team was Level 44. I adjusted my moves, and then it was time to return to Indigo Plateau for the league. Alright, time to go in there! First was Will.

              I began with Sleazy against the first Xatu, and got the Quick Claw, allowing me to use Yawn before he got in Confuse Ray. I then switched in Dwayne, as it used Me First but failed. Shadow Claw got him into the red, and he healed, but it didn't matter because Shadow Claw 2HKO'd.
              Next was the second Xatu. I switched in Test Dummy as it used a weak Aerial Ace. It used Confuse Ray, and it caused me to hit myself. It used Ominous Wind, which did a third of my remaining health…and I hit myself in confusion. It hit me with Ominous Wind again for just under half my remaining health, as I snapped out of confusion and got in Mirror Coat, which left it at 1 HP…before his Sitrus Berry healed him up. He used Ominous Wind again and left me with 9 HP, so another Mirror Coat finished him.
              Then we had Exeggutor, who finished me with Egg Bomb. I brought in my own Grass-type, Windmill, and used Sleep Powder. Feeling bold, I switched in Marie as he continued to snooze. I hit with a Choice Specs boosted Fire Blast and OHKO'd him.
              Jynx was next. I stayed in, but he was faster and got me into the red with Psychic, but Fire Blast OHKO'd that too.
              Lastly was Slowbro. I switched in Windmill, and his Psychic did a little less than half. I hit with Sleep Powder and made him snooze. Then I used Leech Seed as he snoozed more, then was sapped. Giga Drain scored a critical hit that got him to KO range from Leech Seed, and he woke up, but only used Curse, and he was finished.

              So that was one down. Then it was time for Koga.

              I began with Grinder against Ariados. I decided to just get in a Hydro Cannon for the OHKO.
              Then we had Forretress. As I recharged, he used Toxic Spikes. I used Hydro Cannon again, but even with the Mystic Water it wasn't an OHKO as he got in a second layer of Toxic Spikes. Then he healed as I recharged. I brought in Marie, and his Protect failed. Then he used it next turn and blocked my Fire Blast. I hit next turn and OHKO'd him.
              Then we had Venomoth. He used Supersonic but missed, while I used my last Fire Blast, which OHKO'd him (still Choice Specs).
              Then we had Muk. Feeling extremely bold, I switched in Windmill as he used Screech. I used Sleep Powder, which hit. Then I used Leech Seed, but he woke up first turn (because of course he did)…and missed with Gunk Shot before being sapped. Then it was time for me to switch in Sleazy, so his Gunk Shot did 1/5. But he had Black Sludge! Although Leech Seed slightly outdamages him. I got the Quick Claw, but it didn't matter because Earthquake got him to 1 HP. He missed with Gunk Shot again before Leech Seed finished him.
              Lastly was Crobat. I decided to stay in and go for Yawn, but not without him using Double Team. Then I brought in Windmill again as he used Double Team once more before falling asleep. As he snoozed, I hit with Leech Seed, which is surely a plus. I brought in Grinder as he continued to snooze and was sapped more. He snoozed more, but Hydro Cannon missed. He woke up and used a weak Wing Attack as I missed with Hydro Cannon yet again. Then he was at half health. He used Double Team again, so I missed with Waterfall and I was healed to full…then he was sapped down to his berry. After another weak Wing Attack, I missed with Waterfall again. Then he was sapped down to half. After another Wing Attack, I hit with Waterfall, and got him into the red…then Leech Seed got him to 1 HP. I switched in Marie as he healed, much to my dismay. He was sapped, and then Wing Attack did a weak hit before he was sapped again after a Thunderbolt miss. Same thing next turn. Then he got me exactly to half…and I finally hit with Thunderbolt and finished him. Whew!

              Then we came to Bruno. Alright, let's fight!

