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This is fine.

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Old article ported and edited for Daily. Enjoy some early info on Umbreon!


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makes you really wonder if Game Freak are really ever going to plan to design a Poison-type Eevee at some point in the future, and what it'll really look like then.


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That would've been really cool, even if I do love Umby as a dark type. I think it makes sense that they retyped him in the end though, to balance out the psychic type. Already mentioned that they were pretty broken in gen I.
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I honestly want to know more about the Spaceworld Beta versions of every Gen 2 'mon. It's like discovering an alternate universe Johto, and the multiverse is already pretty well-defined as a thing in the Pokémon franchise.


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This is why I don't think it would be the best idea to make an Eeveelution for each type. A "Toxeon" would seem redundant given Umbreon's poison references.

Instead, I think it may be better to create new evolutions (or temporary forms) for the Eeveelutions, adding to them the unused types. Umbreon's evolution/form could be Dark/Poison, Vaporeon's Water/Dragon, Leafeon's Grass/Ground, etc.

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