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Posted April 30th, 2021
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my name is Xero3C and I'm the Lead Developer of a story-focussed game called "PokéLand 0" (FireRed ROM-Hack with CFRU+DPE Engine).
Want to help to create a story-driven game with a unique gameplay-experience? Then please apply by sending me a message here or via Discord (Xero3C#0909)
We are looking for people in Scripting & Spriting (More details below)

About the game:
This game takes place in Xenos, a planet, where only Pokémon live (like in Mystery Dungeon). The story begins in an orphanage, that suddenly became a bootcamp. 4 brave teenagers managed to escape to explore their home-world. But soon they clash with a might foe known as Darkness ...
(Screenshots in the Attachment)

  • Pokémon from every generation
  • Custom Regional Forms
  • Ressource-Management
  • Zelda-like Dungeons
  • (Optional) Sidequests
  • Minigames

We are looking for help in the following categories:

We need 1 Developer to help us create Puzzle-Dungeons à la the Legend of Zelda & Minigames. We use the CFRU-Engine that opens a lot of possiblities.
If you want to create cool gameplay-experiences, then this position is for you! No prior experience is required, but the motivation to get into Scripting.

We are looking for 1-2 people to help us to create stunning graphical assets to use in the Overworld (where most of the game takes place). So we need someone who can make great looking tilesets that fall in-line with the story. We also need someone to create custom frames/states for HG/SS-Overworld Sprites.

Our team:
I'm the lead developer, Story-writer, Level-Designer & Junior Developer. Entaro is like a mentor to me and he's an Advanced Developer.
We don't have a Discord-Server yet, but that will change, when our team gets bigger :) So please write me either here or on Discord (Xero3C #0909)

What we offer:
A friendly international atmosphere and the ability to express and implement your own ideas :)

We are glad for everyone who wants to join us and we are looking forward to get to know you soon :)

Best regards,