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Hi there! I'm in the process of writing a few RP campaigns, which I'll eventually post Interest Checks for around these parts - but first, I'd appreciate some suggestions from roleplayers and GMs around here.

See, I've hit a couple points that are tripping me up, even if ideas are readily forthcoming in other areas.

A: Pokemon Puzzle Room Solving
Without spoiling too much, one of my roleplay ideas features a group of four humans and five Pokemon splitting up into two different rooms. The humans must be split equally, the Pokemon don't have to be. At that point the goal is to escape the room with the items and puzzles contained within the rooms. I'm sure this will be an interesting challenge, but one big hurdle is that I can't figure out how to involve the Pokemon in solving the puzzles.

It's up to protagonists' choice which Pokemon gets taken with which group into which room, so I can't plan ahead to use, for example, the flying Pokemon in a certain puzzle in room A, when there's a chance she'll end up in room B. Or a small Pokemon to squeeze through a gap, etc etc.

The plan is that the Pokemon will be played by the GM since A) they'll be switching hands a lot and B) that helps develop interesting relationships between humans and Pokemon anyway.

So yeah, any suggestions on how to involve Pokemon in room-escape puzzles? (They are already going to be involved in combat situations in between room-escape puzzles so don't worry about that.)

B: Aipom Dress-up
Picture this: an AI has been programmed to enforce some rather deadly rules upon you, and make sure you can't escape the building. So, the AI is something of an antagonist character, even if he was simply programmed by the real big bad.

In this case, the AI shows up on a screen or hologram, and the AI takes on the form of an Aipom (in computer graphics).
Oh, hey, A-I-pom... AI... Wow, I didn't notice that until now. Happy coincidence.

Anyway! My plan is to draw talksprites for the Aipom so he can emote in a real illustrated way. But, I probably should make the Aipom look different than a normal Aipom, wouldn't you say? I do want him visually striking, after all. He's already got the cheshire grin going for him, but if I want him to seem at least a little threatening and off-kilter, I should give his body special markings, or dress him up in some kind of clothing. But I'm not really sure what markings or clothing might be good to convey that. Suggestions?

Solved! Here are some sketches I did of the virtual guy.
Though I still wonder if I should call him "A.I.pom" or just "a" (the bad guy behind the scenes is "x" for reference)

So I might include a talksprite such as the fifth or sixth one along with dialogue such as “I figured that would be enough incentive. You humans are pretty attached to your bodies, aren't you?”

Though I am curious if more canon Aipom eyes carry a little more power of unsettling the players.

I just feel like it may contradict the whole minimalist appearance I set up in his digital form.

C: Sub-threads
Are we allowed to make sub-threads for our roleplays here? It's actually integral to the mechanics of my game that Group A and Group B in their separate room-escape chambers are not in the same thread. I admit that I conceptualized this with a different few roleplaying forums in mind, where sub-threads are common practice.

D: Group Final Boss
When it comes to making a final boss, what do you think about the mechanics of having that final boss actually be a gang of skilled-fighter multiple Pokemon instead of a huge monster? Would this be not recommended, or work just fine?

E: The In-Betweens
Any pointers for how I as a GM can plan out the periods between events? For example, the time of an adventure after setting out, and before meeting your first fight? Especially if the characters are travelling, and searching for something in particular.

Lastly, I'm brand new to GMing so any beginner's pointers would be the Beedrill's knees.

Huge fan of Pokémon-only roleplay!