              I began with Dwayne against Hitmontop. He used Quick Attack for a pretty weak hit, while Aerial Ace was a 2HKO. Was surprised he didn't use Counter.
              Then we had Hitmonlee. Knowing a Blaze Kick was coming, I switched in Sleazy - and I was right, and it dealt a pretty weak hit. But then he used Swagger, and despite hitting myself, it didn't do as much as I thought. But then he used Focus Energy. But I hit with Earthquake and OHKO'd him.
              But after that was Machamp. I got the Quick Claw, but it turned out to be for nothing as I hit myself, then Cross Chop got me to 9 HP. Then he finished me. I brought in Windmill, and Sleep Powder hit. Then I used Leech Seed, but he woke up and used Revenge for a tiny bit less than 1/4. I put him to sleep again, and he was sapped more. I then switched in Grinder, only for him to wake up first turn AGAIN, while Rock Slide did over 1/4. What the heck, dickface? After juggling between Waterfall and Hydro Cannon, I opted for the latter…and scored a critical hit that I highly doubt mattered.
              Then came Hitmonchan. As I recharged, he used ThunderPunch for just barely less than half my remaining health, which is kinda sad when you think about it. But he was faster and got me to 12 HP, but even with Torrent, Waterfall couldn't OHKO him. I switched out to Test Dummy as he healed, and he used Fire Punch twice as Counter took care of him within those two hits.
              Lastly was Onix. I switched in Windmill, so his Earthquake failed, and Giga Drain was an OHKO.

              After that was Karen. Now I wanted to make sure I was adequately prepared for this one.

              I began with Dwayne against Umbreon. Brick Break had the Black Belt boost and came darn near close to OHKO'ing, but she used Double Team. She healed, and I missed, but I hit the next turn and got her into the red before she used Double Team again. I used Aerial Ace…but that left her with 1 HP before she used Confuse Ray. Despite that, I stayed in and used Aerial Ace and finished her off.
              Murkrow was next. I switched Marie into a Pluck that did exactly half with a critical hit, but it triggered Poison Point. She used Pluck for 33 HP (for clarification, I had 67/134 HP at that point), and Thunderbolt (Choice Specs boosted) finished her and got Marie to Level 45.
              Houndoom was next and finished me with Dark Pulse. I brought in Grinder, who had the Choice Scarf, and Waterfall…did not OHKO her, but it got her to her berry, and she used Nasty Plot, so she was an easy kill next turn. That got Grinder to Level 45 and got him to learn Screech, which I decided to drop Hydro Cannon for.
              Then we had Vileplume. I brought in Windmill, as she used Stun Spore and unfortunately hit, then Acid did not much less than half before I got fully paralyzed. Same thing next turn, and Windmill was outed without getting to do anything. She used Petal Dance last turn, weirdly. I brought in Test Dummy and took a Petal Dance for over 1/4…and Mirror Coat left her with 1 HP before she became confused. Thinking she would heal, I used Safeguard… But she hit through confusion and used Petal Dance for over 1/3 my remaining health. She snapped out of confusion, but thankfully I finished her with another Mirror Coat.
              Lastly was Gengar. She missed with Focus Blast, but I used Destiny Bond in response. She left me with 11 HP with Focus Blast and I used Destiny Bond again. She hit next turn, and was thus taken down.

              Then it was time for Lance. Oh boy, this is gonna be brutal! But we had to progress. I made a few adjustments, and entered his room. Alright, here we go! This was my second try, first time Windmill missed with Sleep Powder and was OHKO'd immediately with Ice Fang, so I reset the game. But I digress.

