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Pokemon that you sometimes forget exist

Started by HeroLinik August 3rd, 2019 9:54 AM
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With over 800 Pokemon right now, it can get quite hard to keep track of them all. While there are the really iconic ones like Pikachu, Charizard and Togepi, there are also some rather obscure ones. Sometimes they can be really obscure, you probably forgot that they existed at all until someone mentioned them to you in name.

What are some Pokemon that you sometimes forget exist? I'd say Stantler and Heatmor.

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which is a shame because I actually think it's a really interesting Pokemon if I didn't keep forgetting about it. u.u


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Barbaracle because why
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Posted August 7th, 2019
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Gumshoos, Bruxish, and a lot of generation 7 Pokémon.

Also Sentret. I love Furret but for some peculiar reason I always forget that it evolves from Sentret.


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None. I remember all Pokemon, just not in order of Pokedex.
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hymn of the fayth

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I'd like to forget about Gumshoos and Alolan Raticate


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some of the gen 2 pokemon are forgettable such as qwilfish


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oh yeah, avalugg lol
I actually find bergmite quite cute but avalugg is more forgettable and I sometimes forget its name and just call it ice table...
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Finneon and Lumineon :<

I remember seeing like a picture of one of them and thinking "wow, did I seriously not remember this existed until now lol"
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I always forget about the Basculin duo until I replay gen 5 games. I did actually use one recently though and it was surprisingly decent!


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A lot of the gen 7 mons are forgettable imo, but one I forget about a lot is Mareanie and Toxapex.
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I... don't think there's many if I'm being honest. I remember all o.o
(maybe not off the top of my head tho hehe)
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Just about every single mega form, form me, plus anything I didn't run into a lot in gen 7 or gen 8.

Especially gen 8, sometimes I see a Pokemon on twitter or something and think "cool fakemon!" only too realize it's real. Oops!!


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I think in a previous iteration of this thread I mentioned Qwilfish, Dunsparce, Chator and Finneon and ironically I now remember them as "forgettable" Pokémon.

So I just went over the entire list of Pokémon. These are the ones where I went "Oh right, that existed.":



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By 'sometimes', this one is an 'all the time'... I literally just remembered Hippowdon exists. Once again. I have 2 shinies of it, and I still forget about it because it's not my no.1 choice of a ground mon and it has a weird design. Unown slips my mind too sometimes.


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For me it has to be Whiscash and Barboach. When those Pokemon quizzes were popular couple of years ago I forgot these two multiple times and could never 100% Gen 3 quiz because of them. The saddest part is that water/ground is probably my favorite type combination and when I try to list all of the water/ground pokemon out there I almost always forget that these two exist.


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I forgot about Seaking until now when I checked the list online...
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I keep forgetting Huntail is a thing.


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I always get thrown off by Flabébé and Floette because they look so similar to me, not to mention I keep thinking Florges has only one pre-evolved form. :'(

The exact same goes for Solosis and Duosion, too!

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