Sixth Generation The Kalos region awaits! Explore the first 3D Pokémon region while putting a stop to Team Flare. Then, revisit the Hoenn region with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Draconius GO
View Poll Results: Favorite battle song?
Song 1: Trainer Battle 0 0%
Song 2:Wild Pokemon Encounter 2 10.53%
Song 3: Rival Battle 1 5.26%
Song 4: Gym Leader Battle 2 10.53%
Song 5: Successor Korrina Battle (Mega Lucario fight) 1 5.26%
Song 6: Team Flare (Standard Battle) 3 15.79%
Song 7:Team Flare Boss 2 10.53%
Song 8: Yveltl/Xerneas Battle 9 47.37%
Song 9: Kanto Legendary Battle 2 10.53%
Song 10: Elite 4 Battle 5 26.32%
Song 11: Unova League Champion 4 21.05%
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Old December 7th, 2013 (1:46 AM).
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I really like the music this gen. It's the first time I actually listened to the music. xD I really enjoyed the music for the Elite Four, the Xerneas battle, and the one against the Team Flare boss. Those really seemed good to me o.o
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Old December 7th, 2013 (1:57 AM).
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    Unova League Champion? Don't you mean Kalos League Champion?
    Well, whatever. My favorite from this particular game is the Champion Theme. Not gonna spoil who it is, though.
    I'm from Pallet Town in Kanto, which is where my journey started. I couldn't beat the Elite Four, so I went to Johto, where I finally became the Champion. Later, I went to Hoenn and beat that league. Then I went back home to Kanto in hopes of becoming the Champion of my home, which I did. I then went to Sinnoh to beat that league, and went back to Johto when I heard Lance was the Champion again. I then went to Unova and beat that league twice, and now I'm going through Kalos, which I'm the Champion of.
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    Old December 7th, 2013 (3:31 AM).
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      The music wasn't really outstanding for me. It's great and all, but it's kinda like Gen IV. It has some great tunes, but it's mostly just alright. It's kinda hard to top Gen V in the music area. Some of my favorite tunes are: Team Flare battle and Gym Leader battle (mostly because it was the most unique one yet). I'm kinda bad with the overworld music though. The only one I really remember is the Lumiose City theme, because you spend most of the time there biking for eggs haha.
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      Old December 13th, 2013 (6:36 AM).
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        I agree with most of everyone that says the music in this game is wonderful! I personally love Snowbelle City's theme. It's sad and emotional, yet very beautiful. The theme reminds me of Christmas and Queen Elsa from Frozen. <3 Elite Four's music is so intense too, and love the guitar solo. Rockstar.


        The ending credits music "Kiseki", whoa... whoa... the lyrics are... really T__T

        The first time I actually cried while playing Pokemon because of its music and the simple yet meaningful lyrics. :")))
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