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Old February 10th, 2018 (4:14 PM).
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Hoenn's Secret Bases ♪

Who here remembers the secret bases from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald? Most routes in the Hoenn region feature several areas which can be converted into a Secret Base, with small indents in walls being able to be carved out into a cave, tall trees being able to drop down vines, and clumps of grass being able to be moved. Ah, but you'd need to have the TM43 - Secret Power.

If we mixed records with other Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald game cartridges, Secret Bases will copy over between them (even those from other players who have previously mixed records). Inside of Secret Bases that do not belong to the player, an NPC can be found to represent the person that took that Secret Base as their own!

Topics to Discuss
  • Did you have a secret base while playing Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald?
  • What sorts of objects & furniture do you remember putting in?
  • What do you think of Secret Bases as a whole?
  • Of course, share any other thoughts here!
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Old February 10th, 2018 (9:30 PM).
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    They were so fun, it was like my own little house. I remember making mine in a tree, and redecorating it to make it feel as homely as possible. I especially loved placing many pokemon dolls in my base and pretending they were real pokemon. But I never knew you could mix records until now

    Like following pokemon in HGSS, secret bases are a fun and enjoyable feature that I wouldn't mind seeing again.
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    Old February 11th, 2018 (1:24 PM).
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      I loved secret bases, but the decoration limit was always a little annoying. If only I could have had a pokemon storage system and vending machine in my base...

      Record mixing would have been hilarious if the NPC's team kept the original team's nicknames. I've always fancied my NPC giving people a giggle after sending out a Claydol named "Sir Amik" or an Exploud named "Old Yeller". Ah, what could have been~
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      Old February 11th, 2018 (1:44 PM).
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      One of the best things Game Freak ever thought of, that's for sure! Secret Bases were a ton of fun; it's really like you had your own hideout (which... they are)! I really loved the setups I've seen from other people that essentially transformed their secret bases into Gyms. Those are awesome. :o
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      Old February 12th, 2018 (6:21 AM).
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        Back on the sapphire cartridge my sister lended me years ago I've had several bases as time flew by...
        However, in the very late days I remember revering the tree right-side 3-rooms base on rt.114
        and the square sandy cave on rt.118...
        In the first case I would pretend the tree was an inn of sorts, and since the rooms were only 3
        I often would change the way the two northern rooms were decorated (I even had scribbled maps
        on paper depicting the various room decors, sadly I can't find them anymore...).
        In the latter case I would decorate the cave as if evoking a beach-
        actually, you know what? I think I can make an approximative reconstruction!
        *miniremo noises*

        Hm... I thought the sand sculpture and the mud ball were more distant... whatevs...
        Oh, and this is sis' base within the divided shrub base on rt.120

        Overall, I think secret bases oughta be a must for fan-devs and rom hackers, for
        it allows the player to bring on some customization, and the customization
        can as well tell something about ourselves...
        Oh, how about we extend the topic to the secret bases from D,P,Pt, OR & AS as well?

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        Old March 4th, 2018 (10:50 AM). Edited March 4th, 2018 by Pichu.
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        I personally never used the Secret Bases. Not sure why, I guess I never thought much of them. I do think they are a neat idea though, it just was a feature that never caught on for me.
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