              I began with Windmill against Gyarados, and he got off a pointless Intimidate. I hit with Sleep Powder and caused him to snooze. Then I got in a Leech Seed. I switched in Sleazy as he continued to snooze. He woke up and used a weak Dragon Pulse before I hit with Blizzard, then he was brought below half. He used Flail for a weak hit, then I used Waterfall for a weak hit myself. After Leech Seed, he healed, and THAT was the time to use Yawn. Leech Seed got me to full. Feeling extremely bold, I switched in Marie, as he used Flail for a laughably weak hit and got Poison Point. But that's not good, because now he can't fall asleep. I had to bring in Sleazy again, so his Waterfall failed. At least he was brought right near 1/3. He used a weak Dragon Pulse as I used Waterfall, but even with all of that he wasn't finished off. Thankfully I got in the Quick Claw and finished him with Waterfall.
              Then he brought in his first Level 49 Dragonite, unbeknownst to me that it was the one with Thunder. I decided to stay in, and Dragon Rush did well over half, but I got in a Yawn. I got the Quick Claw… But Blizzard missed, and he finished me before falling asleep. I brought in Grinder, and as he snoozed, I used Agility. Then I got in a Screech. Then Ice Fang slammed him.
              Next was his second Level 49 Dragonite. Fearing that it was the one with Thunder, I switched in Dwayne, knowing he'd be useless in this fight, as he used Thunder Wave. Well, it triggered Guts, at least…? After Dragon Rush, Shadow Claw did a bit less than 1/3. But he hit again and finished me. I brought in Marie, and he used Blizzard, much to my surprise. It missed, but my Avalanche didn't finish him off. I had an idea. I switched in Windmill as he…missed with Blizzard??? I thought for sure that he would heal. But I hit with Sleep Powder, and he snoozed. Then I used Leech Seed and he snoozed once more and was finished.
              Then we had Aerodactyl. I wasted no time switching to Marie as his Rock Slide missed, then he got in Aerial Ace for over 1/3, as Avalanche with the Never-Melt Ice OHKO'd with a critical hit. It didn't desperately save me (he could've scored a critical hit though), but I'll take it.
              Then we came to the Level 50 Dragonite. He used Outrage and finished me off, then I brought in Test Dummy. He hit for 2/3 my health, and activated my Sitrus Berry, then Counter OHKO'd him.
              Lastly was Charizard. I stayed in, and he used…Air Slash. Joy. Of course that had to happen the turn I use Counter. I was like, darn it, I should've used Destiny Bond instead. Then he used Shadow Claw and finished me. I brought in Windmill, and used Sleep Powder for good measures. Then I got in a Leech Seed. I stayed in and used Giga Drain for a nonexistent hit as he snoozed more. After another super weak hit from me, he woke up next turn and OHKO'd me with a critical hit Air Slash that probably mattered, but that was fine. I only had Grinder left, and he used Shadow Claw for a pretty weak hit before I finished him with Waterfall, winning me the battle. There you have it.

              And with that, we had defeated the Champion!

              Champion Team:

              (M) "Grinder", Level 45 (super close to 46)
              Stats: 142, 112, 111, 87, 84, 83
              Moves: Agility, Ice Fang, Screech, Waterfall

              (F) "Sleazy", Level 44
              Ability: Water Absorb
              Stats: 156, 90, 101, 67, 71, 53
              Moves: Blizzard, Earthquake, Waterfall, Yawn

              (M) "Windmill", Level 45
              Ability: Leaf Guard
              Stats: 132, 70, 85, 69, 85, 126
              Moves: Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Synthesis

              (F) "Marie", Level 45
              Ability: Poison Point
              Stats: 137, 95, 100, 96, 86, 92
              Moves: Avalanche, Blizzard, Earth Power, Thunderbolt

              (M) "Dwayne", Level 44
              Ability: Guts
              Stats: 142, 146, 92, 47, 101, 101
              Moves: Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance

              (M) "Test Dummy", Level 44
              Stats: 235, 43, 74, 35, 71, 44
              Moves: Counter, Destiny Bond, Mirror Coat, Safeguard

              Final playing time for Johto: 30:41
              Azurilland - (The Southern Island) | Twitter
              Wedlocke Challenge | Wonderlocke Challenge | Generation V Fan Club
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