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Old August 18th, 2009 (6:58 PM). Edited August 20th, 2009 by Some Random Weird Guy.
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The general idea for this thread is to write a movie-preview style for your fanfiction.

Since I'm starting it, I'll go first, though I kinda rushed it, and the actual story is going to be in first person.

Since I can't post url's yet, the trailer music I am using is "Entering the Stronghold". Search it on youtube, first result.


Fade from black
An older teenager runs through waist-high grass in the dark of night. A rustling is seen and heard quickly following him.

He turns his head, slowing down slightly, and a gigantic brown rat launches itself from the grass and bites down upon his shoulder.

The boy screams in pain before knocking the beast off of him and continuing his, now, sprint. He shouts for help, still holding his shoulder, blood leaking from his between his fingers.

He begins to slow, and he is ready to resign himself to his fate. The rodent jumps for the final strike, but a large burst of flames scorches it mid-leap.

The boy turns to the source of the fire, and sees a creature much more terrifying than the first, if only for its size. It towers over him, and like some horrific crossbreed of a lion and a dog. Its fur is red, with a yellow mane and tail, and its sides were decorated with black stripes of varying angles.

He screams, but is quickly quieted by the appearance of an aged man.

"What the hell is that!?" He shouts pointing at the the seeming canine-feline hybrid.

The man smiles, "Why, it is an animal just like any other."

Quick fade from black

A small boat with two members aboard skims across the ocean, two massive orbs of red glow from underneath the water.

Quick fade to and from black as it returns to the original teen

Incredulous, the teen replies, "Animals don't breathe fire and rats don't get like that!" He gestures into the tall grass. "Now tell me, who are you, and what are these things?"

The old man straightens his back, and drops his arms to his sides, and answers, "I am Professor Samuel Oak."

Quick fade to black

A lone man stands amid the rubble of a massive city. Entire buildings are aflame. Many are completely destroyed.

The man looks up; a leviathan stands among the few remaining buildings, dwarfing them. It is white, with large, pointed yellow shoulders. Mirroring the color of the shoulders, a large arch covers its chest, or what appears to be one. On either side of the "arch" are three glowing dots, red, blue and white. Between the arch and the shoulders are patches of moss, nearly as big as buildings themselves.

A jet soars over the man, and launches a trio of missiles into the monster, all of them are blocked by a green force field. The colossal being thrusts an arm forward into the jet, and it explodes into a brilliant burst of flames.

Fade to black/scene change

The old man continues, gesturing to the large canine.

"And these are Pokémon."

Flashing scenes

An orange dragon soars through the sky, its tail alight with fire.

A herd of green dinosaur-like creatures of varying sizes march through a great plain.

A massive shell floats on the surface of the ocean, countless smaller shells surround it. Two ivory cannons emerge from the largest shells front, at the sound of a great roar.

Slow fade to black

Pokémon Evolution


Pokémon Evolution shall star a 17-year old teenager from our world, stuck in a more realistic and darker Pokemon world. Tell me what you think! I'll probably have the first chapter up by the end of the week, school has started again, so maybe not >.< .

Here are pictures of all of the pokemon that appeared in order, besides the last three, which should be rather obvious. All the pictures were drawn by joshD1000 at deviantart, he has given me permission to use his "Pokemon Evolution" universe.

I'm trying to think of a catchier title, something like "The Process of Evolution". It mentions evolution because the general idea of Pokemon has greatly evolved.
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Sig by Hydro King, Art by

Pokémon Evolution
The world isn't all rainbows and butterflies.
Coming soon to a fanfiction portal near you.
(This card shall be updated as the fanfiction progresses.)
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Old August 18th, 2009 (7:15 PM).
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Heh, awesome. Given the fact that my first work of fanfiction was a trailer for a pokémon movie, I think this is a cool idea. I'll edit with mine when I finish.
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Old August 18th, 2009 (9:30 PM).
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Heh, cool you're bringing the trailer thread here. Might as well put mine:

(note: bolded parts are voiceovers :X)


Giovanni, dressing in a long gray coat and wearing a hat, talks to a tall brown haired male and a small black haired girl. The teenager looks to be seventeen years old while the girl looks to be eleven. The former Team Rocket leader smirks at the two, causing them to stare at him in confusion.

