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with an axe
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- Elektross's name is spelt with a K and not with a C like I thought.

- The max CP list for Pokemon go is accurate. I had 2 of my strongest Eevees, decided to evolve the stronger one into Umbreon knowing that the game tends to be biased towards defensive mons, and the other one becomes an Espeon. The Espeon unexpectedly ended up amongst my top 8 strongest mons and the Umbreon got up to like only 1800 CP.

So have you guys had cases where you thought of something, then turns out you were wrong?


New Horizons
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Might not be the exact kind of thing you're looking for, but I'm color blind, so every once and a while I'll be reading through a Bulbapedia article or something and it completely throws me for a loop.

One of the most recent ones was finding out that Stufful and Bewear are actually pink, not gray. I'd used them both plenty in-game in Sun, and didn't even think twice about it, so it was definitely a shock when I found out my eyes lied to me this whole time, haha.
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