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Old September 27th, 2018 (7:59 PM).
NewAgeSteel NewAgeSteel is offline
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    I have to be forgetting something or doing something wrong but im not sure what it is. I'm just trying to use my own music to play as a theme before the battle, new music during the battle and a new victory theme.
    These are the steps ive done so far
    I've gone into the trainer types PBS and added the lines for the trainer this is my line
    143,NEWENZO1,Guardian,80,New Enzo Battle,NEW Important Victory,NEW Enzo Theme,Male,255,255

    Then I have my trainer added into the trainers PBS the rest is just all his pokemon

    then in the audio/BGM file I have the tracks
    NEW Enzo Battle.ogg and NEW Important Victory.ogg I have also tried this with mp3 because mp3 has worked for my music in the towns and routes. i had it as mp3 first and it wasnt working with this event so i tried .ogg which the other files in essentials are. I cant use Midi because the tracks are too complex and itll just jumble the sounds.

    then of course in audio/ME i have the single
    NEW Enzo Theme.ogg

    the script is set up in the battle as
    pbTrainerBattle(:NEWENZO1,"Enzo",_I("You've made me proud son..."),false,0,false,0)
    the whole script works perfectly, all the text and everythinig and the battle itself works as it should. the only problem is none of the music plays. once the battle starts ill just keep on playing the music for the town.

    can someone tell me what im doing wrong? also if its okay to use mp3 for all of this? because it saves me a step when i dont have to use .ogg. any help is appreciated, thank you.
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    Old October 4th, 2018 (6:44 AM).
    Terigonarct Terigonarct is offline
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      First of all, in the PBS entry for your trainer, make sure all the tracks listed have .ogg in their name (i.e. New Enzo Battle.ogg).

      Also, you asked about the file format for the soundtrack. It depends on the track in my opinion. I usually use .ogg because of the looping ability and good sound quality. Whatever you do, don't use .mp3 files. .mp3 does not loop well as it adds a small silence at the beginning of the track, so whenever you loop it, the song will have a noticeable defect. .wav files aren't bad, they loop as well, but I have noticed a lack of good sound quality. And then of course you have the sequenced .midi files.

      All in all, I prefer .ogg because of its sound quality and looping ability. The only drawback is that it doesn't stream (which is fine for me).

      I hope this helps with your situation. Let me know if you have anymore questions!
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