“I can’t believe Team Rocket is returning and wants me back. I guess there are a few competent members after all.”

FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

An office with not much accessories in it. A red haired woman wearing a purple cotton dress talks to a brown haired teenager (the same male shown earlier). The male is wearing black attire, but the “R” on the center of his shirt is gold. The woman cranes her head and giggles.

“Remember Randy, don’t let anyone get in our way.”


Randy pointing the gun at the small girl shown earlier. Her eyes are wide and her whole body is shaking.


“If you want to know who I am, call me Randy Gregson.”


”I was able to redeem myself, but sometimes Fate pushes us back to where our roots got started.

A full moon outside. A young teenager that looked about the same age as Randy grinned at him. Her kimono flaps due to the light breeze tonight.

“So that’s how you’re repaying Team Rocket, huh? Backstabbing them?”

Randy lets out a smudged smile. “Well, I’m a G-Men, after all.”

The kimono clad girl laughs and she went to kiss him.

FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

You’re about to experience the second chapter of my life.

Randy outside at a grave, holding a flower.

FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

The same eleven year old girl. She keeps jumping up and down with both her Pokegear and Poketech on hand.

“Seriously, both of those items are like the best inventions ever! There’s just so many features I love about them.”

”Oh yeah, this is the brat Michelle’s story too.”


Michelle glaring, holding her Ivysaur.


(The next series of scenes will go immediate transitions)


Michelle’s Ivysaur going against a Rhyperior . The plant Pokemon had leafy vines come out of the flower on his back and the vines grabbed the Drill Pokemon’s leg. After the Ivysaur stepped back, he pulled and then the ground-rock type fell down.


A Pidgeot shrieking and able to use an electric attack. The Thunderbolt suddenly sears though the windows from a nearby building.


The same red haired lady shown earlier looking through at her cards. After gazing at them for a long time, her mouth sneaks in a tiny smile.


Randy, Michelle, and Professor Oak running towards the top of a cliff and then they saw a burning city. Horror can be shown in their eyes.


The kimono girl shown earlier ordering her Umbreon to use Shadow Ball at Michelle’s Jolteon. The attack smacks the electric type right on his face and he falls down.

Bill holding an Eevee too close on Michelle’s face and she looks petrified.


Randy and Michelle flying on the male’s Skamory, nighttime. The two look down at Goldenrod City. After both gaze onto each other’s eyes, they both nodded. The two have determination in their eyes.


Professor Oak, Randy, and Michelle outside a forest. The professor looks tired and his eyes lost its spark. After taking deep breaths, he sighs. Both Randy and Michelle look concern.

“I know Team Rocket is capable of some things, but not something as notorious as this. Arceus help us all.”

FADE OUT, THEN FADE IN to title of the story:

The Delta House
Coming soon
Foul Play
Coming soon

Other fics:
Road to DisillusionmentNew PathsSleepy Chateau
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Old August 19th, 2009 (11:34 PM).
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Would an actual trailer go here? 'Cause I made a really crappy one for Sparkling Dragon...
If I could draw it might be a lot better ;_;

But the first two trailers are FANTASTIC! I'm off to read the both of them....

An orange dragon soars through the sky, its tale alight with fire.
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Old August 20th, 2009 (2:01 PM).
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Thanks for pointing out the mistake, that's what I get for not proofreading it.

Sadly Pokemon Evolution (Or "The Process of Evolution", as I'm debating) is not released. YET.
Sig by Hydro King, Art by

Pokémon Evolution
The world isn't all rainbows and butterflies.
Coming soon to a fanfiction portal near you.
(This card shall be updated as the fanfiction progresses.)
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