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    The Wedlocke Challenge
    In Pokémon Omega Ruby

    Deaths: 0 | Badges: 0

    Finally started this run and I gotta say it's exciting so far.
    • I chose Mudkip as my starter and nicknamed him Tusk.
    • In Route 101, I caught the DéxNav Poochyena with Fire Fang and named her Velma.

      Tusk and Velma paired together!

    • In Route 102, a male Ralts called Milton joined us! He has Shadow Sneak as his special move.
    • Route 104 gave us a female Zigzagoon! Named her Shelly.

      Milton and Shelly paired together!

    • Deep in the Petalburgh Woods, Stella, the Shroomish joined the team!

      Rustboro Gym Battle - Roxanne

      Led with Tusk and she with Geodude. It hung on a Water Gun with Sturdy and slowed Tusk down with a Rock Tomb, so I had to switch up to Velma against Nosepass.
      Velma bit it but a Rock Tomb took half her health, so I switched back to Tusk. A few Water Guns later and Nosepass was knocked out.

      Tusk evolved!

      Badge Obtained!

      An old man named Mr. Stone asked me to deliver some letter to a guy called Steven, near Dewford Town. We shall go there then!

      I did some training on Milton to get ready to challenge Dewford Town's Gym Leader, Brawly.

      Dewford Gym Battle - Brawly

      I led with Milton and the battle was practically his. Set up 4 Double Teams and spammed Confusion in the rest of the battle. Was pretty easy.

      Badge Obtained!

      That concludes this segment, now to the team:


    Pair 1:

    Tusk | Hasty nature | Torrent
    Lvl. 18
    - Water Gun
    - Mud Shot
    - Tackle
    - Mud-Slap

    Velma | Lonely nature | Quick Feet
    Lvl. 15
    - Bite
    - Fire Fang
    - Sand Attack
    - Howl

    Pair 2:

    Milton | Hardy nature | Synchronize
    Lvl. 15
    - Confusion
    - Disarming Voice
    - Double Team
    - Shadow Sneak

    Shelly | Rash nature | Pickup
    Lvl. 14
    - Headbutt
    - Baby-Doll Eyes
    - Cut
    - Sand Attack


    Stella | Bold nature | Poison Heal
    Lvl. 16
    - Mega Drain
    - Headbutt
    - Stun Spore
    - Leech Seed
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      I wish I haven't late for the challenge TwT

      Username: on154288 (IGN: Whi2)
      Game: Pokemon White 2 Randomized
      Ultimate or Single?: Single
      Optional Rules?:
      • A black out is game over.
      • Battle style to SET.
      • Can only use the Poke Center 3 times per town.
      • Only buy a 5 pokeballs per town.
      • Cannot catch legendary pokemon.
      • Pick Starter based on the last digit of the Trainer ID
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        Optional Rules?: none
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