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Showcase Saphron's Crappy Art

Started by Saphron May 30th, 2019 1:48 PM
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Suit Dragon

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Posted June 12th, 2019
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WARNING: I'm furry trash.

Here I will dump all the cartoon stuff I make cuz why not.

Not sure if like one image of a shirtless bull guy and Goron guy is "mature" or not but I'll mark my stuff just to be safe.

this image contains mature content!

One of my sonas. He's an edgy corporate goth who is always very serious about everything.

One of my other sonas, Greg. He's very nice and kinda innocent. He loves his boyfriend.

Greg, but evil and edgy.

Felt like making a Goron OC. But also a cyberpunk OC. Thus, he was born.

Me and my BF fused into one person. I was very SU inspired.

SU scene redraw of Rose, but as a dude. Based off of a cosplay I saw and really liked.

My main fursona. He's a poison dragon.

One of the main characters for the show I wanna make some day. His name is Xiong.

Series of redraws of my other main character of the show I mentioned. His name is Lamar.

Redraw of a thing I made of Lamar all dressed up before I could actually draw decently. He's not a fan of these kinds of clothes.

Fancy businessman version of Lamar. I have a habit of making businessmen versions of my OCs. ...And other characters too.


Laverre City
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Ah, I love it when people do OC redraws over the span of a few years / months. And don't worry, none of this here I'd classify as mature. I don't think anyone minds a few sexy bullmen and scalies now and again lol.

Your art is very symmetrical, is that a stylistic choice or are you using the flip horizontal tool? No judgement I do it too, aha, I'm just curious! Another thing I notice is that your art has very minimal shading. I think you should try to explore more dynamic shading / highlighting options, like you did in the Rose Quartz redraw!


Age 23
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You have a really charming art style. Its hard not to smile looking at it.
I do agree that you should explore some more dynamic shading though. It might be worth it to practice without using the flip too as it will give you greater freedom for posing your characters and sometimes things being too perfectly symmetrical can be a bit off-putting.

I love Greg the Quagsire. He looks like a lovable dork.


Suit Dragon

Seen 14 Hours Ago
Posted June 12th, 2019
26 posts
119 Days
Got some more stuff to show that I didn't put in the initial post.


My boy Lamar as Asgore.

I did SU Gem versions of some of my OCs, this guy is the husband to my main Shadowrun OC.

Another Gem OC.

Liam from Monster Prom. I love this dork.

Fanart of another artist's OC. As a warning this particular artist's work is uh, not exactly family friendly. ...And weird if you're not into the stuff he does like I am.

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