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Your pet is a pokemon? Page 2

Started by FlameChrome September 23rd, 2018 10:23 AM
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My male budgie would be a fluffy Swablu. My female? Probably a Swablu as well but a much angrier one! (That, or a Mandibuzz, haha.)

Big mama guinea pig would be Bibarel, her babies two Bidoofs!

Then two Rattata and one Raticate for my rats. <3
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My ragdoll would be a playful Skitty for sure. Not just because both are cats, but because Skitty’s personality (May’s especially!) fits her so much. ❤️

Older fluffy gray girl would be Snorlax, just a smaller size lol. She loafs and sleeps soo often.
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My pet would be 5 Magikarp's since the only pets I have are fish
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If my two cats were still around, they would be a Purrloin and a Purugly.
The first one would be a Purrloin because of her once being a feral kitten, contributing to a very skittish and street-like personality, and the fact that she was a black cat.
The second one was very old and grey, and because of that she started getting a bit chubby. She also wasn't very afraid of much.
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