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Pokémon Spinoff Pokémon Pinball Generations

Started by ShantyTown January 19th, 2019 2:03 PM
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Pokémon Pinball Generations

This is an expansion upon the original Pokémon Pinball, which adds a Johto experience. It is featured on the popular Twitch Plays Pokémon stream.

Features include:
  • All Johto Pokémon are obtainable (251 total)
  • New Gold and Silver fields
  • Smooth 60fps gameplay (the original game lags quite a bit)
  • Travel to Johto map locations on the Gold and Silver fields
  • New breeding mode on the Gold and Silver fields
  • GS Ball on the Gold and Silver fields

Eventual goals:
  • Unique fields, rather than reskins of the Red and Blue fields
  • Gen 3 and beyond
  • Unique bonus stages

The project's source code can be found here:


Special Thanks:
Chaos Lord helped coordinate the project, plan the maps and encounter tables, and integration with the TPP stream.
The following individuals helped with the large amount of artwork that went into the project: Chaos Lord, Xeogran, Ferraro, Soma Ghost, KillerMapper, Kanra, Bexxxxx, Jayare, Kelcyus, Rangi, GlaceonMist, KrampusParty, Taru0, TrollKitten, A.K.N, Monstarules


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Very nicely done!I gave a quick play and so far it's really good.
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Rejishan awake...

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I tested your game with GAMESHARK...

And there is my findings. So far 2

1. You missed one Pokemon from Johto... Since Ho-oh loads on F9 code. Where normaly should appear Lugia. Catchable and safe missingNO was on FB (FC CRUSHES GAME)
2. Little glitched with Totodile animation.
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pretty neat man. this Pokemon Pinball spinoff looks pretty damn good. i already downloaded it and am trying it in the future.
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i can beta test 2 rom hacks at a time, so basically now I'm full but I could maybe beta test one more hack (plus I'm always going to read your offers if u want me to beta test and I may consider


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Seen August 5th, 2019
Posted May 7th, 2019
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I was wondering, do you have any idea of what to put in for new Gold/Silver tables?

I'm kind of a pinball nut so I'm curious. I was just thinking that a playfield similar to No Fear or Zen Pinball's Family Guy table may work well with Pokemon Pinball's physics.
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