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Team Pokemon Silver Destiny (Revival)

Started by LuxrayHacker February 26th, 2018 9:48 AM
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Hi There, Welcome to the Team Silver Destiny Thread! I am Proud to
bring you Pokemon Silver Destiny. This is a hack I had originally started back in 2016. I tried to make a go at it by myself for a while before realizing that it was too much of a task to take on solo. I recruited some wonderful partners that worked with me for a while but eventually we all fell out of contact. I was working on a project for one of my college classes the required some visual art medium and Pokemon Hacking was my topic and all of the memories came flooding back. My goal is to bring my vision back from the dead and finish work on Silver Destiny.

Hack Info
Name: Pokemon Silver Destiny
ROM Base: Fire Red
Language: English May go for Translations Afterwards If I can find someone to do it and it is a successful enough hack
Progress: As it is a "remake" of a gen 2 game I have up through Mahogany mapped and I have many of the events and battles redone and even some new graphics! I'm currently conflicted between keeping the progress as is and starting over with a new team and importing the maps and going a different direction in story telling.

Some of the names and locations, and events of this hack are based off of Pokemon Gold Silver and Crystal. This Hack will also contain things that might not have been in the game's story that I or other team members have come up with. This is a Non-Profit Fan Based Game. With Ideas from the fans who just want to contribute to the Pokemon fan base. Please support the official release. (Insert legal mumbo jumbo here) I claim no rights to pokemon. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Game freak.

Story Info
So it is basically the events of G/S/C but from Silver's (the rival) point of view but definitely not the story we all know. The story takes heavy influence from the pokemon adventures manga but reimagined in my own image. The Mask of Ice has kidnapped Silver and many other children and raised them as his own but Silver learns of his evil plans and breaks free. In the escape he is knocked unconscious and awakens next to Prof. Elm's lab in New Bark town with no memory. He hears a voice telling him he must go in and steal Totodile.

Main Cast

Silver- Our main hero yes hero he is a good guy in this game.

Gold-The foolish child who is always in your way (Disney villainy 101 call everyone fool it makes you seem more evil.)

Prof. Elm- A professor of pokemon who studies pokemon and their breeding habits

Yellow- A woman who watches the main hero she has a mysterious past. Her and her partner Pikachu help you out on your journey.

Silas- A man who lives in the shadows that always tries to stop you from completing your journey]

Rose-She is the first person you meet in Johto with flaming red hair just like you could there be a connection?

Masked man-He seems to have known you before you lost your memory and is always asking after someone named Green. Just who is this man?

Green-A girl you meet along your journey who seems to know you.


-An Exciting New Story
-New trainer sprites
-New Trainer Classes
-Retyping of pokemon where I see fit
-Starter give giveaways. There will be people throughout Johto that will give you one of the starters so keep your eyes peeled
-DNS system
-The Battleground (A new concept kind of like the trainer tower but after each badge you advance another room and at the end there is a special event)
-The return of...Wait for it... Joey's TOP PERCENTAGE RATTATA XD he will appear more than once to battle you. Mess with the Rat get the GAT
-New sprites I really don't like the gen 3 sprites (let's be real they're trash)
-Appearances from team Aqua and Magma and Galactic.
-Some plot points from the adventures manga
-You start out with a Sneasel AND a Totodile because scripting magic
-You can only pick totodile as a starter but the starter give aways make up for it
-649 pokemon
-Gen Park a safari zone type deal with any pokemon not included in routes so you can catch 'em all (and be a real pokemon master (◕‿◕✿) )
Time travel: There is time travel of a sort. It started because I couldn't get good tiles for the inside of sprout tower so I used the GSC tiles and I'm wow this is dope so all landmarks and gyms have oldschool sprites and sprites trust me it's rad.

-There is a house in cherrygrove that has wrong background tiles
-Not a bug but missing are sprites for both Silver and Gold
-Town map is wrong ( I'm working on it ok?)
-Not sure if it happens for everyone but if it crashes try using vba-m it's like vba 2.0 also make it flash 128 save type


Your name: Please include your name be it your real name or a preferred nickname
Your experience: How long have you been hacking what hacks have you worked on
Your skills: What can you do? Do you script map sprite etc etc
Why SD: Why do you want to be on my team?
Your schedule: This is really important to me. I want to make sure I can accommodate everyone and not have to worry you bailed on me.

Team Members/Credits:
- Luxray Hacker Me (Story and Leader)
- Luxray Hacker (Mapping)
-Luxray Hacker (Pokemon inserts and spriting)
-The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource (some all sprites)
-Manadhon (scripter ASM) Retired


Disclaimer Pt. 2

I wrote this thread a few years back and I was a very different person then but gosh dang the memories so I wanted to keep it as true to the original vision as I could. Basically after falling away for a few years I want to come back to hacking meet new friends and make a gosh darn (heck) pokemon game. It'll be a ton of fun. I'm a very benevolent overlord I understand that people have lives and school and work so don't sweat it too much if you need some time off but please be aware before applying that I don't want anyone to flake on me this is a very serious thread and I would like it to be treated as such so if you are going to apply please do so and be prepared (for trouble) to be committed to me and this hack.
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